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Why is Good Sex Important?

Good sex makes you feel alive. It makes your partner feel good and fortifies your relationship. It enables both you and your partner to feel loved, confident and fulfilled as human beings. It brings you closer together and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything!

To consistently have the best sexual experiences of your life again and again, day after day – every time you have sex, you need to understand how to fulfill the mechanical and emotional requirements of sex:

Mechanical Requirements:
⇒ Healthy, lubricated vagina and/or
⇒ Penis which gets hard, then stays hard and in control
⇒ A great sexual technique

Emotional Requirements:
⇒ Emotional intimacy – the feeling of love and connection
⇒ Orgasms when you and your partner want them
⇒ A mutually fulfilling sexual technique

Couple solved sex problemsA fulfilling emotional experience during sex is of vital importance to ensure both partners remain engaged and interested in sex for life.

So why is it so challenging to achieve consistently great sex?
Due to the pressures of modern day living, our minds have become increasingly distracted with information overload and a never-ending to-do list. We’ve lost access to the fundamental procedures which enabled us to enjoy fulfilling sex. Sex used to be a mutually fulfilling pleasure – now it’s often confusing, tiring and complicated for both partners.

This confusion leads to sex problems such as low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (impotency) the inability to orgasm, and vaginal dryness as well as performance anxiety and stress.

I help clients remember how to do it right!

Jacqui Olliver the Ultimate Sex StrategistI’m Jacqui Olliver, the Ultimate Sex Strategist. I teach men, women and couples the ultimate strategy behind achieving consistently great sex.

I teach clients how to synchronize their brain and body with a structured thought/action sequence which enables them to take control sexually.

My unique treatment method requires NO DRUGS and is recommended by leading medical specialists who have undergone a remedial session with me >>>> More Client feedback and reviews >>>>>

I can restore the step by step requirement to fulfill or achieve normal sexual function. In teaching you this unique switching technique, I will also arm you with sexual tactics and tricks to put your partner at ease.

I have achieved this many hundreds of times with clients. Results vary, the majority of clients report fantastic success.

“In my current relationship I developed a weak erection problem and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I attended Jacqui’s session with no expectations on techniques but the knowledge and technique displayed was a real eye-opener.

Understanding my own state of mind was invaluable as well as understanding the physiology and complete picture of sex, including emotion and physical connection. Jacqui is very empathetic and professional. She has a great way of understanding personal issues and providing a solution for them.”

Here are 8 common causes which may be tripping you up sexually.

Gain a complete, step by step sexual strategy so you can both have the time of your life in bed - every time you have sex. Click here and get started on gaining sexual mastery!

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 Sex is meant to be fun and fulfilling!
I teach men and women how to achieve consistently great sex!

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