FIX IT PLUS Program To Solve Female Sexual & Emotional Challenges

Want to restore enjoyable sex and orgasms?

Sex Mastery fix it plus Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms

This program is ideal if you want 1/1 expert help to solve sexual dysfunction such as low libido and being unable to reach orgasm. Also resolve emotional issues and up skill your abilities to remove anxiety, restore emotional balance and enhance emotional and sexual attraction with a partner on all levels. 

Jacqui Olliver is considered by many to be a leading expert in restoring full sexual function. This combined consulting and prerecorded program has a total cost which includes lifetime access to the prerecorded digital Sex Mastery Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms program (which is accessible by immediate download online). 

PLUS 3x 50-minute private 1/1 consultations with Jacqui, PLUS email support and resources to assist you to work through any misunderstood issues you encounter.

After purchase you will have instant access to the prerecorded program. You will also receive another email which contains special calendar links so you can book your 1/1 sessions whenever you are ready.

It's best to view the prerecorded program COMPLETELY first, so you totally understand the information shared. This is to ensure you have absorbed all relevant information about your issue. This ensures your 1/1 consultation time is of the highest quality with no wasted time. Refund Policy

Your private consultations will be spent focused on the issues of your choosing. Total cost $497 (valued at $867)