lack of libido and sexual function

Lack of Libido and Sexual Dysfunction

While lack of libido is sometimes related to hormonal imbalances, it’s important to understand these other factors which can lower libido and contribute to erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction problems. Many of these factors which affect libido, are equally responsible for both male and female libido problems.A Partner’s Lack of Interest in SexThis can […]

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actions killing your sex life

The No.1 Relationship Killer

Are You Accidentally Ruining Your Relationship?Complacency isn’t relevant to everyone, but there are two sides of complacency you definitely need to be aware of, so you don’t inadvertently switch off your libido or make your partner become less attracted to you. Complacency is the precursor to the death of many relationships, as well as contributing […]

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happy couple enhanced sexual function

3 Top Foods to Enhance Sexual Function

Can Foods Enhance Sexual Function?Your brain controls your sexual programs, blood flow affects how well your sexual programs work – and energy is required for all of this to happen! So if you want to improve your sexual escapades, you may want to consider consuming more of these 3 top foods to enhance your ability […]

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man eating wrong food for great sex

3 Foods to Avoid if You Want Great Sex!

Which Foods to Avoid for Good SexYou’ve heard that you need to improve your diet and exercise regularly to improve sexual function and last longer in bed. What you might not know about are the specific foods which consistently play havoc on your ability to stay in control of your intimate moments.Do foods affect sexual […]

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great sex strategies

Best Exercises for Sex: Enhance Sexual Function

The Best Exercises for SexThe best exercises for sex are aimed at redeveloping your groups of muscles directly involved in the sexual act to improve strength and sexual function. Providing increased blood flow and health to the genital area, they can help in the treatment and prevention of erection, ejaculation, prostate, libido, orgasm and bladder […]

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solve erectile dysfunction

The 3 Best Erectile Dysfunction Cures

As an expert on solving sex problems, I’m technically not allowed to say I can offer permanent erectile dysfunction cures. Or that I can permanently get rid of ED. This is due to unforeseeable future accidents or medications required for other health related issues. However, on the subject of a natural and permanent cure for […]

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premature ejaculation focus

The 3 Best Premature Ejaculation Cures

Steps to Cure Premature EjaculationFor a man experiencing premature ejaculation, there is nothing more important than restoring his sexual confidence. Unfortunately, his search for the best premature ejaculation cures can turn up some dubious results to say the least! Many of my customers found me because they were looking for a natural and permanent cure […]

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