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Let's talk about restoring fulfilling sex and a partner's desire, shall we?

  • Stop disconnecting from your partner and causing a low libido or avoidance of sex.
  • Discover a simple way to restore control over your penis without changing your diet, doing Kegel's or discussing these issues face to face with a therapist.
  • Most importantly, this method doesn't take away from the spontaneity of sex! - RESTORE YOUR SEX LIFE TODAY...
hard and in control jacqui olliver program

Breakthrough Insights in Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control

In my revolutionary Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control program, I'll show you how to rid yourself of sexual malfunctions just by making some simple changes to the way you approach foreplay, penetration and intercourse.

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Hi, I’m Jacqui Olliver and I specialize in solving sex problems.

My Sex Mastery programs for men and women will help you connect with confidence!

I know how it feels to suffer from the trauma related to sexual dysfunction. As a teen, I was sexually molested which affected me as an adult to the point where I was never able to reach an orgasm. My eventual lack of interest in sex resulted in a long-term partner developing an erectile dysfunction problem which he had for 12 years.

He unexpectedly died on the eve of our 15th anniversary. It then dawned on me that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life feeling incomplete!

I felt compelled to figure out the answers required to solve male and female sex problems so people wouldn't have to suffer as I had.

Through my life experience and while practicing in the health and wellness industry for 20 years, I developed a unique methodology backed by how our brain works. 

This provided instant success for myself and clients! I have since added to and refined my skill to a level where any problem concerning sex does not faze me in the least.

I am now a published author and recognized authority on solving sex problems and intimacy issues. I’ve helped thousands of men, women and couples solve their sexual dysfunctions and restore a happier sex life with my Psychosexual Alignment method and I am confident I can help you too. Align your body's mental, emotional and physical processes so you can connect with confidence!

It's Time to Restore Your Sex Life! 

Eliminate sexual performance anxiety by specifically targeting the "root" cause of the problem!

Many men have problems staying focused during sex... does any of the below sound like you?

  • I can't get an erection or if I get an erection, it doesn't stay hard.
  • I ejaculate early, sex is over for both of us soon after it has begun.
  • My sex problems are killing my confidence and self-esteem.
  • I can't last long enough and it's stopping me from feeling like a real man.
  • These problems are affecting my relationship, we can't go on like this.
  • I'm constantly feeling anxious about sex.

Please know that you are not alone. Many men strive to fulfill themselves and their partner sexually but just don't know how to stay in control of themselves in the process.It doesn't have to be this way.

sex mastery men jacqui olliver
sex mastery hard and in control program

"I spent this last weekend with my girlfriend and everything went great. I was able to get hard and last for 15-20 minutes on 5 different occasions! I still think I have work to do but it helped my confidence greatly to know that these techniques are working. Thank you again for your help."


Solved 10 years of erectile dysfunction

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Stop experiencing loss of erection and ejaculation problems.

Yes, enjoyable sex is POSSIBLE... it's just about overcoming the blockages preventing you from experiencing connection with another. Irrespective of how intensely you try, these problems usually happen because you're not targeting the cause! 

Enjoyable sex is about giving your brain relevant "signals" during sexual activity so your brain can naturally respond and be in a "hard and in control" mode of operation. To swiftly restore a happy and satisfying sex life, you simply need to make a few adjustments to how you are focusing your attention during foreplay, penetration and intercourse.

But hold up! Before we dive in, let's debunk some common myths that might have been holding you back from experiencing satisfying sex:

MYTH #1 "I can take this drug and my problem will go away"
Fact: My client feedback indicates that drugs and medications for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation generally don’t work long term. 

Or they suddenly stop working. Or are painful, artificial, or the side effects are horrendous and last for days. As soon as you stop using the medications the problem returns in full – sometimes worse than before because one problem can manifest into two!

As well as these issues, the non-generic “safe” brands can cost $15 each time you have sex which eventually mounts up!

MYTH #2 “Sex therapy and counseling will help me solve PE and ED”
Fact: Therapists treat the symptoms by offering counseling, medications, or different techniques than mine. This means that you can still be left with the actual problem!

