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Statistically, 30% of men and women report feeling unhappy and disillusioned with their life. Another 30% of men suffer from sexual “malfunctions” including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido and can’t ejaculate. 80% of women have challenges achieving orgasm and 20% of those women can’t orgasm at all. If you have any of these challenges, you aren't deficient as a human being, you're simply missing some vital knowledge. This knowledge can restore your self-confidence as well as your self-esteem.

If you want real lasting love, then you need to understand what constitutes real: Resistance, Emotion, Attraction, Libido – as these factors all influence each other. When there aren’t any sexual dysfunctions and you’re in the “happy” stage of a relationship there is no resistance. However, as resistance starts building toward various topics, “negative” emotions are more frequently triggered. Unresolved sexual issues, as well as resistant thoughts and emotions all lead to emotional neediness which starts affecting attraction and then libido, in either or both partners.

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I’m considered by many to be a world leader in solving sexual dysfunctions and restoring emotional balance. Over the past five years, I’ve helped over 1,000 men, women and couples solve their sexual dysfunctions and restore a happier life. I've been recommended to contribute to my Government's new social and mental health policy because my methods work!

I'm totally confident I can help you restore a relaxed, happy and connected life.

Some clients pay $5,000/month for unlimited access to me.

I have two options for helping you achieve fulfillment in this very important area of your life:

1) Sex Mastery online video/pdf programs, solving sex issues for men and women
2) Real EASY Love, advanced (Skype/phone/in-person) consulting for men, women and couples

Sex Mastery is a baseline program to eliminate the initial issue. I provide it as a cheaper option for many people in the world who are poor. For example, in India it takes 3 months to save $97. So there’s no way that they could afford Real EASY Love.

Real EASY Love is a complete 1/1 consulting program to eliminate the initial issue, as well as advanced techniques to embellish the relationship. It applies to women, men and couples, so everyone benefits from the program.

In Real EASY Love; the benefits of this program are probably 10x more potent. This is because it covers both men and women and advanced strategies to eliminate any emotional contamination in the relationship. This contamination can cause huge issues because of his or her resistance.

How do you solve your Issue?

There is a time-frame for the ongoing programs for Real EASY Love. This depends on how difficult your issue is. The more complex your issues are, the more comprehensive the programs are. 

What happens is every time we have a session, I go more in depth about every facet of your issue, physically, emotionally and mentally. For instance, with the emotional issue, I eliminate that issue so that you both become more balanced people in a relationship and don’t negatively affect each other. You become more empathetic towards each other and will align with each other, meaning your relationship will develop into a more loving partnership.

The "FIX IT PLUS" program to solve your Issue*

This has a total cost which includes lifetime access to the relevant prerecorded digital Sex Mastery program (which is accessible by immediate download online), PLUS two hours of 1/1 mentoring with me, PLUS email support and resources to assist you to work through any misunderstood issues you encounter. 

This program is ideal if you want to take your time to solve a sexual dysfunction issue, then up skill your abilities to achieve emotional balance and emotional/sexual attraction with a partner. It is best to view the prerecorded program COMPLETELY first, so you totally understand the information shared. This is to ensure you have absorbed all relevant information about your issue. Some clients fail to do this first step and then don't understand any part of the program. This ensures our 1/1 mentoring time is of the highest quality with no wasted time. 

Your two hours of mentoring can be split into your preferred duration (say 3x 40 minute sessions) and will be spent focused on the issues of your choosing. Total cost $500.

*All programs are usually charged in USD. However, if you are located within New Zealand, the 1/1 consulting programs will be charged in NZD (for example: $1,000 NZD will be charged instead of $1,000 USD.) 

The "FIX IT tOGETHER" program to end your Issues*

Most clients who work with me experience major breakthroughs and begin feeling like new people within the first hour. This is because they get IMMEDIATE answers to start restoring emotional and sexual fulfillment.

