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Whether you suffer from the embarrassment of losing erection hardness or are unable to control the timing of your ejaculation, are constantly feeling nervous and distracted, then sex is stressful for YOU and YOUR PARTNER.

Drugs have nasty side effects and can devastate your health as well as your wallet.

Over a period of time, they work out to be the most expensive option and usually don’t solve the problem!

There are many products and therapies, as well as advice being offered to solve sex problems. Unfortunately, these are mostly ineffective because they merely act as band-aids – covering up the symptoms, without ever addressing the underlying CAUSE of your problem. I’m going to show you how you are inadvertently causing these problems, then how you can take control and master sex.

In this video, I explain the real “behind-the-scenes” cause of your sex problems. With your knowledge of human nature, you will easily see the significance of these facts:


Most often, just a few precise tweaks to your current technique are required for you to effortlessly regain control sexually.

Unfortunately, this is something that could take you years to figure out! In the meantime, the ongoing tension and stress may be destructive to your health.
Your self-esteem and relationship may also be wrecked.

ESPECIALLY if your partner gets sick and tired – and fed up with the waiting game!

I’ve had clients in their 70’s who waited for thirty, forty or fifty years for their problem to go away.

But it didn’t. They all regretted wasting so much precious time. Time which could have been spent enjoying years of great sex and intimacy with their partner. Instead, this time was spent with constant worry, stress and sleepless nights.

Do you constantly fear that your inability to perform will eventually cause your partner to give up and leave?

Are you fed up with techniques that don’t work??

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I’m Jacqui Olliver, the Technique Modifier at End the Problem.

Jacqui OlliverI’m considered by many to be a world leader and speaker on solving sex problems and restoring full emotional balance. There is no sexual dysfunction problem that fazes me in the least.

Many years ago I was in a 15-year relationship with a partner who suffered from erectile dysfunction. And for a big part of my life, I myself had been unable to achieve orgasm. So I know how mentally devastating it is for both people in a relationship to suffer from these problems… and to feel like a failure as a human being.

After my partner suddenly died in 2004, I went on a quest to find the ANSWERS to solving male and female sex problems.

There was no way I wanted to enter another relationship without knowing how to sexually fulfill myself and my partner!

Already a consultant in the health and wellness industry, I spent the next 8 years specifically researching and developing methods to solve sex problems.

By chance, I met a Tohunga (an indigenous teacher/mentor) who questioned commonly taught methods. Then he passed unique knowledge to me over a period of time which had never before been shared. He explained how to influence our brain by aligning specific thoughts along with specific actions. He called this the Switching Technique. I am the only person he has taught this secret knowledge to.

At first I was resistant to this knowledge…

Because it brought into question everything I had learned up to that point! Until one day I shared his teaching with a client who mentioned he had a premature ejaculation problem. I was stunned with the result the client reported and texted the Tohunga saying he “got it in an hour and a half!” Incredible! Not weeks nor months, no medication, just an explanation and the problem solved.

The next client reported premature ejaculation AND erectile dysfunction. I explained the Switching Technique. ONE week later, this 72-year-old phoned to tell me both of those problems were now solved!

I then applied the Switching Technique methodology on myself and immediately and permanently solved my lifelong orgasm problem. This was the missing link for solving sex problems!

I further researched how the brain works, completed a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and devoted myself full time to solving male and female sex problems.

The Tohunga then helped me develop my revolutionary programs to easily solve sex problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido and being unable to achieve orgasm.

I now have 12+ years of experience in this field – the scientific study of conscious sexual experience. 20+ years if you include my own life experience. I’ve treated over a thousand men and women globally, including medical practitioners who now endorse my authority and refer clients to me:

"I couldn’t believe it! After a lifetime of ejaculating within a minute (and for the past 5 years losing my erection hardness within one minute as well) I was able to stay HARD AND IN CONTROL for over 10 minutes – just 4 days after my session with Jacqui – and the next time I had sex! It’s blown my mind! Every person should have this education!"

Sam (Medical Specialist) NZ,
Premature Ejaculation & ED


Sam (Medical Specialist) NZ,
Premature Ejaculation & ED

Back in 2014 I was audited by the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority. This is a government agency put in place to protect consumers. One of the other medical doctors whom I had treated for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction immediately put his hand up to provide me with a letter of endorsement to validate my claims. You can see his letter of recommendation here:


Your body runs on signals, and while you can’t change the way your body responds to those signals; you CAN change the signals – the messages – you are giving to our body!

In most cases, you can forget the usual sex advice that tells you, you need to exercise, take drugs or endure months of therapy to be able to last longer, enjoy sex and satisfy your partner in bed. Instead, with a few precise tweaks to your current procedure during sex, you can take control of your body and master sex!

Anxiety isn’t a separate issue, it’s simply part of the emotional response program in your brain. It’s triggered when you’re uncertain of a correct procedure. This unwanted distraction can be immediately cleared with my “Ease of a Sneeze” technique. (In the next video further down this page I’ll explain how emotional resistance is affecting your sex life.)