While they are great at validating your feelings and providing helpful insights and techniques, they usually do not address the “root cause” of sex problems which is caused by using the wrong technique at the wrong time. This is what I correct.

MYTH #3 “Diet and exercise will help me last longer”
Fact: The truth is that MANY men eat well, exercise regularly (including Kegel exercises) and are in overall good shape. They think their sex life should be going well but it isn’t.

Generally, diet and exercise do not hinder a man's ability to complete good sex, it's focusing technique which I will teach you.

Classroom Sex Education does not prepare you for sex in the real world!

To last longer and enjoy being hard and in control (enjoy problem-free sex!) you need to correctly balance your sexual focus between yourself, your partner, and the actions of sex.

Without this knowledge it is challenging because you don't know what to focus on, or what to switch your focus between! So what happens is when you feel yourself starting to lose your erection or lose control over ejaculation, you default to panic which confuses your brain.

Not only does this result in sexual failure in the moment, but the ongoing confusion is what is preventing you from achieving full control over your arousal levels.

Stop one problem from morphing into two! Start NOW - for a limited time Save 50%

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As I am sure you would agree, your ideal sexual practice would be to get an erection, keep the erection and be totally in control of when you ejaculate. This includes during foreplay, penetration AND intercourse. I'm also sure you want to achieve this WITHOUT DRUGS or radically changing your lifestyle! 

It's time for you to eliminate unexpected ejaculation or suddenly losing your erection and the never-ending self-recriminations that you’re not a real man! 

You are a real man, and I am confident this program will quickly restore your sexual confidence as it has done for so many others.

I wanted you to know that I bought your men’s course a few days ago and it has already improved things for my wife and me. I had a lot of PE issues and didn’t know what it was. Understanding the root cause has helped and learning the techniques to change! Awesome! Had great sex and lasted much longer. Still learning to be better but so far amazing results.


Solved premature ejaculation within days

Hey, I would like to say that your strategies are hands down the best so far from the other techniques out there. I'm very thankful to you.



No matter how hard you try or what you do it seems impossible to stop thinking about losing your hard or ejaculating early (or not being able to ejaculate.)

Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control was specifically designed to eliminate sexual anxiety and restore your ability to take charge of your body. It totally crushes the 3 biggest sexual dysfunction myths

I believe in getting results - because your success matters!

Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control is designed to eliminate male sex problems.

The Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control program is the result of 15 years of analysis and development. This method is unique to me and isn’t available elsewhere. It contains my best insights on optimal sexual functioning distilled into easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

* 100% PRIVATE It Works OR Your Money Back! Immediate Access Buy Now And Save 50%! *

A leading diabetes specialist says my knowledge is priceless. He quoted that after buying this program and solving his own sexual dysfunction issues. He now recommends my program to all his patients:

Dr Vijay Raghavan

"You are really amazing. Your views about sexual function, human psychology and emotions will one day, change whole of medicine. You have made a programme which is priceless and money can't buy this. Your service to humanity is incredible.

You are inventor of a technology which can change life. Your research is priceless. You are a great scientist and an incredible human being. I always recommend your website to my patients."

Award-winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist

Imagine being able to consistently satisfy your partner sexually?

hard and in control jacqui olliver program

Get my breakthrough insights in Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control

Imagine having the confidence to last as long as you want to. How much that would impact your self-esteem, your relationship - and your life! How much more productive and fulfilled you would feel as a man?

Like Nick, who used to ejaculate within seconds of penetration... to lasting around 40 minutes at a really good pace. Or David, who catapulted from having problems getting hard, to ejaculating early... to staying hard and in control as long as his girlfriend wanted him to, all within three weeks.

"I used to ejaculate within seconds of penetration. My partner and I had tried everything - from a Urologist to a tantric master, the stop technique, the squeeze technique, therapy with a sex therapist and treatment from another world renowned sex therapist. Every treatment I followed was really expensive and did not lead me anywhere...

