Can’t Get Rid of a Premature Ejaculation Problem?

If you can’t get rid of a premature ejaculation problem, you may not have taken these factors into consideration – usually there is more than one aspect to consider when dealing with sexual problems. Factors contributing to early ejaculation problems can include:

Incorrect Focus

incorrect focus premature ejaculation

Focusing on the wrong subject at the wrong time will activate your sexual programs in the wrong order. Having random thoughts about your penis during sex does not enable you to stay hard and in control.

But without knowing WHAT to focus on, you will keep inadvertently triggering the ejaculation program in your brain. As you know, trying not to think about ejaculating early doesn’t work! And when you stare at the wall or try and think about the latest sports scores then your lack of attention alienates your partner as well.

To be able to solve a premature ejaculation problem you must resolve your incorrect focusing problem.

packaged foods and PE

Food and Dietary Considerations

Most packaged foods and ‘fast’ foods contain ingredients and preservatives which induce ‘brain fog’. These ‘modern’ food ingredients are wrecking havoc in your body and are affecting your ability to perform and last longer in bed. If you can’t focus on sex during sex then you know what’s not going to happen!

Eliminate foods and drinks containing preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavorings. Wheat is another problematic food which can affect your ability to focus and stay in control of the sexual act.

Think Paleo Diet – the food your body was formed from. Eat plenty of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruit. These are the foods our brain and body thrive on.

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right exercises for sexual function

Exercise – the Right Way and the Wrong Way

There are many penile exercises available online which help to strengthen the surrounding muscles in the penile region. These include Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are great for helping to mend a weak erection problem but are often problematic for a man suffering from ejaculating early. This is because contracting the PC muscle when a man is already overstimulated will cause early ejaculation.

Other considerations contributing to premature ejaculation can include: sexual position, performance anxiety, lack of confidence, sexual fantasies, sexual technique, stress, woman lost interest, over use of porn, relationship tension, sexual frustration and some health issues.

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In Summary

If you can’t get rid of a premature ejaculation problem, what you need is a plan, an exact step by step procedure, so you know exactly how to focus correctly and stay in control. The best premature ejaculation treatment effectively deals with each of the above aspects to consolidate your ability to resolve this distressing sexual problem.

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