how to recommend sex therapy to your clients

How to Recommend Sex Therapy to Your Clients

why recommend Sex Therapy?Unresolved sex problems can lead to heart disease and other stress-related medical conditions. Unfortunately, due to shame and embarrassment, these issues are often kept hidden behind bedroom doors. In this post I’ll explain the best approach to recommend sex therapy to your clients to help prevent ongoing stress and restore fulfillment in […]

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need for sexual fantasies

Need for Sexual Fantasies: Fact or Fiction?

Is the need for sexual fantasies fact or fiction?If you’re frustrated with your partner’s ongoing desire for sexual fantasies or their lack of interest thereof,  it’s important to understand the varying needs people have for indulging in sexual fantasies. This depends on what level of sexual fantasy you and your partner have.I recently wrote an […]

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natural ways to increase testosterone levels

11 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels & Boost Sex

Why Are Healthy Testosterone Levels Important?Naturally produced testosterone plays an important role in metabolic functions for both men and women. Even more so if you suffer from sexual function issues. This article details the best natural ways to increase testosterone levels so you can boost your sex life. Testosterone is a steroid hormone widely known as […]

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how to maintain prostate health naturally

The Best Way to Cure Prostate Problems Naturally

Imagine being able to sleep soundly through the night without waking up to urinate, or being able to enjoy your favorite activities without having to quickly find the nearest men’s room? This article is for every man who struggles with frequent trips to the bathroom or other prostate woes, or who simply wants to maintain […]

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erectile dysfunction and heart disease

Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease Linked to Stress

Are Your Sex Problems Causing Heart Disease?The mental and emotional stress that men experience due to erectile dysfunction issues can have a major impact on his heart and other organs, and may be the cause of heart disease. Therefore, it appears plausible that a man can help to naturally treat heart disease by resolving the […]

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