Then we found Jacqui's website. From our very first communication, Jacqui was confident she could solve my problem - and she did! We don't have much time for sex but two weeks ago we had a beautiful encounter that lasted around 40 minutes and in a really good pace. I was so happy and so was my girlfriend. I'm still making lots of progress thanks to Jacqui."



100% PRIVATE and confidential... and your success guaranteed.

* 100% PRIVATE It Works OR Your Money Back! Immediate Access Buy Now And Save 50%! *

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"It had become increasingly difficult to get an erection. Combined with premature ejaculation it was very frustrating... I had tried (popular erection drug) but it stopped working and I am on medications for other health issues. I found Jacqui's website while searching for answers online and what she says on her site makes a great deal of sense so I booked a session.

My girlfriend and I live in different States so we don't see each other that often. The second weekend we got together after my session things were much improved - dramatically. I was able to easily attain erections. The PE issue was basically non-existent! I stayed in control, could last as long as I wanted to! Wow - what a difference. Needed to build my sexual confidence back up and this was amazing..."



It’s possible! But it isn’t easy without the right knowledge and procedure.  Click here for instant access to restore your sexual confidence!

More Testimonials for Sex Mastery Hard and in Control program:

"I heard Jacqui on a podcast and what she said really resonated with me so I bought her program. I had suffered from ED for a really long time and I sure as heck didn't expect to see results so soon! You just don't hear about insights like this, but it totally makes sense! Highly recommend Jacqui's programs if you want a lifechanging experience they are worth every penny."


United States

"I've been using the techniques that I learned with your program and the results have been remarkable. Me and my wife are once again having great sex and a lot of it. I have my confidence back and want to thank you for everything."



"Well, I have to say your program and technique written in Sex Mastery was the best one by far what I read. It is easy to follow and logically explained. My problem started with the PE. Now once I manage to lead her to orgasm, after 15 minutes or maybe more, I let myself go."



Hard AND in Control is a digital program immediately accessible after purchase. NOTHING WILL BE SENT TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS! There’s no fluff, fillers or BS in this program. Just the most valuable explanations to swiftly restore a "hard and in control" mode of operation for you.

The whole program is explained in layman’s terms so you can understand the easy principles required to keep your erection hard and control the timing of when you ejaculate.

The content is available as video, audio, plus slide and text transcripts with PDF bonuses to ensure your easy success with my method:





You can either view the entire program online or download to your phone, tablet or computer. It will only take about 2-3 hours to go through this transformational program from start to finish.

I have total confidence in my unique insights in Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control:

This Program will set you and a partner up sexually. This program also includes Bonus resources for approaching women sexually, as well as your best masturbation techniques!

Rewire your brain

Part 1 Lesson 1: Rewire Your Brain for Success

The thoughts you consistently have about sex directly influence your sexual ability as well as the results you’re trying to achieve!  In this lesson, we’re going to refocus your attention so you can nurture a positive mindset, and achieve your ideal outcomes!

Part 1 Lesson 2: Psychosexual Alignment

In this lesson, I’ll explain Psychosexual Alignment, how our programs develop, the male and female programs related to sex and the sexual problems we both encounter.  We’ll also start solving anxiety.

Part 1 Lesson 3: The Sexual Arousal Scale

In this lesson, I’ll explain the sexual arousal scale from the male and female perspectives, and how to control your movement along the arousal scale by balancing the sexual trifecta. We’ll also address penis sensitivity and how to check your penis to stay in control of it.

advanced sex education knowledge
Moving toward sex mastery
General rules for sex programs

Part 1 Lesson 4: The General Rules for Your Sexual Programs

In this lesson, I explain the general rules which apply to balancing your sexual focus and checking your penis; during foreplay, penetration, intercourse, and ejaculation.

Part 1 Lesson 5: Moving Toward Sex Mastery

Now it’s time to move toward sex mastery!

"I was impressed with everything about your program from start to finish. How you laid out the reasons for losing hardness all the way through practical techniques for being able to stay hard during sex.

