How to Cure PE and ED – Get the FAQ!

How to Cure Male Sex Problems

Eliminate Anxiety and Regain Your Sex Power! In order to cure PE and ED (so you can satisfy your partner in bed) you need to understand how you are causing them to happen. For instance, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the same problem, but located at opposite ends of the arousal scale. A man with ED is under stimulating his brain sexually, while a man with PE is doing the opposite.

When you don’t understand how to initiate the sequence your brain requires, you may catapult from one extreme to the other. You may occasionally experience a hard erection or ejaculation control without having any idea how you achieved it. My clients tell me this is SO frustrating! Here’s the secret for solving your sex problems…

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Make sure you correctly address these 8 important factors:

1. Lack of Focus
If you don’t correct your focus it’s impossible to co-ordinate your muscle programs and stay in control of the sexual act. Having random thoughts is the fastest way to lose control sexually. Just like texting on your phone while driving your car, when you focus on one, you lose directional control over the over.

You are consistently having random thoughts because you don’t know WHAT you are supposed to be focusing on!

2. Sexual Technique
The technique you use during sex either contributes to your problems, or enables you to gain more control. It also determines whether or not you keep your partner interested in having sex with you.

3. Sexual Fantasies
There’s a right way and a wrong way to use fantasies. Used the wrong way they will make a man lose his erection or lose control – or either gender not be able to orgasm. Used the right way, you have a fantastic tool for helping you end sex problems.

4. Performance Anxiety
You’re only experiencing performance anxiety because your brain doesn’t have a complete start to end procedure for sex. So when you feel yourself losing your erection or losing ejaculation control… you have no idea what to do to correct it! Knowing how to solve your sex problem will also resolve that immobilizing sexual anxiety problem.

5. Sexual Frustration
Generally caused by having sexual problems such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, or being unable to orgasm. Other factors include not knowing how to regulate your sexual arousal or having a partner not interested in sex (or not wanting to have sex the way you want it.) Sexual frustration is often a side effect of not dealing with other problems.

6. Stress
Any kind of stress in your life, whether it be related to work, your relationship, your health or your finances makes it very difficult to focus on the sexual act. This is because your conscious mind can only concentrate on one subject at a time. As previously mentioned, having random thoughts will cause problems. Add being unable to function sexually and your stress levels go through the stratosphere!

7. Health
The foods and beverages you eat and drink directly affect your ability to perform. Sex is a vigorous exercise which requires a great deal of energy and stamina. Here I write about the 3 particular food groups doing the most damage to your sexual stamina.

Although medications and health issues can contribute toward erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction issues, they’re generally not the main problem.

8. Lack of Confidence
Your brain runs on procedures. Sexual confidence comes from having an exact plan to follow, a step-by-step procedure which gives you full understanding of how to control the sexual act. When you have a procedure to follow, your brain doesn’t have to try and randomly fill in the gaps in your knowledge – which means you can stay focused, hard AND in control.

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To Cure Your Sex Problems

If you want to cure PE or ED (or being unable to orgasm) you need to focus your attention correctly throughout all sexual activities. This ensures that your brain is constantly receiving the correct signals. At the moment, you have a mental contamination problem.

This mental contamination contributes to anxiety. When you become anxious, you start worrying about your problem. Then because you don’t know what to focus on next, your brain stops receiving the correct signals. Which is what makes your sex problems happen!

All of us have communication pathways between our brain and body which need to be correctly directed. Whether you are male or female, in a heterosexual relationship or a same sex relationship, my methods are equally effective.

New Treatment for Solving Sex Problems

My Unique system provides the complete understanding of how to coordinate your brain with your body during sex. This enables you to activate the correct muscle programs in the correct order. It also enables emotions to be the brief physical responses they were designed to be.

Regardless of how long you have had your problem, when you apply my complete strategy it is likely you will achieve results. Many clients ended their problem immediately. Others within a few weeks to a couple of months of practicing my proven method. Even after experiencing these problems their whole life!

“I had PE for a long time – sex was just not enjoyable. I felt apprehensive leading up to the session – which was much more scientific/technical than I expected. Jacqui has a caring and thoughtful approach and the technique was easy to understand, once explained. I had focused on the wrong things, so this helped a lot.”


Cured PE*

It’s common to suffer from a combination of these problems – premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and being unable to orgasm. Each problem requires specific strategies which I provide in my unique programs (all your private details remain 100% confidential.) Read more about them here.

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