Easily Achieve Orgasms & Enjoy a Fulfilling Sex Life! Sex Mastery

Easily Achieve Orgasms & Enjoy a Fulfilling Sex Life!

Are You Experiencing the Sex Life You Deserve?
You know how it is. It starts feeling good. Then it starts feeling really good. Then your mind ruins it by switching into that totally destructive thought pattern: "Is it? Is it? Is it?" And then suddenly it isn't... that feel good feeling has completely vanished - and you're left feeling disappointed... again.

After several years of this devastating cycle, your libido can become non-existent! Being unable to orgasm kills your self-esteem and can put a huge strain on your relationship. I know this for sure, I've been there.

So many women want to be able to easily achieve orgasms so they can really enjoy sex. To try and fix the strain that a broken sex life places on a relationship, we read magazines and articles, try different positions, and yet nothing seems to work. Many of us are desperate to have a normal sex life, but instead, we feel anxious, distracted or even bored during sex.

Jean and her husband have been married for over 46 years. While Jean loved having sex (because she enjoys the emotional connection, feelings of closeness and the pleasure it brings her husband) she had given up on ever being able to achieve an orgasm for herself.

At the age of 76, most experts would tell her that it’s impossible for her to ever overcome this dysfunction. However, her husband was hopeful after reading my website so they booked a session. Six weeks later her husband reported that Jean now “hits gold” nearly every time they have intercourse!

While Jean’s accomplishment - regular orgasms after 76 years without a single one - looks remarkable at first glance (and is an accomplishment to be proud of) it’s not rocket science.

The techniques Jean used can be applied by any woman who wants to feel relaxed and able to orgasm during sex.

I’ve coached hundreds of women of all ages and lifestyles, in varying states of health and fitness; and have received reports of amazing results including:

  • Women who were unable to orgasm at all, being able to orgasm "on demand" during intercourse - without having to touch themselves
  • Dramatically increasing their libido and overall desire for sex
  • Eliminating the scratchy dry feeling in their vagina as they become older

In my experience, the majority of these problems are purely psychological - regardless of what the doctors tell you. To switch on your libido and achieve orgasms you need to correctly align your thoughts and your actions instead of being distracted or worrying about your ability to fulfill and be fulfilled - which only results in feeling inadequate.

This is why many women inadvertently make their sex problem worse and continue to experience these problems for life.

Doctors only prescribe drugs which don't solve the problem and cause nasty side effects. To be able to end these problems, you need to first understand what you are doing wrong. Then learn how to consciously direct your thoughts and actions, so you can emotionally and sexually synchronize your brain with your body!

Have you ever wondered why a man's erection goes soft during foreplay?
Or why most women find it challenging to achieve orgasms?

In this video I explain what's going on "behind-the-scenes" to cause sex problems:

You may have wondered if you're ever going to be able to fully enjoy sex. Or maybe you can orgasm sometimes, but you want to know how to make it happen every time. Or you can orgasm during masturbation and foreplay, but want to be able to orgasm during intercourse to REALLY feel fulfilled!

Are you fed up with techniques that don't work?


I'm Jacqui Olliver, the Technique Modifier at End the Problem

Jacqui Olliver Sex Therapist at End The ProblemI'm considered by many to be a global expert in solving anxiety and sexual dysfunctions. I teach men, women, and couples the ultimate strategy required to achieve or restore a great sex life.

Many years ago I was in a long-term relationship with a partner who had erectile dysfunction. At that time, I, too, had my own sex problem - I had never been able to achieve orgasm.

It's likely his weak erection problem developed due to my growing lack of interest in sex.

On our 15th anniversary, I woke up to discover that he had died during the night. Although we had never really had a satisfying sex life, he was my best friend and I was totally devastated.

Needless to say, it was a major wake-up call for all who knew him or knew of him. He was only 44.

Suddenly, being able to feel fulfilled in every area of my life became drastically important to me. I couldn't bear living out the rest of my life being unable to feel fulfilled sexually. Sex is such an important aspect of a relationship and yet for me, it was something I used to dread. I needed that to change.

So I went in search of the elusive orgasm.

