The Best Natural Cures for Female Dryness

By Jacqui Olliver

Can I naturally cure female dryness? It's a question I am frequently asked. As a woman, there's almost nothing worse than that raw, dry, sandpapery feeling associated with the feminine dryness that can affect a woman at any stage of her life.

Not only does vaginal dryness cause a great deal of pain and discomfort during sex, the resulting effect on her libido can really damage her relationship. In this post, I recommend the best natural cures for female dryness including how to naturally flush the inside of the vagina with my breakthrough Inner Vaginal Flush Technique.

What causes this painful issue and how can you prevent it? Whether experiencing vaginal dryness due to menopause or as a much younger woman, there is benefit in understanding female dryness and how to become in charge of naturally lubricating your vagina. The best natural cures for female dryness don't just apply physically!

Vaginal dryness and pain: Why am I so tight and dry?

Many years ago I treated a marriage counsellor in her late thirties who was facing a somewhat unusual dilemma. She was experiencing vaginal dryness and pain and wondered why she was feeling so tight and dry. Sometimes penetration would cause bleeding.

She explained that once her husband had penetrated and she got going she would eventually become moist, loosen up and be able to reach orgasm. However, the pain of penetration was lowering her libido and putting her off sex.

I had to ask the obvious question: “What size is your partner’s member?”

She admitted he was very large, over 8” long with a thick girth.

Because this therapist would automatically tense at the thought of her husband penetrating her, the muscles surrounding her vagina would contract, therefore making her vagina tighter and more difficult to penetrate.

With her whole physiology in “fight or flight” mode, she wasn’t stimulating the necessary hormones or natural lubrication to enable penetration to be easier.

When a person is mentally or emotionally tense, their body follows suit. This means that sexually, when a person is expecting pain, they will trigger stress hormones instead of sex hormones! This will often exacerbate a vaginal dryness and tightness issue which makes sex uncomfortable. Therefore, the best natural cures for female dryness need to address mental and emotional as well as physiological factors.

The best natural cures for female dryness in young women

Vaginal dryness doesn’t just affect peri and post menopausal women. I recently treated a young woman for Vaginismus. This is a condition in which involuntary muscle contraction prevents vaginal penetration. She was only 23 when she found me, her vagina was very tight and dry and penetration from her boyfriend was impossible.

Andrea (not her real name) had been to many doctors and specialists for treatment. She had received all manner of hormonal therapies and treatments for vaginal dryness and to stop the involuntary contractions, but nothing thus far had worked.

She was looking for the best natural cures for female dryness when she found me, she told me I was her last hope.

I treat the "root cause" of sexual problems which is frequently caused by focusing on the wrong action at the wrong time. This can naturally provide a lasting cure.

In this instance, we started with an opening and pushing exercise that would give her vaginal pleasure instead of the constriction and pain she was so familiar with. As well as creating new neural pathways in her brain, this had the natural effect of lubricating and opening her vagina.

As she started to embrace the fact that she would be able to experience pleasure in that part of her anatomy, she began to relax mentally and feel more receptive to experiencing a new reality during sexual intercourse.

I also taught her how to focus her attention on her partner in a way that would further relax her body and take the focus off penetration.

Whereas previously she had been focused on the expectation of pain which was causing further constriction, she now feels freely able to open herself up to receive her partner’s advances.

By working with her biology instead of against it, Andrea was able to get rid of the vaginal dryness and tightness issue and restore a happy and satisfying sex life.

Medications aren't always necessary, and the best natural cures for female dryness don't take away from the spontaneity of sex! Solving sex problems can be very straight-forward by applying the correct knowledge and techniques.

Best natural cures for female dryness after menopause

There’s nothing quite like hitting your early forties and for the first time experiencing feminine dryness associated with perimenopause. Oh my gosh! The first time it happened to me, I was shocked to my core.

Even if a woman has previously felt naturally lubricated internally prior to entering menopause, after menopause her usual choice of external personal lubricant may no longer have the desired effect of lubricating her vagina effectively.

Penetration can feel like the whole inside of the inner vagina is being rubbed raw with sandpaper.

Feminine dryness at menopause can quite literally put a damper on a woman's desire for sex… and will often (pardon the pun) put men...on… pause. Menopause feminine dryness is believed to be caused by a drop in estrogen levels which causes the vaginal tissues to become thinner, drier and less flexible.

Over 50% of women are unlucky enough to experience vaginal dryness at menopause. It generally doesn’t go away due to being a result of changes in the vagina. Vaginal dryness can affect her libido and sex life (and if she’s in a relationship this will likely lead to other relationship strife!)

Best natural cures for female dryness during sex

I've helped many women going through menopause make healthy changes to their vagina, especially after 40. My best natural cure for female dryness enables a woman to naturally restore health, lubrication and vitality to her vagina as she ages. This can restore her desire for sex too!

Women who experience vaginal dryness during sex, also tend to experience a mental contamination issue known as a wandering mind. Random thoughts during sex which are unrelated to the sexual act will cancel out the flow of sex hormones which can result in her vagina becoming dry. This unwanted distraction will also prevent her from reaching orgasm.

Thoughts of a partner’s unsatisfactory technique or his own sexual function issue will often play a role here. Focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time is frequently responsible for sexual dysfunction in males and females. This is what I correct in my Sex Mastery programs for both sexes.

The best natural cures for female dryness during sex include balancing her sexual focus (throughout all sexual activity) to ensure she keeps the sexual programs activated in her brain. This leads to the right balance of hormones and muscle programs required to complete a mutually fulfilling sexual act.

How can I naturally cure female dryness?

