How to Find the Best Sex Therapist

Finding the best sex therapist to solve all your sex problems isn’t always an easy task. There are many professional sex therapists and sex experts to choose from. But you need to find sex therapy which specifically caters for your particular sex problem.

Your sex problems may be due to other imbalances in your relationship which causes your partner to lose interest. If that’s the only issue, any kind of sex therapy can help you resolve this.

Sex Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction Problems

On the other hand, your sex problems may be related to one or more sexual dysfunctions. These can include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, can’t ejaculate or can’t orgasm. Usually these problems are unrelated to other relationship issues and require specialist help.

A Urologist will generally test for medical issues then prescribe medications. Whereas the best sex therapist will teach you the specific thought and action sequence required to restore full sexual function. This type of sex therapy should be achievable in one or two sessions.

A lack of libido can be due to ongoing sexual dysfunction problems. PE and ED cause sex to be complicated and unfulfilling for all involved. But a low libido can also be caused by a partner’s unfulfilling sexual technique. The best sex therapy will provide answers to solve the impending sex problems as well as recommending adjustments in sexual technique.

Due to a lack of relevant sexual education (and irrelevant sexual imprinting) many people rely on porn for their sex education. This, unfortunately, provides an unrealistic education of how sex works! For example, male porn stars use penile injections to stay hard, with numbing creams to control ejaculation. So even though they appear to last longer than the average male, their results aren’t real!

Romance novels may have been an alternative to porn but they also don’t give a realistic portrayal of sex. Which makes these fairy tale descriptions of orgasm lead to problems. Is this an orgasm? Is this an orgasm? This constant questioning makes a female’s brain confused. Therefore orgasms don’t happen (or less frequently than is desired.)

Sex Therapy Which is Relevant

With relevant sex therapy, men can be taught how to naturally last longer so they can satisfy their partner in bed. Women can be taught how to kick start their libido, eliminate vaginal dryness, and orgasm “on demand” during foreplay and intercourse. The best sex therapy teaches both males and females (individuals and partners) how to achieve or restore a fulfilling sex life.


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Consult a medical professional to ensure medical issues are identified.

Even if impeding medical issues are present, it’s still important to understand the order in which your sexual programs need to work. This will help you understand how you may be contributing to your sexual dysfunction. It will also help you avoid unwanted interruptions to your sex life in future!

In Summary

Finding a suitable sex therapist or sex expert to solve your particular set of problems is imperative. Especially when ED or PE is part of the problem. Because the longer you wait, the bigger the problem will become until it becomes insurmountable.

The best sex therapist won’t be at all fazed about solving a sexual dysfunction problem such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or can’t orgasm. Most importantly they will teach you the functional principles of sex including The Switching Technique so you can restore full sexual function. Get this unique knowledge to set you up sexually for life.

Jacqui Olliver
Jacqui Olliver is an author, speaker and recognized authority on solving sex problems and intimacy coaching. In the past 7 years, she has helped over 1,000 men, women, and couples restore a relaxed and happy sex life. Click here to restore your sexual confidence today.

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Jerry - December 13, 2016 Reply

Are your techniques safe enough to practice… can you please give me more details?

    Jacqui Olliver - December 15, 2016 Reply

    Hi Jerry, my techniques are VERY safe to practice as they are in alignment with how your brain works. Common sex therapy techniques confuse your brain. This is because the sex therapist doesn’t provide you with a complete understanding of the structure required for your sex programs to work. This results in you consistently giving your brain conflicting messages.

    With my unique Switching Technique, you can perform exactly the same muscle action and change the outcome of that action simply by correctly switching your focus. This enables your brain to receive a very clear signal. While you can’t change the way your brain responds to “signals” you can change the signals which you are giving to your brain. When you control the signals, you control your sex programs and sex becomes exciting and fulfilling.

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