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When it comes to having sex, do you feel disconnected?

Maybe you can get turned on, but you don't stay turned on. Or you're constantly distracted during sex and have problems reaching orgasm. You may find yourself wanting sex less frequently and sometimes avoid being intimate with your partner in case it leads to sex.

You might start off ok, but then your mind becomes distracted and you stop enjoying yourself because you think you probably won't orgasm and it feels like you're missing out. You may find it difficult to relax and enjoy yourself, and worry about the effect your lack of interest is having on your relationship.

If any of this sounds like you, know that you're not alone. Many women want to enjoy a happy and fulfilling sex life with their partner but just don't know how to stay turned on and feel connected with themselves and their partner sexually.

It doesn't have to be this way. Don't risk alienating your partner with a low libido or avoidance of sex. There is a simple way to get turned on, stay turned on and experience enjoyable sex and orgasms without changing your diet, taking hormones or paying for numerous visits to a relationship counselor or sex therapist - or anything that takes away from spontaneity and your ability to feel connected.

Enjoyable sex is about overcoming the blockages to connection. When you give your brain relevant “signals” during sexual activity it will naturally respond and be in an “enjoyable sex and orgasms” mode of operation.

To truly feel sexy and restore a happy and connected sex life you simply need to make a few adjustments to the way you are approaching sex and intimacy.

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I lost my libido six years ago after the birth of my eldest child. My husband and I underwent several therapy sessions with a marriage counsellor without getting the result we wanted.

Jacqui solved our problem immediately! Within 10 minutes of applying her technique I could already feel my libido switching back on! And now I can orgasm more easily too! After years of not feeling turned on or welcoming my husband’s advances we both feel increased desire for each other.


With Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms! by Jacqui Olliver

Now is the time to end your confusion, understand the real problem and discover the simple method that works.

Forget all the diet and exercise hype and hormone therapy which doesn’t make any difference. The months of sex therapy, marriage counselling and other therapies which make you wonder if your problem is ever going to be solved. You’re wasting your time.

There are three problems with most intimacy, orgasm and sexual function programs out there:
1. They don’t tell you how YOU are causing these sexual “malfunctions” to occur
2. They don’t provide you with the fundamental requirements of sex
3. They don’t show you how to neutralize anxiety so it doesn’t have a snowball effect on your ability to relax and enjoy sex.
Forget the usual sex advice. Enhance your ability to enjoy sex without hormones. Adjust your procedure during Foreplay, Penetration, and Intercourse so you can relax, enjoy sex and orgasm when you want to. That’s what Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms is all about.

Eliminate distractions and feel happy and connected during sex!

I know how frustrating it is when no matter how hard you try, or what you do, it seems impossible to stop feeling distracted during sex and constantly wondering when (or if) you are ever going to have an orgasm and feel like a normal person.

Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms is specifically designed to eliminate sexual anxiety and restore confidence in your ability to enjoy being intimate with yourself as well as a partner. 

Accessible online, this breakthrough program is 100% PRIVATE and Confidential. Your success is guaranteed.

enjoyable sex and orgasms program

Sex Mastery Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms is the only program which specifically targets the "root" cause of the problem.

this is the only program which specifically targets the root cause of the problem

Here are some common myths that may have been holding you back:

1. Myth: “My Religious Upbringing is Preventing Me from Letting Go and Orgasming”
Fact: While a religious upbringing can contaminate your thoughts about sex, it doesn’t actually prevent you from reaching an orgasm. Being able to orgasm isn’t about “being able to relax and let go” it’s about aligning your focus and your actions in a specific way so your brain isn’t confused as to what you want.

2. Myth: “I Can Apply This Topical Hormone and My Problem Will Go Away”
Fact: Low sex hormones usually aren’t the cause of your problem. When you’re not “turned on” to sex, your brain doesn’t produce the additional hormones required for sex. This makes you feel like you have a low libido (or no libido.) However, when you start giving your brain relevant “messages” to initiate sexual activity, your brain will respond by releasing the relevant sex hormones! This is what makes you feel turned on. Applying topical hormones without fixing the “messaging problem” just results in frustration for all concerned.