Generally, anxiety and other emotional problems present themselves when skills are lacking in certain areas and the brain is under pressure.

I have total confidence that I can easily (and rapidly) help you restore a fulfilling sex life as I have done with over a 1,000 clients worldwide!

Regain your sexual confidence with my unique proven online course “Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control!”

Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control
This breakthrough program contains the complete strategy required to swiftly solve ALL of these male sex problems so you can feel like a legend and easily satisfy your partner in bed:

  • Premature ejaculation (PE)
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Unable to ejaculate (DE)
  • Can’t get hard
  • Losing your erection during foreplay
  • Losing your hard during intercourse
  • Randomly ejaculating without ever feeling like you’re in control
  • Feeling confused and out of control
  • Being unable to satisfy your partner – even when you’re trying your best
  • Feelings of embarrassment and shame due to “failing” at sex

Males can transition through any of the above problems, so you need a program which contains ALL the answers! With my proven strategies, you’ll be able to:

  • Maintain a strong erection from start to finish
  • Ejaculate “on demand” instead of prematurely (or not at all)
  • Get out of your head during sex and really ENJOY yourself!
  • Understand the full sexual requirements of a partner
  • Have your partner telling you how satisfying sex is with you!!

Hard AND in Control is a two part online course which you can view in your own time.

I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process for becoming hard and in control so you can become an amazing lover and always satisfy your partner in bed. This proven program includes your choice of downloadable formats: video, audio, and PDF summaries (and bonuses) to ensure your easy success with my method… I’m totally confident it will benefit any man who wants to know exactly how to last longer and control himself sexually.

A recent Hard AND in Control review from one of my customers: “This is the best program for PE and ED I have ever encountered!”

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Are you frustrated because you’ve “tried everything” and still feel anxious and nervous during sex because of your continuing sex problems?

Most of my clients came to me with a long list of previous treatments. They visited doctors, urologists, sex therapists, you name it. For their pain (and embarrassment) they were recommended drugs, devices, herbal remedies. They were recommended diet and exercise changes, as well as other common techniques that just don’t work. Even though these “experts” were adamant they would.

My clients had tried it all, with no success. I was their last chance. While other treatments make you wonder if you’re ever going to solve the problem, I’ll show you the quickest way to end the problem for good.

The majority of my clients report immediate improvement. Most agree that complete success is well within reach as they continue to apply my unique, proven method.

I understand, not everyone wants to discuss these issues in-person.

So I’m providing another course of action that doesn’t involve going “public” with your problem (and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in therapy.)

Gain the knowledge and skills required to restore normal sexual function within the privacy of your own home. Or totally in private, via your preferred mobile device. I’ll show you how to skyrocket your self-confidence by sharing the skills required to master the sexual act.

HARD AND IN CONTROL walks you step-by-step through two parts:


Part One: “The Problem and the Cause”

Here I’ll show you the bigger picture, so you fully understand WHY your problem is occurring (this includes what you are doing wrong!) and can identify the changes you’ll need to make.

You will discover:

  • The Sexual Union and the real reasons why you’re losing control over your arousal
  • The Fundamental requirements of sex and how to neutralize anxiety so it doesn’t have a snowball effect on your performance
  • 4 Essential Steps for “checking in” on your penis for strong erections and TOTAL ejaculation control
  • The #1 Rule for Sexual Technique every man needs to know!

…And more!

Part Two: “Advanced Strategies to End the Problem”

In Part Two I’ll show you exactly HOW to make those changes from foreplay to intercourse so you can stay hard AND in control from start to finish, for mind-blowing sex!

We delve into:

  • The Fastest way to Get an Erection
  • The Best way to Stay Hard during Foreplay and intercourse
  • How to Immediately Regain Your Erection if you feel yourself starting to lose it
  • The #1 way to Stay in Control of Ejaculation – even when she asks you to go Hard and fast
  • How to Ejaculate on Command when you and your partner want you to
  • The Secret way to Climax Together – so you always feel like a King in bed!

…And more:

I’ll share the best penis strengthening exercise which can also increase penis size… The best masturbation practices to help solve the problem instead of making it worse… and a control checklist for easy reference.

Hard AND in control bonus reports

Stop stressing about your poor sexual performance and gain the skills required to sexually fulfil yourself AND your partner – for life!

Additional BONUS: “How to Train Your Mind to Stop Thinking Negatively About Sex!”
Negative thoughts lead to performance anxiety which causes problems. Your thoughts affect your actions, which then affects your arousal control. I’ll also share this bonus Hard AND in Control resource to help you rewire your brain and gain total confidence in achieving sex mastery!how to train your mind to stop thinking negatively about sex

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My sexually satisfied clients agree that this knowledge is completely different from everything else they’ve been taught

They say it makes complete sense. They say it’s so easy to apply to their sex life. Men who have always suffered from sex problems have been able to immediately resolve their problems with my unique method.

