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​Regardless of how successful you are in other areas of your life, your sex problems are preventing you from feeling totally fulfilled as a man. And as you well know, the more frequently these sexual problems occur; the more anxious, stressed and inadequate you feel in your relationship, right?
If you’re sick of doubting yourself and your ability to fulfil your partner and you want sex to be fulfilling instead of complicated and embarrassing, then the most important thing you need to know is how to switch into the correct part of your brain at the correct time during sex – so that you only activate the correct sexual programs!
This can enable you to stay hard and in control – and ensure both you and your partner’s needs are met during sex.
You may have a full erection or a limp erection and ejaculate without any stimulation. There are many other facets to this problem including relationship problems, all of which can often be rectified within ONE session with me.
It’s also important that you get checked out by a medical doctor, to eliminate the possibility of any underlying medical conditions.

Imagine how good it’s going to feel taking charge of your ability to control the sexual act? And imagine your partner relaxing and enjoying having sex with you, as you stay hard AND in control?

My unique, proven method has a massive success rate in helping men stop premature ejaculation and sexual frustration and heal weak erection and erectile dysfunction problems. This breakthrough method is unavailable elsewhere.
Those of my clients who have consistently applied my easy technique (as well as dealing with underlying health, work and relationship issues) have been able to heal their premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or sexual frustration problem (and my clients include doctors, psychologists and medical specialists).
Firstly, I diagnose the mental blockage that you have. This revealing system allows you to understand very quickly the mechanism between brain and body which enables you to function normally. Unless you have the CORRECT information about this VITAL connection, erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation or erection problems can continue to cause an emotional divide between you and your sexual partner.
Secondly, I diagnose the fabric that holds the relationship together. This is very important in helping to pinpoint any underlying problems. Many of these hidden problems are so subtle they are never considered to be part of the erectile dysfunction problem – your erection problem may reoccur if these factors are overlooked – regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship.
Thirdly, I teach you my unique switching technique which enables you to deal with every level of your arousal – from when you are busy at work and need to focus, to when you have some time to yourself to enjoy your sexual fantasies – but most importantly, when you are having sex with your partner and want to retain full control while at the same time enjoying a deep emotional connection with her (or him) – instead of feeling anxious and desperate – and having no idea how to focus so you can last longer.
In your session you may discover how to rectify your problem and how to:

As part of the healing process I can provide specific techniques that are necessary to recover normal function of your penis. One easy exercise is vitally important to ensure you last longer. This exercise as well as my switching technique and a healthy lifestyle can lift you up to a fulfilling sex life.
Eliminating the Effects of PE and ED from Your Relationships
I understand how exhausting premature ejaculation (or impotence) has been for you. Erection problems have likely eroded your confidence, your self-esteem; and your belief in yourself as a man – as well as making you doubt in your abilities to satisfy your partner.
As an added bonus, I am going to share with you easy techniques to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication during sex, to ensure you fulfil your partner’s needs to keep her (or him) interested in sex.
If you decide upon a longer session duration we will have time to discuss the intimate touch techniques essential for enhancing your sexual and emotional connection. With this knowledge you will ‘hit the spot’ (and make her purr every time) so you can BOTH enjoy great sex every time you have sex, instead of poking around and hoping that you are pleasing her.
Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction Solution
Even if your partner hardly ever wants sex now, you can still turn your sex life around, by learning how to please her (or him.)

“I feel like a new man – such control!”

“I just got to the point where I had to deal with my
erection problems – I had been putting it off for years and that just wasn’t fair to my wife.

Of course I felt nervous and anxious – that’s normal, but Jacqui’s manner was so relaxed, professional and caring – I was surprised at how quickly she made me feel relaxed and at ease.

I emailed Jacqui just ONE week after practicing her switching technique: “I feel like a new man – a 30 year old one! How wonderful to have such control, 15 to 30 minute love making and not totally buggered at the end. I am so grateful to you, for how you have helped me. What wonderful changes to my love life – I am having trouble finding words to explain myself.”

“Now, I’m 72 years old and I suffered from sex problems for most of my life. Don’t put off dealing with it like I did. It strains your relationship and kills your self esteem. You’re doing yourself a great disservice if you put off booking a session with Jacqui.
Ben – New Zealand

Premature Ejaculation AND Erectile Dysfunction gone after one week of practicing my unique ‘switching’ technique.

I’m here for you. I appreciate working with men of integrity. Let’s make a pact now: Commit to attending your session with me and I will commit to helping you end your problem.
Make a pact with yourself to turn up for your treatment – regardless of the level of anxiety or doubt you have leading up to your session (which is normal when you are out of your comfort zone.) Remind yourself that this treatment can ensure you attain the knowledge required, to enable you to gain confidence in your ability to enjoy the level of intimacy you and your partner currently only fantasize about.
Ongoing email support via my membership site is offered at no extra charge after you have completed your session, to assist you in moving forward with confidence.
Take a moment to imagine life free of insecurities and doubts during sex – then contact me directly to book your session. I promise to respect your confidentiality. I trust that you are a man of integrity and honor who is committed to solving your problems – which is why you have enjoyed success in other areas of your life. I also know how important it is for you now, that both you and your partner feel emotionally as well as sexually fulfilled. Contact me now
My sessions are recommended by leading medical specialists because they don’t have an answer to these problems! I am teaching medical professionals how to end erectile dysfunction problems. Read more about my zero medicine Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction treatment – which provides an opportunity to end your sex problem AND immediately improve the quality of your relationship.

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