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Statistically, 30% of men and women report feeling unhappy and disillusioned with their life. Another 30% of men suffer from sexual “malfunctions” including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido and can’t ejaculate. 80% of women have problems achieving orgasm and 20% of those women can’t orgasm at all.

If you want real lasting love, then you need to understand what constitutes real: Resistance, Emotion, Attraction, Libido – as these factors all influence each other. When there aren’t any sexual dysfunctions and you’re in the “happy” stage of a relationship there is no resistance. However, as resistance starts building toward various topics, “negative” emotions are more frequently triggered. Unresolved sexual problems, as well as resistant thoughts and emotions all lead to emotional neediness which starts affecting attraction and then libido, in either or both partners.

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Over the past five years, I’ve helped over 1,000 men and women solve their sexual dysfunctions and restore a happier life. When I was audited back in 2014 by the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority, one of the medical doctors whom I had treated for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction put his hand up to provide me with a letter of endorsement to validate my claims. You can see his letter of recommendation here: his personal feedback is on my testimonials page.

I’m now considered by many to be a world leader in solving sexual dysfunctions and restoring emotional balance and am totally confident I can help you restore a relaxed, happy and connected life!

Some clients hire me for $15,000 as their personal consultant with unlimited access for three months.

I have two other options for helping you achieve fulfillment in this very important area of your life:

1) Sex Mastery pre-recorded programs for men and women
2) Real EASY Love personal coaching for men, women and couples

Sex Mastery is a baseline program to get rid of the initial problem. I provide it as a cheaper option because many people in the world are poor. For example, in India it takes 3 months to save $100. So there’s no way that they could afford Real EASY Love.

Real EASY Love is a complete program covering the initial problem, as well as advanced techniques to embellish the relationship, it applies to the woman as well as the man, so both benefit from the program.

In Real EASY Love; the gains from this program are probably 10x more because it covers both men and women and advanced strategies to eliminate any emotional contamination in the relationship. This contamination can cause huge problems because of his/her resistance.

How do you see your problem?

I have a 4, 6 or 8 week Real EASY Love program, depending on how you see your problem. The more you spend on your problem the more comprehensive the programs are. What happens is every time we have a session I go more into depth about every facet of your problem, physical, emotional and mental. For instance, with the emotional problem, I eliminate that problem so that you become two more balanced people in the relationship and you don’t smother your partner. You become more empathetic towards each other and your partner will want to have sex more because they don’t have any problems.

If you'd like to explore your options in working with me via private coaching, please book a 20 minute complimentary strategy session here:

Instead of wondering if your problem is ever going to be solved, from your first session with me you will gain real answers and strategies to start feeling more confident in your own abilities! I’m totally confident my unique insights and knowledge will set you up emotionally and sexually for life.

Otherwise, the Sex Mastery pre-recorded baseline program for men can be found here:

And the Sex Mastery pre-recorded baseline program for women can be found here:

The most important thing for you to do is end the problem.




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