The videos/slides are easy to understand and as I neared the end of part two, I was already feeling more confident on why I was losing hardness and how I can correct it. The worksheets were also very helpful."



"Sex used to be daunting for me and I avoided it largely during my last relationship which ended because of the problem. It's life changing to be confident and relaxed during sex with my new partner."



100% risk free - click buy now for instant access!

* 100% PRIVATE It Works OR Your Money Back! Immediate Access Buy Now And Save 50%! *

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And we'll delve into advanced strategies to end the problems!

Understanding our requirements for sex
Dealing with anxiety
Timing your penetration

Part 2 Lesson 1: Understanding Our Requirements for Sex

To create true equality in our intimate relationships, we need to understand both partner’s requirements for sex. In this lesson, we’re going to bust through the most common myth that is contaminating women’s perception of men. Understand tastes, fantasies and desires; as well as threat-based vs reward-based programming.

Part 2 Lesson 2: Dealing with Anxiety

It's time to stop anxiety from snowballing out of control and taking you off your game with the power of ERT - the Emotional Reset Technique.

Part 2 Lesson 3: Dealing with Common Libido Killers

To increase your overall desire for sex it’s also important to remove the obstacles that have been stopping you from feeling attracted and attractive. So in this lesson, we’ll deal with common libido killers, how to feel confident and sexy and how to enhance each other’s libido!

Part 2 Lesson 4: Timing Your Penetration

Discover how to time your penetration so it's easy for both partners. This is an essential step for reducing anxiety and restoring desire!

Restore a happy and mutually satisfying sex life today!

* 100% PRIVATE It Works OR Your Money Back! Immediate Access Buy Now And Save 50%! *

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"To me, sex means to share intimacy, pleasure and connecting with my wife. Providing good sex makes me feel like a man who's more respected, loveable and willing.

Now I am confident in the act knowing I have the control to fulfill both our sexual needs!"



"The PDF’s are super helpful! This is definitely a good program because it teaches how the mind works. Something I’m sure most of us know, but don’t understand how it affects our sex life. It all makes sense now!

We’ve only had sex once since the course I took on Friday. But it was a good success for both of us. First, I was able to get very hard, so yay. During, I had started to go a bit soft a couple times (when I wasn’t penetrating) and started to go into my mind of worry, then I adjusted what I was doing and the hardness came right back. So success there!"



get hard and stay hard
Stay in control of ejaculation
sex mastery program hard and in control

Part 2 Lesson 5: How to Get Hard and Stay Hard

In this lesson, we’re going to address erection hardness so you can easily get an erection, then stay hard during foreplay, penetration, and intercourse, and ejaculate when you and your partner reach an agreement...

If getting and staying hard are not an issue for you and you are more concerned with staying in control of ejaculation, just skip ahead to the following lesson: How to Stay in Control of Ejaculation - so you don’t confuse your brain!

Part 2 Lesson 6: How to Stay in Control of Ejaculation

In this lesson, we’re going to address ejaculation control so you can feel like you’re in control from the start, even if your partner is totally sexy or you haven’t had sex for a while.How to easily stay in control of your penis throughout foreplay, penetration, and intercourse; including applying a condom and changing sexual positions.

What to do when your partner makes happy noises, and exactly what to do to restore full control if you ever feel like you’re starting to lose it. Then how to coordinate your ejaculation so you feel like a King in bed!If you don't have any concerns about early ejaculation, just keep this lesson as a reference.

how to control ejaculation
your happy sex life
restoring sex mastery

Part 2 Lesson 7: Understanding Sexual Positioning

In this lesson, we’ll discuss sexual positioning. How your sexual position can affect your arousal levels, the best sex positions for control and connection, as well as your ideal rhythm and timing so you can feel completely in sync with your partner.

Part 2 Lesson 8: Restoring Sex Mastery

In this lesson, we’ll put it all together so you can restore sex mastery!

"I spent a lot of time “resetting” my brain after a long time of watching porn and it didn’t do a thing. This program was different, it definitely exceeded my expectation."



