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Firstly I want to say GOOD ON YOU! It takes courage to deal with your problems head on and I admire you for taking action. With the right knowledge and application of technique which I will provide, I am confident you will restore fulfillment in this important area of your life.

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Client Info Form 

Please complete my online Confidentiality Agreement and Client Information Form at least two hours (if possible) before our call (this will take about 20 minutes to complete). The client information form will help me to serve you. I recommend completing the form on a desktop instead of mobile device if that’s an option for you.

Session Preparation

All sessions are conducted via Zoho, a 100% private and secure meeting platform

Through the Zoho secure online platform, we can conduct our sessions via live stream video (connect via the internet) or audio where you dial in with your phone. The session method can be changed at any time during our call.

I highly recommend video calls, which are face-to-face virtual sessions. These can be conducted via any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer which contains a camera, a microphone, and the internet to access our call. 

If you don't have a device with a web camera or access to the internet, you can dial in via any phone (audio only) to attend our scheduled meetings.

There is nothing to download or install, simply follow the instructions contained in the email notification you will receive from Zoho (after I have created a new Zoho meeting) to access our call.

All of our consultations will have a different secure login link, meeting ID, and password which you will receive in each meeting's Zoho notification emails.

To ensure you can concentrate, please make sure you are rested, watered and fed.. 

You are worthy, believe it!

How to connect and stay up-to-date with me

As I travel overseas extensively, the most effective way to contact me is through WhatsApp messaging, text, or email. Feel free to reach out via these channels and I'll respond as promptly as possible.

Founder of Psychosexual Alignment Jacqui Olliver

Jacqui Olliver

Founder of Psychosexual Alignment

Member of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society

+64 21 815 029

Recommended by Professionals...

medical review Jacqui Olliver

"Your views about sexual function, human psychology and emotions will one day, change whole of medicine... I always recommend your website to my patients."

- Dr Vijay Raghavan, Award-Winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist

testimonial for Jacqui Olliver

"We have a very joyful life after enrolment with your program... I often see such patients with stress and a lot of problems with their partners, I always prefer them first go through your programs."

- Dr Ejay Shah, Pakistan
Medical Specialist

reviews Jacqui Olliver

"I am successfully moving forward with my relationship both at a mental and sexual level. I have now managed to put the lovemaking tips you have given me... to create rapid arousal with wonderfully controlled intercourse."

- Dr Paul (Surname withheld),
Medical Specialist

I have many success stories to share!

Most of my customers get relief after their first session, and recover completely after finishing the program.
More testimonials here

testimonial for Jacqui Olliver

"I learnt more than I thought I would and the techniques work. If you're fed up with a sexual problem... see Jacqui - she gets results!"

- Mick, Australia*
Gets results

review Jacqui Olliver

"Jacqui explains how our body works in the most simplest of terms and how to stop orgasms from being just a random event."

- Sandra, New Zealand*
No more random events!

recommendation for Jacqui Olliver

"For the first time ever, I had no problem with PE at all. My girlfriend actually got tired and needed a couple of breaks."

- John, USA*
My girlfriend got tired

Jacqui Olliver Psychosexual Alignment Specialist

Jacqui Olliver

As the founder of the Psychosexual Alignment methodology and published author, Jacqui has helped thousands of men and women easily resolve sex problems and restore emotional connection. Get your ultimate sex education and elevate intimacy to an exciting new level of engagement with Jacqui's Sex Mastery Programs for Men and Women