3. Myth: “Sex Therapy and Counselling Will Help Solve My Sex Problems”
Fact: Therapists are very good at validating your feelings, providing helpful insights and offering counseling, medications or techniques which treat the symptoms. They may explain elements of arousal to you, and recommend sex toys and masturbation to see what you like and don’t like. Unfortunately, what you like and don’t like have very little to do with what makes you actually have an orgasm.

Therapies only treat the symptoms. This means that you’re left wondering if your actual problem is ever going to be solved. They do not address the “root cause” of your sex problems which is focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time and confusing your brain.

 This is what I correct.


Feel more connected, easily reach an orgasm and enjoy problem-free sex with Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms

Wouldn't you love for it to be easy to get turned on… stay turned on… feel connected with a partner and enjoy orgasms without it feeling like it’s doomed to failure?

I'm sure you want to accomplish this WITHOUT hormone therapy, expensive enhancement supplements or radically changing your lifestyle.

Not knowing what to focus your attention on, or what to switch your focus to results in feelings of disconnect as you struggle to stay focused and turned on sexually. As you desperately try to get your body to work properly one problem can easily morph into two which can decrease your confidence and overall desire for sex.

All of these issues can be easily resolved and your self-esteem restored with my breakthrough Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms prerecorded program for women. It's time to eliminate feeling distracted, experiencing constant disappointment and the worry that you will never feel completely fulfilled as a woman! 

I have been married for over 40 years. I enjoyed the intimacy and closeness of sex but had never been able to achieve an orgasm. Over the years, we went to many doctors and specialists and tried many treatments. Nothing worked until we found Jacqui. Now I “hit gold” nearly every time we have intercourse! Sex has now become more enjoyable for both of us.

*Jean- Experienced her first orgasm at 76 years old!

I’m Jacqui Olliver, creator of Sex Mastery programs for men and women. I specialize in solving sex problems and connection issues.

Jacqui Olliver Sex Therapy

I've been there! I know exactly how it feels to suffer from the trauma related to sexual dysfunction. Not only was I molested for a year as a teen which affected me as an adult to the point where I was never able to reach an orgasm, my eventual lack of interest in sex resulted in my partner developing an erectile dysfunction problem which he had for 12 years.

When he unexpectedly died on the eve of our 15th anniversary, it dawned on me that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life feeling incomplete and as though I was failing as a human being! I felt compelled to figure out the answers required to solve male and female sex problems so people wouldn't have to suffer as I had.

My mission in life became to restore emotional as well as sexual fulfillment for men, women and couples. Through my life experience and while practicing in the health and wellness industry for 20 years, I developed a unique methodology which provided instant success for myself and clients! I have since added to and refined my skill to a level where any problem concerning sex does not faze me in the least.

I am now a published author and recognized authority on solving sex problems and intimacy issues. I’ve helped thousands of women, men and couples solve their sexual dysfunctions and restore a happier sex life. 

The Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms program is the result of 15 years of analysis and development, backed by how your brain works. This method is unique to me and isn’t available elsewhere. 

A leading diabetes specialist says my knowledge is priceless. He quoted that after buying my male program and solving his own sexual dysfunction issues. He said he now recommends my programs to all his patients.

Get my breakthrough insights in Sex Mastery Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms

In my unique Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms program, I'll show you how to feel sexy, easily switch on your libido, rid yourself of inner vaginal dryness (and also make penetration easy), and be able to orgasm when you want to, so you can relax and feel connected during sex... just by making some simple changes to the way you approach  sex and intimacy.

This is a 100% PRIVATE, digital program available for instant download. You can view it on your computer, tablet or phone. 

enjoyable sex and orgasms program

Imagine being able to get turned on, stay turned on and orgasm whenever you want to?

How much that would impact your self-esteem, your relationship and how you feel about embracing life! And how much more contented and fulfilled you would feel in general...

Like Jean, a 76 year old woman who had never experienced an orgasm, to being able to "hit gold" nearly every time she has intercourse with her husband of over 40 years. Or Nikki, who restored her lost libido and desire for sex after the birth of her eldest child.

