Eliminate Obstacles to
Fulfilling Sex

Resolve Sex and Intimacy Problems to Enjoy a Fulfilling Relationship

Can't Get a Hard Erection?
Can't Maintain a Hard Erection?
Ejaculating Too Early, or Can't Ejaculate?

Failure to Enjoy Sex?
Problems Reaching Orgasm?
Getting Bored or Losing Interest?

Are You Experiencing the Sex Life You Deserve?
Easily Achieve Orgasms & Enjoy a Fulfilling Sex Life!
Jacqui Olliver Psychosexual Alignment

Meet Jacqui Olliver, Founder of Psychosexual Alignment - the Key to Fulfilling Sex

"I believe in getting results, because your success matters!"

I solve sex and intimacy problems that get in the way of healthy, happy, relationships. My unique Psychosexual Alignment method aligns your body's mental, emotional, and physical (including sexual) processes so you can connect with confidence.

How Psychosexual Alignment is Different

Deal with the Cause, Not the Effect

Psychosexual Alignment teaches you how to stop confusing your brain! When you integrate this essential knowledge in your life; mental stress and emotional stress as well as sexual dysfunction can easily become a thing of the past. No more years wondering if your problem is ever going to be solved, we're going to directly address the main problem so you can experience results from the start.

Professional Recommendation

Your views about sexual function, human psychology and emotions will one day, change whole of medicine. You have made a programme which is priceless and money can't buy this. Your service to humanity is incredible.

You are inventor of a technology which can change life. Your research is priceless. You are a great scientist and an incredible human being. I always recommend your website to my patients. 

Dr Vijay Raghavan - Award-winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist for Incurable Diseases

They Started Where You Are Now:

"I'm cured Jacqui!! Any position for as long as I want! So happy I honestly thought I was broken 🙂 Thank you doesn't cover it... You have no idea what this means to me."



"I have always known that my partner wanted to please me, and that he loves to give pleasure but until our session with you, it just had not worked for me. Now he has got it! And now I know how to lovingly get him back on track if I need to."



"I wanted to let you know that last week for the first time ever, I had no problem with PE at all. I just kept going and going. My girlfriend actually got tired and needed a couple of breaks."



"Last night I put the technique into practice and have to say that there was definitely an improvement and I was pleased with the first time result. I'll need to keep working at it, but I definitely lasted longer - and just as Jacqui said she would – my wife had great orgasms!"



"You are extremely amazing. I was scared to have sex, but I can tell you now that my partner cried after us having 30 minutes nonstop sex without ejaculating. She asked me to give her a break because she was tired. Am so proud of myself that I am a man again."



"Nothing I had heard of before. But it all made perfect sense. Jacqui's technique gave me something to work on that actually works, it just takes practice. It works. Be patient. Try it."



"From our very first communication, Jacqui was confident she could solve my problem - and she did! We don't have much time for sex but two weeks ago we had a beautiful encounter that lasted around 40 minutes and in a really good pace. I was so happy and so was my girlfriend. I'm still making lots of progress thanks to Jacqui."



"Although I didn't manage to remember and follow it 100%, it was a massive improvement in control. I managed a long, long time before I lost control. Things will only improve. Now I know it's not just a random event. Thank you so much."



"I always wondered why I could orgasm by myself, but not with a partner during sex. Jacqui explains how our body works in the most simplest of terms and how to stop orgasms from being just a random event."



"My session with Jacqui was 100x better than the urologist – who was nowhere near the value I got from Jacqui. Jacqui’s session was enjoyable, very encouraging and educational. I now have a much better understanding and outlook."

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"This is a simple, practical system which makes a lot of sense. Jacqui's relaxed and friendly manner ensures you feel very comfortable."



"I apply your technique and it works!!! I can say that I can stay hard and in control for about 10-15 minutes! After ejaculating extremely fast in the past I am very happy about that and I'd like to thank you again."



"No medical specialists are able to provide a permanent solution for erectile dysfunction - they have no idea how to solve it. Jacqui offered a completely different perspective - I am amazed at how well this technique works! Sometimes I lose focus and start losing the erection - but now I know how to immediately get it back!"