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If You Want to Solve a Problem, Make Sure You Understand It

Why Are Relationships So Challenging?Relationships are full of surprises and challenges we need to overcome. In order to solve a challenge, first we must understand what the problem is. When another person is involved, this includes understanding their unique perspective so we are properly informed.For example, a male with a sex problem such as ejaculating early […]

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determination to solve problems

Are You Determined or Distracted?

Desire is what fuels change, but alone it is rarely enough to gain consistent results when trying to solve a personal or relationship problem. As you know, life is busy and there are many distractions which interrupt even the best of our intentions. To achieve the outcome you really desire, you have to support yourself […]

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sexual dysfunction flowchart

Sexual Dysfunction Flowchart Infographic

If you think that sex problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and being unable to orgasm are a rare event, think again – they are prevalent in our society. One third of your friends, family and colleagues under 40 (and nearly half your friends and colleagues over 40) are likely to be challenged by them! […]

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5 Factors Which Ruin a Woman’s Sex Life

Unlike men (who generally have a consistently high desire for sex) women tend to go through cycles of desire which tie in with their menstrual cycle. Outside of her menstrual cycle here are five specific factors which influence a woman’s sex life and overall desire for sex:1. Vaginal DrynessMakes sex painful and uncomfortable. Although generally […]

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