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how to recommend sex therapy to your clients

How to Recommend Sex Therapy to Your Clients

why recommend Sex Therapy?When sex problems remain unresolved they become an ongoing cause of stress in a person’s life which can lead to heart disease and other stress-related medical conditions. However, due to the associated shame and embarrassment, people’s sex problems are often kept hidden behind closed bedroom doors.It’s time to help your clients take […]

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need for sexual fantasies

Need for Sexual Fantasies: Fact or Fiction?

Is the need for sexual fantasies fact or fiction?The need for sexual fantasies depends on what level of sexual fantasy you have. To be fulfilled in your relationship you need to understand the 4 varying levels of sexual fantasy. I recently wrote an article on whether porn is good or bad, and it spiked some […]

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erectile dysfunction and heart disease

Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease Linked to Stress

Are Your Sex Problems Causing Heart Disease?Emotional stress that men undergo with erectile dysfunction can have a major impact on his heart and other organs. Therefore, treating heart disease by removing the stress related to erectile dysfunction seems plausible as medical experts agree there is a link between the two:Although erectile dysfunction tends to increase […]

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