These things are possible, but aren't easy without the right knowledge and technique.

Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms Reviews

(Surnames withheld for privacy reasons)

"After 4 years of untreated vaginismus I felt broken because I had no sex drive and struggled to get turned on. Penetration always teared me a little too. I always felt anxious and nervous during sex and my sex drive was non existent. My doctor told me she could not help and Jacqui was my last hope.

I've been following Jacqui's suggestions for two weeks and the vaginismus is 80% cured! Now I am able to orgasm through penetration too! It’s so wonderful to feel sexy and confident initiating and taking control.

In the past my mind would wander and then I’d get frustrated with myself and angry that I struggled to have normal enjoyable sex. I could go months without sex and the only reason that it bothered me was because I knew it bothered my partner. Now we are both happy with sex and feeling so much more connected."


Vaginismus 80% cured after two weeks

"I always wondered why I could orgasm by myself, but not with a partner during sex. Jacqui explains how our body works in the most simplest of terms and how to stop orgasms from just being a random event."


Now able to orgasm with a partner

"I've been practicing your technique for a squirting orgasm and it works every time! It amazes me how simple and effective your methods are. This is the kind of sex education everyone wishes they had."


Relationship Coach

25 truths revealed for achieving Enjoyable Sex AND Orgasms PLUS the step-by-step guide to get there!

1. Why actions alone, aren’t enough to make you have an orgasm
2. Why hypnotherapy and trying to “think positive” don’t work
3. How to directly influence progesterone and other sex hormones without changing your lifestyle or the foods you eat
4. The #1 thing you must do to avoid alienating your partner during sex
5. The real reason why it appears you’re unable to maintain your libido (hint: this usually has nothing to do with health, stress or the state of your relationship!)
6. The fundamental requirements of sex and how to neutralize anxiety so it doesn’t have a snowball effect on your ability to enjoy sex
7. The essential thought and action sequence your brain needs for you to orgasm and to switch your libido on with ease
8. How to stop negative thoughts from spiraling out of control and putting you off sex
9. All the ways to mentally prepare yourself during sex so you don’t become distracted and lose your ability to orgasm
10. The simple technique which will do more to make you feel at ease than 3 years of therapy
11. How to get turned on and stay turned on throughout foreplay, penetration and intercourse
12. How to self-lubricate your inner vagina so penetration is painless regardless of your age
13. Why enhancement supplements fail (and how to control your arousal levels yourself!)

14. What to do first if you notice yourself starting to become distracted during foreplay, penetration or intercourse 
15. The 3 essential steps required for “checking in” on your vagina (if you do this in the wrong order it can cause you to become distracted and totally switch off your libido)
16. How to immediately switch on your arousal any time you feel like you’re starting to lose it
17. A common mistake you must avoid at penetration time
18. The difference between pulsing orgasms and squirting orgasms and why squirting orgasms (g-spot orgasms) are easier to trigger
19. How to focus your attention specifically when you feel like you’re nearing an orgasm
20. What NOT to do when you feel like you’re nearing orgasm (hint: it’s likely that you do this now, and this is what needs to change for you to be able to reach orgasms!)
21. The most important strategy required for becoming a dynamic lover
22. How to orgasm “on command” every time you have sex!
23. The #1 combination that will always make you orgasm (and you can do this repeatedly during sex to achieve multiple orgasms!)
24. The secret way to climax together - you can make this happen over and over again
25. The secret switching technique which enables you to get turned on, stay turned on and enjoy orgasms (without stimulating yourself) during foreplay and intercourse. Hint: this breakthrough technique isn't taught elsewhere, and can set you up sexually for life!

enjoyable sex and orgasms program

100% Privacy Guaranteed

Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms is a digital program which you can access immediately after purchase. NOTHING WILL BE SENT TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS! There’s no fluff, fillers or BS in this program - just the most valuable explanations to get you the best results.

The whole program is explained in layman’s terms so you can understand the easy principles required to get turned on, stay turned on and experience enjoyable sex and orgasms. The content is available as video, audio, and text transcripts with PDF bonuses to ensure your easy success with my method.

