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My focus is solving your emotional and sexual functional issues which are contaminating your confidence in approaching the sexual act and relationships. Other challenges I can help you resolve via products and services I am affiliated with. I only promote proven, high quality items and services which are well trusted with a money-back guarantee.

If you are looking for something outside of this list, please let me know and I will see what I can find for you 🙂

Here are some helpful resources provided by other professional services in my network to help you solve problems and restore satisfaction and enjoyment in your life:

Bent Penis or a Small Penis?

Sometimes size does matter. The average penis size is between 5-6 inches fully erect. Having a bend in your penis or a smaller penis can distract your focus and therefore lead to sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. 

The Quick Extender Pro is the choice model of penis extender by thousands of men around the world. If you are suffering with insufficient size or a bent penis preventing you from realizing your sexual potential, penile traction is a guaranteed answer, and no other product matches the Quick Extender Pro. QEP is a long-established, trustworthy, and innovative company who leads the industry in not only customer satisfaction and speed of results, but also in innovation and responsiveness to customer needs. They are continually improving on their service and their Dual Strap System is the latest example of leading the charge to improve comfort, and consequentially, the effectiveness of penis extenders. 

Quick Extender Pro has all your bases covered. From discrete billing, delivery, and support, to a variety of packages to match your budget, to a guarantee of your satisfaction through a product they’ve developed to deliver the best in comfort and results.

There are 3 packages offered by Quick Extender Pro including a Curvature Edition if you want to straighten as well as lengthen your penis. Fastest results for increasing your penis size require tension springs of 3,500 or more which is available in three of the devices. Contact QEP directly at their website and their excellent customer service can provide guidance on which package is right for you.

find a russian partner

Need a Female Partner?

Finding an ideal partner to share your life with isn't always easy. Simply Dating helps men connect with single women in Russia and the Ukraine. A dating site focused on providing value and individual support to all users, Simply Dating helps to foster strong friendships between like-minded individuals that just might turn into something more.

Simply Dating ensures that the single women on their site are all vetted and interviewed by a local agency working in conjunction with their experienced team. With no monthly fees, affordable pricing, a money-back guarantee and anti-scam measures in place, the award-winning Simply Dating online dating site is committed to providing genuine ladies looking for marriage.

Offering a wide variety of services to help you connect with and meet single ladies from Russia and Ukraine, services range from initial introductions, translated messages and convenient online chat all the way to assisting with gift giving and travel arrangements. They aim to create a confidential, secure and hassle-free experience for all of their users. As one of the best online dating sites available, they even offer dating coaching to help men meet and communicate with ladies in other countries. Because their services are 24/7, you can speak with one of their support team at any time that suits you.

Sex Mastery Programs for Men and Women

These are my own programs which resolve sexual "malfunctions" in both men and women:

Sex Mastery for Women: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms!
Women want to be able to relax and enjoy sex. This program explains in straightforward terms the thought and action procedure her brain needs so she can initially get turned on, then stay turned on and more easily have an orgasm. It also explains how to eliminate inner vaginal dryness, kick-start a low libido and prevent problems reaching orgasm. Read more about it here

Sex Mastery for Men: Hard AND in Control!
Every man needs to know how to get an erection, stay hard during foreplay, penetration and intercourse, then only ejaculate when he and his partner reach an agreement. This program covers each of these in step-by-step detail, and is guaranteed to help men restore a happy and satisfying sex life without drugs. Read more here