"I used to ejaculate at the beginning of penetration and couldn't maintain an erection after that. I could quickly get an erection a little later but by that time my wife was usually frustrated and not in the mood anymore. This program has been a life saver!!"



Save your sex life, buy now and restore fulfilling intimacy

* 100% PRIVATE It Works OR Your Money Back! Immediate Access Buy Now And Save 50%! *

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"I have been able to fix my problem. I'm able to last longer I have my wife begging and I give her orgasms like no other now and I have also gained in length and thickness."



Advance your knowledge and skills with these bonuses:

best masturbation practices
hard and in control

BONUS #1: Male Control Checklist 

Use this helpful guide to determine the “root” cause of your problem. This includes the timing of soft erections and early ejaculation: before foreplay, during foreplay, putting a condom on, at penetration time, changing positions, during intercourse. Catapulting from losing your hard to ejaculating at penetration time or during intercourse. Catapulting from feeling overstimulated to losing your erection at penetration time or during intercourse. Not being able to ejaculate. This quick reference guide explains them all.

BONUS #2: Best Masturbation Practices for Hard AND in Control

Exactly what you need to know to enjoy being hard and in control when you masturbate. This bonus resource will ensure you continue to improve your timing, especially after you have been through Part 2 of the program.

BONUS #3: 25 Truths Revealed for Hard AND in Control

Fascinating insights to help restore your sexual confidence: Common mistakes to avoid at penetration time... Why erection and ejaculation drugs fail... Real reasons why you are losing control over your arousal (hint: this usually has nothing to do with health, stress or your relationship!) How to directly influence testosterone and other sex hormones without changing your lifestyle or the foods you eat. The simple technique which will do more to make you feel at ease than 3 years of therapy. And so much more. Knowledge is power!

best sexual positions for PE and ED
when penis size is an issue

BONUS #4: The Best Exercise for SexThe only physical exercise of the program, this is the very best exercise to improve the overall strength of your penis. It increases health and blood flow and can increase your penis size as well. This resource is especially helpful if you have been experiencing erectile dysfunction, are over 40, or have lost penis size over the years.

BONUS #5: The Best Sex Positions for Control and Connection Includes full step-by-step instructions with images. Rather than aiming for many positions which can result in sexual failure, it is far better to initially focus on these mutually enjoyable sex positions that provide the greatest degree of control and connection.  I also explain how to coordinate thrusting movements with your partner so you can feel completely in sync, as well as how to get your rhythm and speed just right!

BONUS #6 Hard AND in Control Flow 2.0
Step-by-Step Infographic. Discover at a glance how to immediately increase your hard erection or increase your control over ejaculation.

BONUS #7: Penis Size: When Too Big is Causing Issues

A common misconception among men is that a large penis is preferred by a partner. This usually isn't true. The reality is that a large penis presents its own set of problems, especially at penetration time. This report explains step-by-step, how to guide a woman to be more accepting of having a larger size so you don't scare her off wanting sex. It also explains exactly what to do to make penetration easier for both of you. If your woman complains of inner vaginal dryness or pain, the insightful answers shared in this report can also restore her overall desire for sex!

SKYROCKET your Self Confidence with these additional bonuses:

prepare woman for sex
orgasm ejaculation
solve your sex problems now

SPECIAL BONUS #1: How to Prepare a Woman for Sex (Even When She's Not in the Mood!)

Women aren’t wired sexually like you, so you’ve got to turn her sexual switches on in the right order. It’s not rocket science, but you do need to pay attention. I’ll explain how to do this so you can switch her back on in a few short minutes, even if you haven't had sex for months!

SPECIAL BONUS #2: How to Make Her Squirt! (Be in Charge of Her Ejaculation)

To regain her confidence, excitement and trust, you need to approach foreplay in a calm and confident manner... In this special report, I’m going to teach you EXACTLY how to find her g-spot and clitoris in the dark. A woman's good feeling bits can easily be identified by touch.You’ll discover exactly how to identify her clitoris and g-spot (and how to stimulate them the right way!) so you never have to poke around, hoping you are pleasing her. Female ejaculation IS NOT A MYTH - and it's easy to achieve when this exact procedure is followed.

