End Anxiety and Restore Your Sexual Ability

There is so much confusion and conflicting messages being given about sex and how to achieve emotional balance. How to solve and prevent sex problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and problems achieving orgasm is mainly due to a lack of relevant knowledge.

The sex education system excels in teaching teens how to protect themselves during sex. However, sex education is sadly lacking in helpful knowledge which prepares us in understanding how to operate this very important area in our lives.

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It’s like giving us a key, a car, and a fuel voucher without teaching us the road code or the consequences of not understanding how to drive! NOTICE THE SIMILARITY?

In my experience, you can in most instances forget the usual sex advice. This tells you, you need to exercise, take drugs or endure months of therapy to be able to enjoy sex, last longer and satisfy your partner in bed. For the vast majority of people it’s not necessary!

Instead, with advanced knowledge and a few precise “tweaks” to your current procedure during foreplay and intercourse, you can take control of your body and achieve a consistently happy and fulfilling sex life!

Sex Education to Prevent Sex Problems

I endeavor on this website and in my unique, proven programs to fill in the blanks in your knowledge of correct sexual technique. So you can solve or prevent common sex problems. I'm going to bust open those common sex myths which keep you doubting in your ability to achieve fulfilling sex. Then I'll provide logical alternatives which make sense to your brain.

I've helped thousands of men, women and couples achieve a fulfilling sex life with my unique insights. This includes medical specialists who now recommend me, and clients with "incurable" problems who were able to restore sex mastery:

After 4 years of untreated vaginismus I felt broken because I had no sex drive and struggled to get turned on. Penetration always teared me a little too. I always felt anxious and nervous during sex and my sex drive was non existent. My doctor told me she could not help and Jacqui was my last hope.

I've been following Jacqui's suggestions for two weeks and the vaginismus is 80% cured! Now I am able to orgasm through penetration too! It’s so wonderful to feel sexy and confident initiating and taking control.

In the past my mind would wander and then I’d get frustrated with myself and angry that I struggled to have normal enjoyable sex. I could go months without sex and the only reason that it bothered me was because I knew it bothered my partner. Now we are both happy with sex and feeling so much more connected.


Vaginismus 80% cured after two weeks

Let's get started on providing you with the relevant sex education answers you wished you had received at school! Either click here to book a complimentary 20-minute strategy session or check out my programs.