Are You Determined or Distracted?

determined or distractedDesire is what fuels change, but alone it is rarely enough to gain consistent results when trying to solve a personal or relationship problem. As you know, life is busy and there are many distractions which interrupt even the best of our intentions. To achieve the outcome you really desire, you have to support yourself with these other important D’s:

Decision – use your desire to fuel your decision to keep moving forwards. When you decide that you’re absolutely going to do what it takes to achieve your ideal result, you will commit to following through on each step of the process even when you’re feeling depressed, lazy or lacking in energy.

Determination – this is your drive to stand strong in your decision to improve this area of your life. So at the times your mind wants to lie, cheat and make excuses it is your determination to achieve your desire which prevents you from procrastinating about completing those tasks.

On saying that, you need to watch out for these other common D’s:

Distractions – we’re in the era of information overload and constant to-do lists. If you need to complete a daily self improvement task, do it in the moment you think of it or another day will probably pass without taking effective actions to achieve your desired result.

Disruptions – know that you’re always going to be disrupted by phone, email, friends, children or a partner. Be prepared to reapply yourself to those tasks which will help you achieve your desired outcomes instead of deciding to complete them later (which usually leads to forgetting them entirely!)

Deception – it may seem like I’m repeating myself but as humans we are constantly deluding or deceiving ourselves. How many times have you decided to commit to improving an area of your life then not followed through with your actions?

Only you can initiate change in your life but you need to keep backing yourself with consistent action. It’s better to take small steps every day than one massive step followed by a large gap of inaction. Self confidence and belief in yourself can be gained and developed by your actions.

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Psychosexual Relationship Specialist and published author, Jacqui Olliver has helped thousands of men, women and couples restore emotional and sexual satisfaction in their lives. Click here to check out her programs or to book a complimentary strategy session.

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  • Holding me back: self-hypnotic insistence on past history of mistakes only ever repeating.
    Best tip for moving forward: when lying in bed each morning (half awake/half asleep) attempting to beat demons out of yourself, just before you get out of bed – shock yourself inwardly (no sound) into action saying “I am going to have an overall fantastic day”!

    • Thanks Andrew, that’s a great tip. While you can’t get rid of the past, you can certainly overlay it with new knowledge and a greater acceptance of yourself for the future.

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