Want sex to be incredibly satisfying? Click buy now for instant access.

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Seal the deal with Jacqui's expert advice via email

Want a fresh perspective on your sexual technique? I will tackle your toughest questions via direct email support and provide guidance to help you move forward with ease.

Jacqui's interview really resonated with the audience on my online show The Unstoppable You (her interview had one of the highest views). Her system of connecting the mind and patterns of sex to reclaim your sexual function or enhance your sex is fascinating and insightful. She is both likable and knowledgeable: a perfect combination for any speaker.

AMY SCHADT, Producer | The Unstoppable YOU Live Stream

More testimonials for Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control

(Names changed or surnames withheld for privacy reasons)


Best Program for PE and ED Ever Encountered!

This is the best program for PE and ED I have ever encountered!


30 Minutes for First Ejaculation

I was having the problems of ED and PE. Your program helped me a lot. I was with my partner having sex yesterday and I have survived for 30 mins for my first ejaculation, she told me she climaxed 3 times within 30 mins of action. Now I enjoy having sex. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS 100x. You are the best.


I was Confident I Knew How to Get it Back

I want to thank you for your help and support in resolving the issue that I had with ED. Our sex life is now beautiful and fulfilling. There were still times, once in awhile, when I would start to lose my erection or feel like I was going to ejaculate too quickly. But I knew what to do because you taught me how it all works!! Many thanks again. Knowledge works wonders!


Wahay!! I’m Cured!!!

I’m cured Jacqui!! Any position for as long as I want!! So happy, honestly I thought I was broken. Thank you doesn’t cover it… You have no idea what this means to me.


I Was Able to Keep Control the Whole Time Until I Wanted to Ejaculate

I used your technique in the Hard AND in Control course and could actually feel myself going up and down the scale that you mentioned. It is a great feeling to know that you are in control. I have not been able to control ejaculation like that in around 5 years.

*David N

My Partner Cried After 30 Minutes Non-Stop Sex

You are extremely amazing, I was scared to have sex, but I can tell you now that my partner cried after us having 30 mins non stop sex without ejaculating. She asked me to give her a break because she was tired. Am so proud of myself that I am a man again. Am a beast when it comes to sex. Thank you, thank you for saving me.


Easily Attain Erections, PE Issue Basically Non-Existent!

My girlfriend and I spent the weekend together and things were much improved (dramatically). I was able to easily attain erections. The PE issue was basically non-existent! I stayed in control could last as long as I wanted to! Wow - what a difference. Needed to build my sexual confidence back up and this was amazing…

*David K

Your Method is Working!!!

My girlfriend and I have had sex a few times in the last few weeks and I am able to avoid early ejaculation. I still need to be patient just at first penetration but if I stay focused I can now last as long as I need to. After 25 years of premature orgasms I can truly say your method works!!! I wish I would have found you years ago! I never thought I would overcome this obstacle that kept me and my partner from having more intimate sex.

*(Name withheld)

My wife commented that that was the best money we've ever spent!

I stumbled across your website one lunchtime and was struck at how "familiar" the story sounded! I sent an extract of it to my wife for her thoughts, we purchased the product that night, and together listened to Part 1. Then, let's say, things went very well and we had a successful night!!! So it was a big day!

My wife commented that that was the best money we've ever spent! Sometimes you just need someone to join all the dots! We loved the things we learned (already just from Part 1!) and can't wait to get stuck into the rest. Good timing too as the weekend we're away for our 28 year anniversary! Thanks, heaps!


I was able to get hard and last for 15-20 minutes

I want to say thank you for your help. I’ve been studying the reports you recently sent me along with the hard and in control program. I spent this last weekend with my girlfriend and everything went great. I was able to get hard and last for 15-20 minutes on 5 different occasions. I still think I have work to do but it helped my confidence greatly to know that these techniques are working.

real world results from sex mastery: hard and in control
professional praise for sex mastery: hard and in control

Let's get clear on what's included in your sex mastery program:

These are an honest estimate as you cannot purchase components of Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control separately.