I had been a consultant in the health and wellness industry for many years. Now I was totally committed to finding the answers to male and female sex problems. I bought program after program and tried everything to be able to achieve orgasm. I researched different positions, diet, exercise, tantric breathing practices. You name it, I did it, in my quest to find the answer to a great sex life.

Although I was able to achieve some success it was never consistent. Just when I thought I had found something that worked, it stopped working. Results for orgasm programs and other common practices to achieve orgasm appeared to be random and unreliable.

I was sure there was a missing formula to consistently achieve orgasm and I was determined to find it!

By chance, I met a Tohunga (an indigenous teacher and mentor) who offered to impart vital knowledge to me. He taught me about the Switching Technique and how it works. It's the connecting factor between the brain and the body. Without understanding how this works sexually you're doomed to hit and miss or completely fail to achieve orgasm.
(For men, this imbalance causes weak erections, early ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.)

This is because you're constantly battling against yourself and confusing your brain.

With this unique knowledge, I was able to achieve consistently great orgasms. Not just one every now and then, but every single time I engaged sexually! As many orgasms as I wanted! From masturbation to oral, to intercourse - suddenly achieving orgasms was easy!

I realized that the procedure for achieving one orgasm is the same procedure required to achieve multiple orgasms.

Why stop at one orgasm, when you can easily repeat the procedure to achieve multiple orgasms?

It just goes to prove that with the right knowledge, sex can become exciting and fulfilling.

The Tohunga helped me develop my male and female sex programs and I further researched how the brain works by completing a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I then directed my focus into solving male and female sex problems full time, with clients reporting astounding success.

I'm totally confident I can help you achieve a great sex life. All that is required to stay turned on (and easily achieve orgasms) are a few precise tweaks to your current sexual procedure!

Over the years I've become known as a global expert in solving both male and female sex problems, with doctors, sex therapists, and relationship counselors all referring clients to me... After they had a session to end their problem!

Sometimes sexual technique and function are creating relationship unhappiness. When it is time for specific sexual technique assistance, I refer clients to Jacqui. I have personally attended a therapeutic session with Jacqui, so I have first hand experience, and can reassure my clients of the benefits. Some clients have reported life changing improvements after one session with Jacqui, and this has a very positive impact on their futures. I can recommend Jacqui's teachings as simple, effective and easy to learn.

Suzi Wallis, Counsellor and Family Therapist

In this video I clarify the game of sex, and how to prevent negative thoughts from snowballing:

After many years of sorting out the male aspect of sexual problems, I was asked to create a similar program for women. I've been the last hope for many of my clients - they had already been to doctors, urologists, relationship counselors and sex therapists without achieving their desired result. It's been my unique method which has proven to solve their sex problems.

Now it's your turn!

Discover step-by-step how to kick-start your libido and achieve a fulfilling sex life with my unique proven online course.

Learn how to Orgasm "On Demand" with
"Sex Mastery: Easily Achieve Orgasms!"

easily achieve orgasms program for women

This unique, breakthrough program for women contains the complete strategy you need to get turned on, stay turned on and orgasm whenever you want to!

"Easily Achieve Orgasms" is ideal if you experience ANY of these problems:

  • Not feeling turned on, a lack of libido (or no libido)
  • Have problems achieving orgasm
  • Can't orgasm at all
  • Feel disconnected during sex
  • Don't feel confident relating sexually to a partner
  • Don't know how to relax during sex
  • Are often distracted during sex
  • Unable to stay focused during sex
  • Your inner vaginal walls feel dry and uncomfortable

Females can frequently transition through all of these problems. Why waste time trying to figure out individual issues when this one program solves them ALL? Within just 7-30 days you'll be able to:

  • Easily get turned on and stay turned on
  • Switch your libido on and off with ease!
  • Orgasm "On demand" during masturbation, foreplay AND intercourse!"
  • Self-lubricate your inner vaginal walls (this works like an inside flush!)
  • Feel amazingly connected with (and desired by) your partner!

Easily Achieve Orgasms is a two part video course which you can go through at your own pace.

I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of becoming turned on, staying turned on and easily achieving orgasms, so you can take back your power and really enjoy sex! My proven program includes videos, audio, PDF bonuses and worksheets to ensure your easy success with my unique method.
And it's in digital format so you can get started immediately after purchase!

easily achieve orgasms banner

To achieve the desired result, we need to modify your current sexual technique and sexual practices.