You can either view the entire program online or download to your phone, tablet or computer. 

And it will only take about 2-3 hours to go through the program from start to finish.

Program modules:

Part 1 Explains Where You've Been Going Wrong
We'll start with with my 7-Day Reawakening to Pleasure Protocol to help you feel more connected with your body, and rewire your brain for success! It’s also important to know what you may have been doing wrong, so in Part 1 we’re going to discuss Psychosexual Alignment.

By understanding male and female sexual programs and the sexual problems we both encounter, as well as the general rules for your sexual programs, you'll gain clarity and be on the path to restoring a happy and connected sex life. 

Part 1 will remove the confusion which surrounds sex and give you hope that a happy and satisfying sex life can be restored when you apply the correct knowledge and techniques.

Part 2: Advanced Strategies to Enhance Intimacy Step-by-Step
While Part 1 explains in detail how you cause yourself to lose arousal, the insightful answers in Part 2 provide the necessary insights required so you can feel more connected, stay turned on throughout intimacy, and experience enjoyable sex and orgasms.

This is the in-depth explanation which your brain needs to eliminate any remaining confusion! Knowing how the male and female components come together, you can work by yourself or with a partner to restore emotional as well as sexual fulfilment in a timely manner!

First, I’ll explain our requirements for sex and how to deal with anxiety to help you stop feeling disconnected. Then how to get turned on, stay turned on and truly feel sexy. I include the best tips for easy, pain-free penetration which is paramount, especially as you age and go through menopause. 

We'll uncover advanced sex knowledge including the best kinds of orgasm, tips for increasing your orgasm power, and the best sex positions for comfort and connection, so you can understand step-by-step how to realize enjoyable sex and orgasms.

This includes how to fulfill your partner during foreplay as well as intercourse and how to time your final orgasm with your partner's - every time you have sex!

This is the essential sex education you have been waiting for to restore emotional as well as sexual intimacy.

Advance your ability to connect with these bonuses:

BONUS #1 PDF Report: Quick Reference Guide
Use this as a quick reference guide to determine the “root” cause of your problem. This includes a low libido (or no libido) inner vaginal dryness, and being unable to reach orgasm. Armed with this guide and the knowledge contained within the main modules, you can then make the necessary corrections to restore a happy and satisfying sex life.

BONUS #2 PDF Report: The Best Sex Positions for Comfort and Connection
These best sex positions provide closeness, intimacy, the right kind of stimulation and the ultimate feeling of connection. I also explain how to coordinate thrusting movements with your partner so you can feel completely in sync with each other.

BONUS #3 PDF Easily Achieve Orgasms FLOW Infographic
Discover at a glance how to immediately enhance and increase your arousal to reach an orgasm.

BONUS #4 PDF Report: Orgasmic Masturbation Techniques
Exactly what you need to know to reach enjoyable orgasms when you masturbate.

BONUS #5 PDF Report: How to Become a Dynamic Lover
The secret action which will totally blow your partner away. Most women don’t do this and it’s the #1 thing that let’s your partner know for sure that you are fully engaged and enjoying sex.

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professional praise for jacqui olliver’s programs:

Professional praise for Jacqui Olliver’s Sex Mastery programs

"I know in medicine there is no treatment more effective than your program. Your discovery and solution to sex problem is 2000 times better than all other pills and suggestions combined."


Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist

solved sex problems

Seal the deal with Jacqui's expert advice via email

Want a fresh perspective to restore enjoyable sex and intimacy? I will tackle your toughest questions via direct email support and provide guidance to help you move forward with ease. 

answers to your questions

Let's get clear on what's included in your sex mastery program

These numbers are an honest estimate as you cannot purchase components of Sex Mastery Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms separately.

The core Sex Mastery Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms training  ($2,000 Value)
These Modules have taken over 15 years in research and development to distill, refine and package for you in an easy-to-follow format which gets results. This includes videos, transcripts, MP3s and action guides. 