The core Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control training ($2,000 Value)These Modules have taken over 15 years and several thousand dollars in research and development to distill, refine and package for you in an easy-to-follow format that gets results. This includes videos, transcripts, MP3 audios and action guides. 

Bonus, done-for-you checklists, reports and easy how-to guides ($299 Value)If you've ever tried to figure things out yourself or spent hours looking for the right resources to get rid of your problem and restore a happy and satisfying sex life, then you know how valuable this is.

Expert advice via direct email support with Jacqui ($2,000+ Value)
Ask me questions, get feedback and I'll do my best to help you move forward with ease. I'll even continue to answer your questions regarding sexual function outside of the money-back guarantee period! (Some clients pay $2,000 for one month of unlimited coaching and support!)

Total Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control value over $4,000 - limited time offer $297

Try for 6 months without any risk!

My generous 6-month guarantee provides a realistic time frame, to reduce the amount of pressure you put on yourself to align this new knowledge and achieve results. 


It’s important not to shortcut the program or stop halfway, so please go through the program from start to finish and implement your complete instructions for six months. 

If you haven’t realized improvement within your 6 month time frame, simply send me your completed program worksheets within the seventh month (so I know you've put in some effort) to qualify for a refund.

I am confident I have the answers you need to restore a happy and satisfying sex life in a timely manner, so if you prefer additional help to solve your sexual challenges, just ask.

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Professional testimonials for Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control 

(Surnames withheld for privacy reasons)


I am amazed at how well this technique works!

“I’ve been to medical conferences all around the world, searching for an answer to my ED problem which started occurring after prostate surgery. No medical specialists are able to provide a permanent solution for erectile dysfunction – they have no idea how to solve it. Jacqui offered a completely different perspective – I am amazed at how well this technique works! Sometimes I lose focus and start losing the erection – but now I know how to immediately get it back!”

*Brian Medical Specialist, Erectile Dysfunction after Prostate Surgery

Every male should have this education!

I couldn’t believe it! After a lifetime of ejaculating within a minute (and for the past 5 years losing my erection hardness within one minute as well) I was able to stay HARD AND IN CONTROL for over 10 minutes – just 4 days after my session with Jacqui – and the next time I had sex! It’s blown my mind! Every male should have this education!

*Sam (surname withheld) Medical Specialist, Premature Ejaculation & ED

There is no treatment more effective than your program

I am 2000% happy with your program. I know in medicine there is no treatment more effective than your program. Your discovery and solution to sex problems is 2000 times better than all other pills and suggestions combined.

*Dr Vijay Raghaven Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist for Incurable Diseases
answers to your questions

One-time payment of $297

Buy now and for a limited time Save 50%

* 100% PRIVATE It Works OR Your Money Back! Immediate Access Buy Now And Save 50%! *

Answers to commonly asked questions

+ What formats are available?

+ How is the program delivered to me? (Is anything sent to my home address?!)

+ Do I need to take any supplements or medicines?

+ Is this program just a bunch of exercises?

+ Does this program work for single men?

+ Are the techniques easy to follow?

+ Is it going to make sex seem too regimented?

+ How soon can I expect to see results?

+ Is this program just for Heterosexual men?

100% risk free - click buy now for instant access!

* 100% PRIVATE It Works OR Your Money Back! Immediate Access Buy Now And Save 50%! *

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Be hard AND in control!

Consider these 5 facts once more:

consider these 5 facts once more:

1. Drugs, therapy and lifestyle changes work as a band-aid. They TEMPORARILY only deal with the effects of the problem so will never fully resolve the initial problem. Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control deals with the source of the problem so you can take charge of the sexual act.

2. Your partner will love the satisfaction gained from this technique which enhances your emotional and sexual connection as well as restoring control over your arousal levels.

3. It’s straightforward to follow. Many replies from men say it’s the most simple and informative way to regain control sexually and last longer in bed.

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