bananas for healthy sperm production

Best Foods to Boost Sperm Count

Many men around the world struggle with male infertility problems. According to research 90% are caused by low sperm count. This can be due to lack of vitamins or zinc deficiency. Foods rich in nutrients and vitamins are the best foods to boost sperm count as well as the overall volume of semen: Dark chocolateA strong […]

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enhance your sexual performance

How to Naturally Enhance Male Sexual Performance

Naturally Enhancing Male Sexual Performance Before finding out how to naturally enhance your sexual performance you need to know what is preventing you from performing well sexually. This is because worrying about your sexual performance in itself causes problems! Sexual performance anxiety snowballs into a mental frenzy which distracts your mind.When your mind is distracted during […]

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Is High Blood Pressure Ruining Sex for You?

Can high blood pressure ruin your sex life? Increased blood pressure can lead to heart complications and cause fatigue leading to sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and an inability to reach orgasm. Blood pressure medications can also cause erectile dysfunction, yet another reason why high blood pressure can ruin your sex life. High blood […]

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7 Best Foods to Boost Your Libido

If you’re struggling to get into the mood to have sex, you’re probably experiencing a loss of libido. Lifestyle choices can affect your sexual performance… As can focusing your attention on the wrong thing at the wrong time! Most experts recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure that you can also enjoy a healthy sex […]

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male sex problems hidden causes

12 Hidden Factors Which Cause Male Sex Problems

We all know about the “common factors” related to male sex problems which include diet and exercise. What you may not know of, are the hidden factors which cause embarrassing problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and being unable to orgasm. These hidden factors are incredibly common, most often overlooked and unrelated to medical […]

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foods for hard erections

Best Foods for Harder Erections

Erectile dysfunction can be positively or negatively affected by the foods you eat. Some foods can harden up your erections while other foods can make your erections weak. This post includes the best foods for harder erections as well as example menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to help you harden up your erections […]

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erectile dysfunction couple

The Link Between Masturbation, Porn and Erectile Dysfunction

Masturbation, Porn and Erectile DysfunctionAlthough it’s not true in every case of erectile dysfunction, there is a definite link between masturbation, porn and erectile dysfunction. Sexual function problems such as erectile dysfunction arise due to the fact that masturbation and porn require different sexual programs in the brain to those used in sexual intercourse with […]

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