sexual consent for teens

Sex Education, Rape and Sexual Consent for Teens

Sex is always in the news, one way or another. Whether it’s sex education, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual consent for teens, there is so much confusion relating to the topic of sex and sexual consent. Due to the fact that essential facets of sex aren’t discussed with teens, experimentation is required.Young adults are […]

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best sexual positions for couples over 50

The 3 Best Sexual Positions for Couples Over 40, 50 and 60

The Most Popular Sexual Positions for CouplesI’m often asked about sexual positioning and the best sex positions for older couples. The reality is that the best sexual positions stand the test of time, and with a few variations will enhance your sex life at every age. These are the best sex positions in my opinion […]

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happy couple after menopause

Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment Online

Best Online Treatment for Premature Ejaculation What is the best premature ejaculation treatment online – a frequent search by men and their partners who suffer from this problem! Premature Ejaculation (PE) is defined as that uncontrollable muscle twitching which ejaculates sperm at the wrong time. In this post, I share the most frequently recommended as well […]

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Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Online (ED)

Your best erectile dysfunction treatment needs to be assessed by its effectiveness. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get an erection or the loss of erection hardness during sexual activity. Most medical sites will stipulate there is no cure. But who wants to rely on an ongoing treatment of drugs to maintain a happy […]

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Why Are We Always Arguing?

Fed up with always arguing? A study conducted in the UK has revealed that most couples argue 312 times per year. Minor irritations tend to be over frivolous matters such as leaving the toilet seat up and other unwanted household habits. We argue for many reasons, often without understanding the underlying cause.Many arguments are caused […]

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