10 things you need to know about sex

10 Things You Need to Know About Sex

There are many common misperceptions about sex problems and what causes them, and so much conflicting advice on how to solve them! So I’m going to clarify the 10 things you definitely need to know about sex problems. This includes bad technique as well as sexual “malfunctions” where things don’t work as they should. The […]

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Is There a Male Menopause?

Many doctors believe that men who experience a significant deficiency in testosterone may be experiencing what has become known as male menopause. This is also known as andropause.These men display similar symptoms to what are commonly experienced by women during menopause and perimenopause. However, the medical community is still debating whether or not there is […]

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does penis size matter

How to Naturally Increase Penis Size

How to Increase Penis Size for Better Sexual PerformanceIt can be common for a man to worry whether or not his penis measures up to the size of other men. Many of my clients have asked how to naturally increase the size of their penis for bigger erections and better sexual performance. It’s important to […]

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What Causes Lack of Libido in Men and Women?

Losing or lost your sex drive?I am often asked what causes a lack of libido in men and women and this is a really interesting question. While children, stress and health issues can temporarily affect your sex drive and overall desire for sex, and diet and exercise can play a contributing role in causing a […]

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increase blood flow and harder erections

How to Improve Blood Flow for Long Lasting Harder Erections

Improve Blood Flow and Harder ErectionsMen with impotency issues and those who want to improve their sexual function are often on an eternal quest to increase the size of their erections and stamina. So how does a man struggling with erectile dysfunction improve blood flow for long lasting harder erections?Medical devices, ointments, ED medications and […]

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How to Find the Best Sex Therapist

Finding the best sex therapist to solve all your sex problems isn’t always an easy task. There are many professional sex therapists and other sex experts to choose from but not all of them have the answers you need, especially when it comes to solving sexual dysfunction problems such as weak erections, early ejaculation or […]

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