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End Anxiety and Restore Your Sexual Ability

couple with sex problemsWhen you have an ongoing problem such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido, inner vaginal dryness or being unable to orgasm, it causes performance anxiety and increases stress and tension in all areas of your life.

This ongoing problem preoccupies the greater majority of your thinking to the point where total confusion sets in. Which leads to utter frustration as your brain tries every avenue it knows to solve the problem.

UNFORTUNATELY you don’t currently have the understanding nor skill set to rectify these problems: performance anxiety, ED, PE, Libido and/or Orgasm challenges, relationship problems amongst a couple – which is why you may be seeking sex therapy.

Now you can solve your unwanted sex problems online via Skype. Imagine solving these problems in one session – and WITHOUT DRUGS!

Understanding Your Sex Problems

Performance anxiety occurs because you don’t understand the order in which your sexual programs need to work. This causes confusion in your brain, which leads to mistakes and further anxiety. If you’re male or female and you’re constantly experiencing sexual anxiety then your overall sexual technique needs to be modified.

Men think that acquiring the services of massage parlours and escort agencies will sort out the problem. This only makes the problem drag on further. What I do is explain the mechanics of how the brain works. Once I’ve identified the triggers, it’s a simple matter of completing a session to rectify the main issue. I have outstanding success as witnessed in my client feedback. Watch my unique video program for males here.

Women are under the illusion that they must endure sex as they have historically. I teach an advanced technique which allows the female to eliminate inner vaginal dryness and orgasm on demand during foreplay and intercourse. This allows the female to totally enjoy sex without the distractions of a less than ideal partner.

Couples – normally there are technical difficulties which prevent the couple from enjoying sex.
⇒ The male may have the above mentioned problems,
⇒ The female may have the above mentioned problems.

How I Solve Sex Problems

I do an in-depth analysis of the relationship structure, as well as your approach to sex and your current techniques. I solve the impeding problems and teach advanced techniques so that you are both able to relax and enjoy a fun, spontaneous “normal” sex life.

solve sex problems at End the Problem
My one of a kind treatment method requires NO DRUGS and is recommended by leading medical specialists as well as relationship therapists who have undergone a remedial session with me. Sessions can be conducted world wide via Skype or at my private clinic located in Auckland, New Zealand.

I teach clients how their brain functions emotionally and sexually. When it’s confused, it’s like texting while driving a car, erratic, dangerous and nerve wracking. With the help of an in-depth questionnaire, I’m able to fortify their understanding of how their brain works and eradicate the problems. Once understood it’s a simple matter of following through with the recommended strategies. END OF THE PROBLEM!

Feedback and Testimonials

View my client feedback!!!!

“Jacqui definitely has the winning formula!”
“Having a weak erection or no erection or being unable to ejaculate is nerve wracking and depressing. I put off having a session with Jacqui for nine months – and deeply regretted it. I was nervous and scared, but I knew I had to solve this problem. ONE session and no more ED! My girlfriend said it’s the best money I’ve ever spent! We enjoyed great sex all weekend with no problems. Jacqui definitely has the winning formula for solving sex problems.” Michael

I’m totally confident that I can help you restore the step by step requirement to fulfil or achieve a normal sex life. In teaching you this unique switching technique, I will also arm you with tactics to help your partner feel totally relaxed and fulfilled sexually.

I have achieved this many hundreds of times with clients. Results vary, the majority of clients report fantastic success. Click on “Treatment” in the menu to check out my guarantee in this totally unique session to end your sex problems.

Here’s an explanation for sex problems which you need to know, but that no one else is telling you.

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