Still not sure if “Sex Mastery: Hard And In Control” is right for you?? Take a peek at this video taken directly from the program itself:

The switching technique for Hard AND in Control reflects how your brain works, so results are often immediate.

For others, progress occurs over a period of weeks or months. Regardless of your situation, I’m here for you, you no longer have to try and figure this out by yourself. My guarantee includes one year of my personal email support to ensure that we end your problem.

For many of my customers, the results have been immediate and extraordinary:

hard and in control review PE
hard and in control PE and ED review James-ejaculation-2016-04-blur

Ready for results like these?

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This course is for men who want to restore a fulfilling sex life

There are no frills, no BS, no complicated breathing techniques (or other common techniques that don’t work). Instead of hours of useless information, I’m just going to share the easy step-by-step procedure your brain needs to restore a fulfilling sex life! The bonus resources and summaries I provide will further enhance your new skills, knowledge and understanding.

The Hard AND In Control Guarantee

recommended by doctorsIt takes courage to move forwards, and I commend you for being here now, and taking action to improve this very important part of your life. It demonstrates that you’ve got integrity which is an essential asset in a man.

In acknowledgment of the effort you’re applying to gain the best possible result, I’m going to match your effort with mine. I’m totally confident my program will solve your sexual “malfunction” as well as set you up sexually for life.

The reason I’m considered by many to be a global expert in solving sex problems is because I explain the complete answer. It makes complete sense. I also make the whole process of solving your problem, easy. If after completing the program you don’t agree that with some planning and practice you’ll be able to apply these techniques and satisfy both yourself and your partner in bed, I’m willing to provide additional email support at no further charge to help you solve your problem. Just so you can understand this value, some clients pay $30,000 to hire me as their personal consultant with unlimited access for six months.

Unlike other programs, I care a lot about my ability to deliver a solution, so I’m happy to provide some personal support if the course on its own is misunderstood and needs clarification. Our combined effort to rectify this “grey” area will most certainly lead to your success in solving your sex problems and restoring a fulfilling sex life. The program itself contains ONE YEAR of personal email support with me.

All I ask is that you go through the complete program in the order given.

Go through all the resources and implement the complete strategy for 30 days. The reason why I suggest 30 days is to reduce the amount of pressure you put on yourself to perform and achieve results. This also gives you enough time to fully integrate your new strategy and align the information in the correct order.

If you’re unsure of something, just send me an email, so I can help you get really clear of your new strategy for sex. You’re reprogramming your brain here, and sometimes it can take a little time to deconstruct old contaminated habits. During this 30 days (and for an additional 30 days) you can access my personal support via email.

This means you now have a full 60-day fully supported, money back guarantee.

If even after the personalized support you aren’t seeing results, I am happy to refund your money in full. All I ask is that you give yourself this time to practice applying the complete strategy and explain to me where your failure occurred. If you haven’t gained improvement within this time frame, you may request a refund before the end of the 60th day. Just send me your completed worksheets.

Here’s what my customers say about my support guarantee:

“WOW!!! Just WOW!!! I was not expecting the response I received. You also sent an attachment that said, “I believe in you”. Well, I believe in you now. Most others would simply have written me off, instead of spending the time to send an encouraging reply and sincerely trying to help.”

“Your email support was invaluable! It really helped me get clear on what I was doing wrong, and what I needed to do to correct it. It made a big difference in being able to solve my problem.”

Although I’m happy to provide the refund, I would rather work with you to ensure your problem is solved. Because I have total confidence that I can do so!

hard and in control review doctor

Stop wasting time delaying the inevitable. Get the knowledge your brain needs to rewire your sexual confidence today!

So you can get an erection, keep an erection, stay hard and in control,
and only ejaculate when YOU and your partner want you to.

No more drugs with unwanted side effects. Or expensive “therapy” which doesn’t lead you anywhere.
No more fears about losing a partner because you can’t satisfy her…
And no more confusing your brain with conflicting messages!

hard and in control complete programThe whole process is totally confidential. After you’ve made payment, I’ll redirect you to a page on my private membership site to set up your login details (name and email) so you can view the content online or download it. (Nothing is sent to your physical address.) I’ll also send you an email which contains instructions. You have lifetime access to the program and your success is Guaranteed. To restore a relaxed, happy and normal sex life your brain needs this knowledge!
A year’s worth of my expert personal support via email is worth well over $5,000. I’m offering it to you because I have total confidence in the program itself to end your problem.

For a strictly limited time you can pay just ONE payment of ONLY $97 to end your sex problem… without having to talk to anyone (a cheap fix for a problem this huge, no more than a few week’s of pills!) And it’s guaranteed to work. Don’t risk any more sleepless nights and ruined relationships! Get Hard AND in Control now (before I increase the price to what I’m told the program is worth.)

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I’ve got your back. If you have any questions after you’ve purchased the program just ask.
Get started on achieving a problem-free, happy, connected, NORMAL and spontaneous sex life!