Text the Romance Back into Your Relationship!

Has the love and passion (which used to drive you crazy with desire) left your relationship? Struggling to get your partner interested in making wild and passionate love again? If you're sex life is lacking or you've been struggling to overcome sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, being unable to orgasm and sexual frustration, it’s not enough to simply solve that sexual problem. You need to text the romance back into your relationship.

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Many of my clients assume that once they solve their sexually frustrating problem that their partner will ‘magically’ become interested in sex again. This is rarely the case. Considering that most people don’t even tell their partner they’ve seeked help to end their sex problem, the partner has no idea that the problem has been solved.

So if the sex wasn’t emotionally or sexually fulfilling before you solved your personal sexual challenges, then why would your partner suddenly become interested now? For example, a woman needs to feel like you’re putting effort into her and you need to keep in mind that a woman’s brain is not wired sexually!

What you need is a step by step blueprint for turning your partner back on to wanting sex and intimacy.

If a woman doesn’t feel an emotional connection with you, I’m sorry, but she’s just not going to be interested in sex. If you’ve been together for years, then chances are you’ve become more like roommates than lovers and you need to educate yourself on romancing a woman from her point of view.

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The good news is that you can learn simple text messages to make her feel deeply understood by you so you can re-ignite the passion in just 3 days… with Michael Fiore’s Text the Romance Back 2.0 for men - and there's a female version too!

BEWARE! If you send your woman a text message from your current male perspective you’re going to make her run for the hills! You need to understand the way her mind works, so you can strategically influence her attraction hormones – so she wants to be intimate and have more sex with you and she thinks that it was her idea!

With Michael’s program there’s no more sending random messages and hoping for the best, you will have a step by step guide to ensure confidence in your messages being received in the desired way, to subtly direct her toward your ideal outcome – of frequent, passionate sex.

Tens of thousands of satisfied couples have put the sizzle back in their relationship, even after being together forever and after experiencing just about “non existent” intimacy in their relationship with this program – one of the best selling relationship programs for men on the internet.

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From my perspective as a psychosexual alignment specialist, this is a MUST HAVE program for both men and women. As you know it’s mentally draining and a major frustration to have a problem you don’t know how to solve. Stop wasting time being indecisive and permanently solve this lack of intimacy issue you have been experiencing.

Text the Romance Back for Men
Text the Romance Back 2.0 is an eye opening program for men who wonder why she’s never in the mood for sex and it reveals the dirty truth about “Romance” no woman knows how to explain to you…

Mike Fiore is a trusted colleague (he’s been interviewed by Time Magazine and been on the Rachael Ray show watched by 4 million viewers!)

If your sex life is in the dumps… Or if you’re just bored out of your mind by your relationship (and are sick of feeling more like roommates than lovers) you really have to go and get Michael’s Text the Romance Back Now program – right now.

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Michael shows you exactly how to use tiny little text messages to seduce your woman (or any woman for that matter) and put her on “Romantic Overload” to rekindle the passion in just 3 days… no matter how disinterested she seems now.

Watch Michael’s free video presentation: How to Turn Even the “Coldest” Woman into a “Passion Addict” Just by Pushing a Few Buttons on Your Cell Phone.

Text the Romance Back for Women
Is just as fascinating: How to Turn Even the Biggest "Romantic Numbskull" into a passionate "Prince Charming" just by pushing a few button on your cell phone. Any woman can wake up her man’s most passionate heart… and bring the fun, excitement and overwhelming desire back into her relationship just by pushing a few buttons on her cell phone and hitting “send”…

Even if you decide not to get the program the videos are well worth watching.