Sex Problems Common Myths – Get Clear on the Facts

Common Myths Around Solving Sex Problems

When trying to end a sex problem it can be challenging to navigate between fact and fiction, with many sex problems common myths adding to your confusion. In this article, I bust through 3 of the most prevalent sex problems common myths so you can make a more informed decision and get started on restoring a satisfying sex life.

When suffering from orgasm problems, erectile dysfunction (weak erections) or premature ejaculation you can easily become confused by all the options available. 

For example, sex problems common myths include the diet and exercise myth. And what about medications and drugs? Or male and female hormone replacement therapy? Are they necessary? Are they safe? Do they solve the problem or are they a temporary fix? Does sex therapy actually solve sexual dysfunction?

Busting Through Sex Problems

Many men are excited about the possibility of being able to last longer so they can satisfy their partner in bed. Women are relieved at the thought of feeling more connected throughout intimacy - being able to feel turned on, stay turned on and easily reach an orgasm.

We’ve already seen that it’s a possibility.

I previously shared Nick’s story – from ejaculating within seconds of penetration to lasting around 40 minutes at a really good pace, which made his girlfriend really happy. And David’s story too – from having problems getting hard, then ejaculating early, to staying hard and in control as long as he and his girlfriend wanted him to, all within three weeks.

And Jean, who miraculously achieved her first orgasm at 76 years of age!

These are all possible! But aren't easy without the right knowledge and procedure.

In fact, when these men started out trying to solve their sex problems, they were completely overwhelmed. They searched on Google “how to last longer in bed” and they saw SO MANY OPTIONS. All of them seemed like a complete lifestyle change or something artificial which took away from the spontaneity of sex.

Jean saw many doctors, and specialists; and underwent every version of hormonal therapy available.

They all would go down the path of trying to figure out how to deal with their sex problems. They'd try something – and it wouldn’t really work so their enthusiasm would waver. They knew they had to take action, but would they ever be able to find knowledge beyond sex problems common myths so sex could be spontaneous and fun?

Sex Problems: Common Myths You Will Encounter

I want to tell you more about the mistakes men and women make when they start out to solve these problems. Because there are SO many ways to go wrong when you start to figure out how you and your partner can feel mutually satisfied sexually. There are too many “experts” telling you what you want to hear, instead of what actually works.

Here are the 3 biggest sex problems common myths that I see many people fall victim to – and I want to help you avoid them:

Sex Problems Common Myths #1: “I Can Take This Drug and My Problem Will Go Away” 

This sex problems common myth can actually do a lot of damage. I’ve had reports from hundreds of men who had been to men’s clinics, urologists, and doctors; that erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation drugs and medications don’t work. Or they initially worked, and then they appeared to stop working. Or that they were painful, or artificial, or that the side effects were horrendous and lasted for days.

And that as soon as they stopped using the medications, their problem returned in full – sometimes worse than before. On top of these issues, the generic “safe” brands can cost $15 every time you have sex!

They realized that drugs and medications didn’t solve the problem (and would NEVER solve the problem). Then they made a breakthrough and discovered a way to last longer so they could enjoy sex and satisfy their partner in bed. A unique method that didn’t get short term results, but enabled them to have consistently great sex. More on that soon.

Top Foods to Enhance Sexual Function

man discussing sex problems common myths

Sex Problems Common Myths #2: Sex Therapy and Counselling 

Surely a sex therapist would teach you what you need to know about experiencing enjoyable sex and lasting longer, right?

One would hope so. However, most sex therapists and counselors just deal with psychological factors which can affect your sex life. This includes work-related stress and anxiety, sexual performance anxiety, marital or relationship problems, depression, feelings of guilt and the effects of past sexual trauma.

While it can be helpful to talk about these things, it doesn't teach you how to solve your sexual dysfunction problem. A sex therapist may also teach you about the sexual response cycle and the elements of sexual stimulation. Drugs are commonly recommended by sex therapists.

Other recommendations from sex therapy include: the squeeze technique, the stop-start technique, testosterone therapy, sprays or topical creams, Kegel exercises, penis devices, herbs, yoga, pelvic muscle exercises, sensate focus exercises, non-sexual touching techniques. As well as positively communicating your wants and desires, and learning to relax.

Therapists generally offer counseling, medications or techniques which only treat the symptoms. This often means that you’re still left wondering if your actual problem is going to get solved or not.

Sex Problems Common Myths #3: “Diet and Exercise Will Help Me Last Longer”

What about all those sites that say: “if you avoid these foods” or “if you eat these foods” or “exercise your penis” you’ll be able to last longer and satisfy your partner in bed? If so many people promise this, it has to be true, right?

Wrong. As with the other sex problems common myths, this will usually lead to you keeping your problem. The truth is that MANY people eat well, exercise regularly (including Kegel exercises) and are in pretty good shape. They think their sex life should be going well but it isn’t. They’d start sex in the right frame of mind then a little nugget of doubt would sneak in. Then it would snowball into a cascade of random thoughts including trying not to think about losing their erection or losing control... or in Jean's case, if she would ever reach an orgasm.

Relevant exercises can improve the sexual experience for men and women. However, the underlying issues preventing full sexual function need to be addressed first.

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In Summary:

Many men who found my site have already figured out there isn't anything physically wrong because they could sometimes masturbate or have sex with a partner without any problems. They knew it must be something else, something beyond sex problems common myths - but couldn’t figure it out.

All of them wanted to stop feeling tense and anxious during sex and were hopeful for an answer.

Forget the usual sex advice. This tells you, you need to exercise, take drugs or endure months of therapy to be able to enjoy sex, last longer and satisfy yourself and your partner. It's not necessary, those are sex problems common myths! Instead, with just a few precise “tweaks” to your current procedure during foreplay, penetration, and intercourse, you can take control of your body and enjoy a consistently satisfying sex life!

Your brain needs to receive relevant messages (signals) to be able to get hard, stay hard, control ejaculation and orgasm when you want to. While you can't change the way your brain responds to the messages you give it, you can change the messages that you are giving to your brain. This is why aligning your focus and actions is so crucial.

My unique Sex Mastery programs will help men and women who suffer from sex problems gain the skills and confidence to enjoy a spontaneous, normal and happy sex life. So they can enjoy sex and intimacy without it feeling like it’s doomed to failure! Check out my programs here.