My aim is to teach you how to have great sex, by knowing the difference and how to achieve squirting orgasms and pulsing orgasms, how to achieve multiple orgasms, and how to orgasm "on demand" during masturbation, foreplay, AND intercourse. In short, to restore your sexual balance so you can have great sex!

To accomplish the above, I'll teach you the unique Switching Technique. This teaches you the polarizing effect which your brain can have on your body actions and functions. Without specific directions, our body has a tendency to "go in its own direction". Texting while driving is a good example of incorrect management, and the same applies to sex.

Once you have learned this advanced technique, most of your anxiety, frustrations, and questions specifically about sexual technique, are answered in full.

Easily Achieve Orgasms walks you step-by-step through two parts:

In Part 1 We'll Discuss "The Problem and the Cause"

This essential module explains the bigger picture so you can understand the structure and underlying principles of sex. You need to know what you're doing wrong before you can fire up your arousal and easily achieve orgasms!

You will discover:

  • The Sexual Union between a male and a female, and the main reasons why you lose your arousal during sex and why your partner loses hardness or ejaculates early
  • The Fundamental requirements of sex and how to control your movement along the Arousal scale into the Orgasm Zone - and how to stay there!
  • How to Neutralise Anxiety so it doesn’t ruin your feelings of intimacy
  • How to Refocus your Attention so you can Easily Achieve Orgasms!
...And much, much more!

I'll also teach you the imbalances in your life which influence your libido, your sexual practices and ability to enjoy sex. Erosion of your technique may be influenced by family pressures but more likely the negative impact of a partner's technique. As you become more confident in your own technique these distractions become less of an overriding influence.

easily achieve orgasms bonuses

In Part 2: "Advanced Strategies to End the Problem"

Step-by-step libido-boosting instructions from foreplay to intercourse so you can get turned on, stay turned on and have mind-blowing orgasms whenever you want to!

We'll cover in detail:

  • How to Switch On your libido in 10 seconds - even if you haven't felt turned on in years!
  • How to "Flush" your vaginal walls - no more dry, yucky scratchy feelings, regardless of your age!
  • The difference between Pulsing Orgasms and Squirting Orgasms and exactly how to achieve both - during masturbation, foreplay AND intercourse!
  • How to Achieve a mutually timed orgasm with your partner every time - so you can feel totally connected and fulfilled after sex!
...And so much more!

I'll teach you how to reprogram your thoughts to stop thinking negatively about sex. So instead of thinking "Is it? Is it? Is it? You can correctly switch your attention to easily achieve orgasm.

You may be feeling overwhelmed right now. I totally understand I've been there - too much information makes you feel even more confused. That's why I've kept all the resources for my breakthrough program simple, to the point, and easy to understand. Easily Achieve Orgasms ONLY contains the information your brain needs to be able to orgasm so you can achieve a great sex life.

I also know what it's like to feel awkward and tense from not knowing what's expected of a woman during intercourse. I want to give you the gift of TOTAL sexual confidence by teaching you "How to Become a Dynamic Lover". With this bonus report there will be no more wondering if you're doing it right - you're going to blow your partner's mind with this dynamic intercourse technique!

easily achieve orgasms bonuses

All in all, with the enhanced knowledge you will gain from this program, you can experience the sexual fulfilment and freedom (without limitations) a woman so rightly deserves.

There's nothing worse than giving up on trying to achieve orgasms and simply enduring sex!

Sex is an important part of a relationship and being able to orgasm makes you feel like you're contributing to your mutual sexual fulfillment. When you can achieve orgasms easily it enables both of you to feel amazingly fulfilled and connected - inside and outside the bedroom. But when you can't orgasm you're more inclined to switch off from wanting regular sex which then leads to ongoing relationship tension and stress.

Stop stressing about your inability to orgasm and gain the skills required to feel totally connected to your partner while sexually fulfilling yourself!

feel fulfilled sexually

Great sex starts between your ears.