While correcting dietary intake is essential for maintaining health as a person ages, it’s not the only thing a woman can do to naturally cure female dryness. Regardless of a woman's age, there are four essential steps to fixing an inner vaginal dryness issue:

  • Dealing with emotions so her body doesn’t contract in preparation for fight or flight.
  • Relaxing her mind, so her body naturally opens and becomes more receptive.
  • Using an external personal lubricant to soothe the opening into her vagina.
  • Applying the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique to flush the inside walls of her vagina.

Each of these steps works to bring her body and mind into balance so she can eliminate vaginal dryness and pain.

How to create natural lubrication to cure female dryness

Saliva is very quick to dry, which renders it ineffective as a personal lubricant. While coconut oil (which I explain below) acts as an effective and natural lubrication for the outside of the vagina, it is not sufficient to lubricate the inner walls of the vagina.

I discovered this as a result of my own experience with female dryness.

With no fast-working and effective vaginal dryness remedies available to deal with the dryness inside the vagina, I felt it was time to figure out an answer to end this feminine dilemma!

By combining my advanced knowledge in solving male and female sexual function problems with a healthy dose of logic, I soon came up with the best vaginal dryness natural remedy and cure, ever. No more vaginal dryness and pain during penetration and intercourse!

My Inner Vaginal Flush Technique has become a popular go-to method to treat vaginal dryness in women of all ages, even in their seventies!

The Inner Vaginal Flush Technique

Similar to the flush mechanism in a toilet, the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique immediately flushes the inner walls of the vagina from top to bottom, to provide natural lubrication. No expensive hormonal treatments or vaginal dryness medications required. By far the best natural cure for female dryness, a woman can flush as often as she likes, with each subsequent “flush” providing further natural lubrication.

What’s really interesting is that I booked an appointment with a gynecologist as soon as I started experiencing female vaginal dryness to check for any medical issues. In the eight weeks leading up to the appointment, I regularly practiced the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique.

This led to an astonishing result...

Eight weeks later, when peering inside my vagina, the surprised gynecologist proclaimed that I had the healthiest looking vagina she had ever seen! She could hardly believe that my vagina was 42 years old, she said it was healthier than most women in their 20’s.

It just goes to show that with the correct knowledge and technique most sexual dysfunction including inner vaginal dryness and pain can be remedied.

Inner Vaginal Flush Technique instructions

The Inner Vaginal Flush requires a simple pushing down action. To apply the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique, a woman simply pushes down with her vagina as if she is blowing a bubble (or blowing a kiss to her partner) with her vagina. This provides a flush of natural lubrication which immediately lubricates the inner walls of her vagina to stop vaginal pain. It also has an opening effect enabling easier penetration.

Just prior to engaging in a sexual act a woman is to:

  • Bring her awareness to her vagina
  • Push down with her vagina as if she is blowing a bubble or blowing a kiss with her vagina
  • Repeat as desired

I recommend one push while she is undressing and two pushes as her partner approaches to penetrate her. Once her partner is inside her, she may initiate one more push to really get her natural lubrication flowing. The Inner Vaginal Flush Technique will also help a woman become more aware of enjoyable sensations during sex.

If you have been challenged with a vaginal health issue such as Vaginismus or have experienced frequent URI’s, apply the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique multiple times throughout the day to restore vaginal health as well as your awareness of pleasure. It's also important to balance that muscular action with this best exercise for sex (also explained in my programs).

Best lubricant to naturally cure menopause dryness

Applying external lubrication will also help to make penetration easier. By far the best external lubricant to naturally cure female dryness during menopause is coconut oil. Coconut oil has antimicrobial effects so it helps to maintain the delicate balance of the vagina. It’s smooth to apply, and has the added benefit of softening the skin around the vagina which reduces irritation. It can also restore moisture, plumpness and elasticity to your skin.

To use coconut oil as lubrication, simply put a very small amount on your finger and trace a line around the outside entrance into the vagina. It’s important not to use too much coconut oil for lubrication because it will make it too slippery for a male partner to penetrate and maintain an even rhythm, especially in some sexual positions.

The best natural cure for female dryness during menopause

Combining the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique with coconut oil is the best natural lubricant to combat dryness after menopause. This way a woman can restore health and vitality to the inside as well as outside of her vagina.

In my opinion, there is no question that this combination is the best personal lubricant after menopause. Along with knowing how to correctly balance sexual focus women can now restore a happy and rewarding sex life on all levels...

Please keep in mind that thoughts and emotions play a pivotal role and can influence a woman’s ability to produce lubrication and become turned on for sex. As she ages, this becomes even more important, unless she is tuning her attention toward sex she can quite easily switch off her libido!

How menopause affects relationships

For a woman to continue to experience enjoyable sex and orgasms, as she ages with her partner, it’s important to make sure any relationship issues are dealt with in a timely manner. This includes inside and outside the bedroom. While we still don't know if there is a male menopause, menopause for a woman can be an exciting time as she must no longer deal with those pesky monthly bleeds or concerns about becoming pregnant (for the most part).

But it can also signal a time when she needs to be more vigilant about being in charge of her emotional state and choosing to focus on her partner’s more pleasing attributes. It can be easy to blame her emotions, anxiety and relationship stress on menopause when in fact she’s just not taking responsibility for the effects of her own thoughts and actions!

Every action has a consequence so refraining from engaging in sex will eventually cause an emotional divide between a woman and her partner. This is why it’s so important to apply the above steps which can provide the best natural cures for female dryness… because a woman is equally responsible for promoting and enhancing happiness and health in her relationship!

Have you or a partner experienced vaginal dryness or lost interest in sex due to sexual function issues? How is it affecting your relationship? Most importantly, what are you going to do about it? It's time to breakthrough these barriers so you can enjoy great sex.

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