How to Love a Woman

Ever wondered how to understand a woman's needs?

How women like to be touched, held and supported? Loving a woman has never been easier, than when you know EXACTLY what she needs. 

BUT before you can learn how to love a woman, you MUST sort out any underlying issues you have, because when you CANNOT sexually function to your maximum 100% this means your partner CANNOT receive or give 100% in return.

REMEMBER: If you suffer from sexual frustration, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or any other sexual issue, then you don’t have the skillset to love or satisfy a woman to her full potential.

how to love a woman

One of the most important aspects when it comes to attracting a woman – and holding that attraction – is to be confident within yourself. She wants to know you can confidently and without compromising your individuality, maintain the integrity of the relationship. Remember, it is you (the individual) she is initially attracted to.

If you have sexual problems including early ejaculation or weak erections, you are already at a disadvantage. This is because these problems eat away at your self confidence and undermine your ability to relate to her in a confident manner.

Be aware that if you give her too much, you may lose yourself as well as losing her interest. There is a fine line between giving and receiving and it needs to be in balance. You need a strong ‘A’ game for her AND for yourself to ensure your relationship (current or future) thrives.

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Most men in a relationship don’t have the skills to realize that there are actually two people involved. Men tend to be decision makers and LACK THE SKILLS to facilitate the relationship 24 hours a day.

Women are more emotional creatures and need that bonding safety net around them 24 hours a day. This separation is usually the catalyst for the breakdown of communication and understanding which are two VITAL elements in perpetuating the relationship.

When this technique is realized, the bond between the two people grows and flourishes to the point that any separation becomes uncomfortable.


Additional to this technique I can teach you the “feeling into” technique. Many men are unaware and need to be taught how to realize their own sensitivity and communicate this through touch to their partner. This is a vital element in ensuring that the woman understands her partner’s stance towards her. This is a crucial part of the bonding safety net AND INTIMACY.

When you achieve a level of competency with this technique your partner is openly receptive to accepting any and ALL advances made to them (flowers and chocolates are not required at this stage).

By gaining confidence in this area you will expand your emotional, mental and physical abilities. This new found confidence is recognized by your partner as a positive step in maintaining the relationship. The relationship is a union between the two people, which is entirely different from two people coexisting without that emotional bond.

You only know what you know – and at the moment, it may not be enough information for your brain to formulate the necessary procedures to initiate the highest level of communication and connection with a woman.

End the Problem with Jacqui Olliver

Your partner can become SUPREMELY CONFIDENT in your ability to function soundly in the relationship knowing that all of her requirements will be fulfilled with confidence and competence.

What I can teach you is the technique to ensure physical (including sexual) emotional, mental and spiritual intimacy is at the highest level of connection. I’m known as an authority on removing barriers to great sex and these teachings are unique to me. What I teach, you won’t find elsewhere.

First I would get you to fill in my in-depth questionnaire – so I can unravel your knowledge and determine where you are lacking… emotionally, mentally and physically. We will address these issues first, to remove the errors so we can refocus your brain with the correct procedures necessary for your lasting self confidence and success.

how to love a woman success

THEN you will learn:

  • How to hold a woman emotionally and physically…
  • How to touch a woman (without your hand being your penis)
  • Orgasmic touch techniques for a woman (to make her purr)
  • An easy technique which makes you last longer in bed, while totally fulfilling your woman…
  • AND how to facilitate a lasting and meaningful connection with a woman…

International consultations for how to love a woman are available online via Skype. If you have premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction problems YOU MUST DEAL WITH THESE PROBLEMS FIRST.

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Remember, if you suffer from sexual frustration, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or any other sexual or emotional issues then you need to sort these problems first. These problems DON’T go away by themselves, constantly RUIN your intimate moments and can erode the quality (and stability) of your relationship.

If you fear that your woman may leave you due to sexual problems and you want to be certain your woman will definitely WANT to stay with you, then check out my programs. You need to sort these issues so you can become confident when being intimate with a woman. 

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If sexual problems aren’t an issue for you, then contact me now to make sure you aren’t mistakenly putting her off with your words or your actions. Discover how to love a woman mentally, physically and emotionally – so she wants to stay with you – and keep having sex – even after menopause.

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