This program is all about helping you feel sexually fulfilled as a woman. Unlike in therapy or doctor sessions there’s no need for any embarrassing conversations and you get to keep your clothes on! You get to review the course content from the privacy of your own phone/tablet/computer, at a time that suits you.
Here’s what women from around the world have to say about my unique technique:

I always wondered why I could orgasm by myself but not with a partner during sex. Jacqui explains how our body works in the most simplest of terms and how to stop orgasms from being just a random event.


My husband had an ongoing premature ejaculation problem which put me off having sex with him for many years because sex always left me feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. I had suggested several times that we go to sex therapy but he always flatly refused - which further decreased my desire for sex and put a massive burden on our relationship.

When I saw Jacqui's TV interview I felt renewed hope that our sex life could be salvaged. So I booked a session and was amazed when at the very last minute my husband decided to attend the session with me. This session saved our marriage! I am amazed that after 30 odd years of not feeling sexually attracted to my husband, it was like a switch turned on for me and I now desire sex as much as he does! (I'm 57 and he's 60)

Our sex life now is better than it's ever been and now it feels like we are equally invested in our relationship and are working together as a team. The ongoing support emails from Jacqui have been of great value, really helpful. I want to shout it out to the world - if you're having problems with your sex life, go and see ]acquit.


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The Easily Achieve Orgasms Guarantee

I’m totally confident this program will help reinstate your libido and enable you to easily achieve orgasms. So confident that I’m including a full 60 day money back guarantee with your purchase.

After completing the program if you don't agree that with some practice you'll be able to successfully apply these techniques... I'm willing to provide additional email support without further charge to help guarantee your success. I care a lot about your success, so I’m happy to provide some personal support if the course on its own isn’t enough.

easily achieve orgasms guarantee

All I ask is that you go through the complete program in the order given.

The PDF summaries and bonus materials are all important, so please download them and implement my complete strategy for at least 30 days. You're reprogramming your brain here, and sometimes it can take a little time to restructure your old habits! During this 30 days (and for an additional 30 days) you can access my personal support via email. If you’re unsure of something just send me an email, so I can help you get really clear on your new strategy for sex.

If you aren't seeing results, even after the personalized support, I'm happy to refund your money in full. All I ask is that you give yourself this time to practice applying the complete strategy. If you haven’t gained improvement within this time frame, you may request a refund before the end of the 60th day. Just send me your completed worksheets to receive the refund.

Here’s what my customers say about my support guarantee:
“WOW!!! Just WOW!!! I was not expecting the response I received. You also sent an attachment that said, “I believe in you”. Well, I believe in you now. Most others would simply have written me off, instead of spending the time to send an encouraging reply and sincerely trying to help.”

"Your email support was invaluable! It really helped me get clear on what I was doing wrong, and what I needed to do to correct it. It made a big difference in being able to solve my problem."

Although I’m happy to provide the refund, I would rather work with you to ensure your problem is solved, as these challenges are so easy for me to solve! The program itself includes one year of 1/1 email support. I'm totally confident that my methods will help you achieve a great sex life.

Stop wasting time that you may not have. Get the knowledge your brain needs to restore sexual confidence today!

So you can get turned on, stay turned on and orgasm whenever you want to.

No more "fake" orgasms to keep your partner happy. No more expensive sex therapy which doesn't lead you anywhere. No more avoiding sex because you don't feel fulfilled...
And no more confusing your brain with conflicting messages!easily achieve orgasms complete program

A private session with me to gain the above knowledge would cost you several hundred dollars alone. And a year’s worth of my expert personal support via email is worth well over $5,000.

But for a strictly limited time you can pay just ONE payment of ONLY $97 to end your sex problem… without having to talk to anyone. And it's guaranteed to work. Don't risk alienating your partner with a low libido or avoidance of sex! Get Easily Achieve Orgasms now (before I increase the price to what I’m told the program is worth.)

buy now standard easily achieve orgasmsbuy now premium easily achieve orgasms

I'm sure by now you understand, that if you’re longing for satisfying sex, then we must change the messages you are giving to your brain! You will only find this advanced knowledge here, and I'm totally confident it will set you up sexually for life! After you’ve made payment, you'll be directed to my membership site to create your login details for your lifetime access to this revolutionary program. I'll then send you an email which contains instructions so you can immediately access this unique course content and start enjoying a happy and fulfilling sex life!