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Jacqui Olliver Sex Therapy

I'm Jacqui Olliver and I'm so glad you found me. I’ve helped thousands of men, women and couples restore emotional and sexual satisfaction in their lives and I'm totally confident I can help you, too. You don’t have to figure this out alone. Take advantage of my free consultation to decide what is best for you. 

As a Psychosexual Alignment Specialist, I enrich relationships by solving your emotional and sexual problems WITHOUT DRUGS. The majority of my clients report significant improvement from their first session. All of your sessions and session resources remain 100% private and confidential. 

I totally understand your need for privacy

Unsure about face to face consultations? My Sex Mastery digital video/audio/pdf pre-recorded programs are a DIY option which enable you to remain anonymous and only reach out for email support if you require it. With a full 6-month money back guarantee, these programs are solving sexual problems for men and women of all ages globally.  

Solve your sexual function issues in complete privacy without having to talk to anyone. 100% PRIVATE and Confidential. 

Jacqui Olliver's Sex Mastery Programs for Men and Women

Specifically geared toward improving technique and preventing sexual function issues from occurring, these programs are accessed via the private member's area of my website where you can watch or download the video, audio and PDF resources to your phone, tablet or computer. Unlimited support via email is provided as well as a 6 month money back guarantee.

Sex Mastery Women: Enjoyable Sex, Orgasms

Being able to get turned on, stay turned on and reach orgasm while maintaining a fulfilling emotional connection leads to the ultimate feeling of wholeness for a woman. This program is guaranteed to help women of all ages relax, enjoy sex and feel emotionally connected with her partner. 

Step-by-step guidance to reconnect with your body, kick-start a low libido, eliminate painful penetration, stop being distracted, and prevent problems reaching orgasm. Restore happy and connected intimacy.  Read more and purchase here (Save 50% for limited time).

Sex Mastery Men: Hard AND in Control

Being able to satisfy his partner is crucial for a man. To be able to initially get an erection, then stay hard during foreplay, penetration and intercourse, and only ejaculate when he and his partner reach an agreement goes a long way to increasing a man's confidence, self-esteem and ability to feel emotionally connected with his partner.

This program covers each of these in complete step-by-step detail, and is guaranteed to help men restore a happy and satisfying sex life in a timely manner without the need for drugs or changing your lifestyle. Access the male program here (Save 50% for a limited time).

Alison Donaghey

Jacqui has been one of my favourite guests, she is open, honest, thoughtful, prepared and has a true willingness to help people reach their happiest sexual experiences. I adore her non-threatening approach and have personally recommended her services to friends. it is sometimes hard to find people who are as truly congruent as Jacqui is.

you are not alone

You are not alone...

I know how it feels to be in a relationship where sexual intimacy is challenging and becomes an undesirable part of a relationship. Where you avoid being intimate with your partner in case it leads to sex. Whether it's due to anxiety and frustration related to sexual failure or a partner's unwanted sexual technique, unfulfilling sex causes the downfall of many relationships. 

Not knowing how to integrate ourselves sexually with a partner leads to low relationship confidence and self-esteem. After developing breakthrough methods to resolve these issues, I'm now considered by many to be a leading expert in solving sexual dysfunction and restoring full emotional balance. My insightful programs contain unparalleled, unique knowledge which has never before been divulged and provides the missing link to restoring a relaxed, happy and satisfying life.

sex education for the real world

The Missing Link in Sex Education

Sex education is taught about prevention and safety but not about technique and quality. This is where "sex education" fails adults and teenagers alike. Adults have a phobia concerning talking about sex to minors, the end result of which is they grow up into adults with phobias because they have no understanding about sex as it was never discussed.


Many teens are sexually active at 16, however, due to a lack of relevant sexual knowledge there is much confusion and guesswork involved. If you can't explain to your teen how to sexually move through the gears in the right order, with the right timing... then you may want to consider buying my programs to upgrade their knowledge and skill base instead of just "having the talk".

My Sex Mastery answers prevent intrusive problems from occurring.

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy a normally functioning sex life.

My unique programs explain the intricacies of both partner's requirements so they can achieve an emotionally fulfilling sex life. I provide the missing link to preventing sex problems including weak erections, early ejaculation and delayed ejaculation for males; and problems reaching orgasm, low libido and inner vaginal dryness in females. 

"You seemed very professional to me compared to other programs, and it was very nice that you offered a complimentary session. It felt good to actually speak to a real person and not be judged. You gave me great advice and gave me confidence just in those 20 minutes."



I Believe That Doing the Right Thing Matters

One of my clients asked if he could share his Sex Mastery Hard and in Control program resources with his 17 year old son. Having experienced a crippling life-long premature ejaculation issue, Mike was concerned his son might be experiencing similar challenges. He was doubtful his son had received a complete sex education  at school, and didn't want him to endure the suffering that he had been through. "My son's eyes lit up when I offered him access to the program - he was over the moon and thanked me profusely! Now I know that this important part of his life is taken care of."

I'm totally confident I can help you and your loved ones achieve a happy and satisfying life. Your most important thing to do now is take action to end the problem. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Warm regards,

Jacqui Olliver sex problems expert
Jacqui Olliver Sex Therapy

Jacqui Olliver
Psychosexual Alignment Specialist

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