The Fix It Together program includes EITHER:
1 - One Skype session lasting 40-60 minutes, per week for 4 weeks.
2 - Or one Phone session lasting 40-60 minutes, per week for 4 weeks.
3 - Or one In-person session lasting 40-60 minutes, per week for 4 weeks.
4 - Or any combination of the above session formats (one session per week for 4 weeks)

You may ALSO have an additional FREE follow-up phone call each week (up to 20 mins duration) if required. 

Any of the above options will have lifetime access (with immediate download) to both Male AND Female Sex Mastery prerecorded programs. Also included is UNLIMITED email support including notes for every session. Cost is $1000 for the first month (eg: 4 weekly sessions of 40-60 minutes each).

Any extra sessions required by the client will have an additional cost of $200 per session, or if needed the client may renew a full new monthly fee of $1000 (monthly fee includes FREE follow-up calls).

At the end of our time together, I'll record a personalised MP3 with specific key points for you, to help keep you on track with your new strategies.


This breakthrough program is aimed toward couples unable to communicate their needs in solving complex issues without resulting in an argument. This is an 8-week intensive program in which we initially solve the resistant stance you both have toward these issues. Then I work 1/1 with each of you to resolve your contribution to the issue, helping you both work toward the ultimate resolution.

This program requires an initial time commitment. The initial session may be 1-2 hours duration. This in-depth session solves the immediate issue by revealing your stumbling blocks, clarifying your desires, and starting to breakthrough the resistance triggered as we discuss the issues which are important to both of you. 

Insights gained from this initial session will set you up for long term success in healing your relationship and identifying the key issues to both partners. You immediately start feeling more at ease with each other and can start working together as a team.

The initial session is followed by a phone or Skype call (up to 40 mins duration) during that first week to help keep you both on track. In the following 7 weeks, I will have one call a week with each of you (up to 30 minutes duration each) to clarify any points or misunderstandings you are unsure of. We can then start to develop your strategies both as an individual and as a couple.

The times selected for the calls are entirely up to you. Resources include lifetime access to BOTH Sex Mastery (male and female) prerecorded programs for reference. This is also followed up by FREE email support.

Couples Intervention 8-week Program includes a total of 15 phone/Skype sessions each up to 30 minutes duration, after the initial 1-2 hour session. Total cost is $2000. 

At the end of our time together, I'll record a personalised MP3 for each of you with specific key points for you to remember to help keep you on track with your new strategies.

The "ULTIMATE" Program to Solve Your Issues*

Spaces are strictly limited for this program. For busy executives who have time constraints, I will fit in with your schedule so you can easily resolve your personal and intimacy issues and still meet required deadlines. With lifetime access to both Male and Female Sex Mastery programs, you also have unlimited calls over a 4 week period, with an investment of $5,000/month. 

At the end of our time together, I'll record a personalised MP3 with specific key points attributable to you, to help keep you on track with your new strategies.

My promise to You

No more wondering if your issues will ever be solved! We'll start with the challenges affecting you the most so you can swiftly restore peace of mind, harmony and clarity. Together we'll develop and enhance your ability to restore emotional balance, attraction alignment and sexual function for you and your partner. 

From your first session with me you will gain REAL answers and strategies (like the 1,000+ I have already helped) to start feeling more confident in your own abilities! I’m totally confident my unique insights and knowledge will set you up emotionally and sexually for life. 

If you'd like to explore your private 1/1 consulting options with me, please book a complimentary strategy session here:

Additional Support

I have affordable, ongoing Additional Support programs for those who would like continued support so they can achieve their goals. These are virtual group mentoring calls which are available two to four times per month. We'll start with training and I'll stay on as long as necessary to make sure all questions are answered. This can include from that day's training or from prior weeks. These calls are recorded, so if you miss a call you can listen to it later. You can start your monthly subscription at any time, and have the ability to remain completely anonymous. Additional Support programs are offered to existing clients and customers, and start from $97 per month.

Otherwise, the baseline Sex Mastery ($97 USD) prerecorded digital online programs can be found here:

Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control for men:

Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms for women:

The most important thing for you to do is take action to end the problem.

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