Bonus, done-for-you checklists, reports and easy how-to guides  ($299 Value)
If you've ever tried to figure things out yourself or spent hours looking for the right resources to restore a happy and satisfying sex life, then you know how valuable this is. 

Expert advice via direct email support with Jacqui  ($2,000+ Value)
Ask me questions, get feedback and I'll do my best to help you move forward with ease. I'll even continue to answer your questions related to sexual function outside of the money-back guarantee period! (Some clients pay $2,000 for one month of unlimited coaching and support!)


Total Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms value over $4,000
Total Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms program limited time offer $597

Try for 6 months without any risk

sex mastery enjoyable sex and orgasms guarantee

Unlimited support via email is provided as well as a full 6-month money back guarantee.

All I ask is that you go through the program in the order given. It’s important not to shortcut the program or stop halfway. My 6 month guarantee provides a realistic time frame to reduce the amount of pressure you put on yourself to align this new knowledge and achieve results. 

Please go through the program from start to finish and implement your complete instructions for six months. 

If you've followed the program as per my instructions, reached out for support and haven’t realized improvement within this 6 month time frame, you may request a refund. To qualify for the refund, simply send me your completed program worksheets within the seventh month (so I know you've followed my instructions and put in some effort.) 

If you prefer my 1/1 help to solve your problem instead of a refund just ask, as I am confident that I have the answers you need to restore a happy and satisfying sex life.

"I am amazed that after 30 odd years of not feeling sexually attracted to my husband, it was like a switch turned on for me and I now desire sex as much as he does! (I’m 57 and he’s 60). This saved our marriage! I want to shout it out to the world - if you’re having problems with your sex life, go and see Jacqui!"


After 30 years, attraction to her husband restored

 One-time payment of only $597. Buy now (Save 75%)

Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms

Answers to commonly asked questions:

+ What format is the program?

+ How is the program delivered to me? (Is anything sent to my home address?!)

+ Do I need to take any supplements or medicines?

+ Is this program just a bunch of exercises?

+ Does this program work for single women?

+ Are the techniques in Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms hard to follow?

+ Is it going to make sex seem too regimented?

+ How soon can I expect to see results?

+ Is this program just for heterosexual women?

improve sexual function

Consider these 5 facts once more:

1. Hormone, therapy and lifestyle changes work as a band-aid. They don’t deal with the root cause of the problem so will never solve the problem. Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms deals with the root cause so you can take charge of your body sexually.

2. Your partner will love the satisfaction gained from this technique, which enhances your emotional and sexual connection as as well as your ability to bring about orgasms.

3. It’s straightforward to follow. Many women say it’s the most simple and informative way to turn on their libido and start feeling truly connected to enjoy sex.

4. It’s the only orgasm program designed to eliminate confusion and align your brain with your body.

5. If it doesn’t work for you, it’s free - just complete the course from start to finish and practice.

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if just one idea in Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms...
Helps remove your worry and anxiety and enables you to approach sex with confidence and ease?

What if just one technique in Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms...
Helps you truly connect with your partner on an intimate level, knowing your technique is  satisfying your partner as well you?

What if just one strategy in Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms...
Helps you finally breakthrough and enjoy full control over your intimate moments?

What impact will that have on your self-esteem, your relationship, your self-confidence... and your life?

Women can transition from not being able to reach orgasm to a low libido to vaginal dryness. Or any variation of the above! The answers to all of these problems are presented in this program for that reason. One payment will get the solution to all 3 problems and all the variations of them so you don’t have any confusion later!

With a clear direction and step-by-step path to get there, you will be able to restore a positive mindset as well as enjoyable sex and orgasms.

Over $4,000 in value, for a strictly limited time You can get LIFETIME access to Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms 

For the one-time payment of $597. Buy now (Save 75%)

Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms

Discreet billing, results guaranteed.

Your statements won’t reveal the nature of your purchase. After making payment, you will receive 3 emails from me. The "End the Problem Membership Access" email contains your username and password to access the program you purchased. 

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While Jean’s accomplishment – regular orgasms after 76 years without a single one – looks remarkable at first glance (and is an accomplishment to be proud of) it’s not rocket science.