3 Foods to Avoid if You Want Great Sex

By Jacqui Olliver

Revolutionize your approach to restoring satisfying sex with my guide on Foods to Avoid for Great Sex and Optimal Performance. Prepare to challenge your knowledge about what's on your plate, especially the detrimental impact of the worst foods for sex.

It can be tough sifting through the ton of information involved in solving sex problems. Am I eating the right foods for sex? Do certain foods affect sexual function? What foods cause premature ejaculation? What foods cause erectile dysfunction? Is what I'm eating affecting my sexual performance?

In this post, we'll uncover the main foods to avoid if you want great sex and what areas you need to focus on to restore optimal sexual performance.

Are There Foods to Avoid for Great Sex and Optimal Performance?

Do foods affect sexual function? The short answer is yes, because your brain requires a huge amount of energy for sex. Therefore, common foods which you may regularly consume can be detrimentally affecting your sexual experience and may contribute to a low libido, episodes of early ejaculation, impotency (loss of erection hardness) or being unable to reach an orgasm!

Unleash the power of your sexual programs and experience the ultimate pleasure. Picture a "hard erection" that defies gravity, "ejaculation control" that keeps you in command, and "orgasm" that electrifies your entire being. These are the key elements to a mind-blowing sexual connection that will leave both partners breathless and craving more. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure?

To be able to stay hard and in control and to orgasm when you want to requires the ability to focus your attention in the right direction. After all, you don’t want to be accidentally activating the wrong sexual programs in your brain due to your mind becoming foggy or distracted with random thoughts! This often happens when your brain is feeling too lazy to concentrate on the sexual act.

When you can’t think clearly and coherently during sex, you will be unable to reason your next course of action. Without a clear and focused outlook, you may lack the mental dexterity to account for unexpected moves from your partner.

The impact of food on your brain and sex

Optimal sexual engagement requires sending the right signals to your brain, so you can stay in control of your arousal levels and maintain connection with your partner. To achieve this it's important to avoid foods that create brain fog, sabotaging your sexual experience.

Other foods that are bad for sex are inflammation-causing foods that impede blood flow, leading to difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection, controlling ejaculation, or being unable to orgasm.

It's time to unlock the secrets to a clear and focused brain for enhanced sex and intimacy!

Sex foods to avoid #1: Sugar and artificial sweeteners

Can sugar and artificial sweeteners affect sex? Yes, so beware of the sweet seduction that can sabotage your sexual performance. Sugar and artificial sweeteners may offer a temporary rush, but their effects won't sustain you in the bedroom. Imagine crashing during an intimate moment—it's a recipe for disaster.

Sugar lurks in unexpected places, like bread, condiments, tomato sauce, soda drinks, and even seemingly innocent fruit juice. While fruit juice may be "natural," your body just isn't designed to handle fruit without its fiber content to slow down sugar absorption. Artificial sweeteners are even worse, concocted from chemical compounds. Steer clear of any foods containing high fructose corn syrup like it's the plague, and always remain vigilant by reading food labels.

Your sexual performance (and your partner) deserve better than a sugar-induced rollercoaster ride.

Not so sweet - sugar and artificial sweeteners can put a dent in your sexual performance.

Foods for sex to avoid #2: Preservatives - the silent saboteurs of your sex life

Hold on tight as we continue to uncover the hidden dangers lurking in your pantry. Yes, we're talking about those seemingly harmless preservatives. Brace yourself... these artificial additives may be silently sabotaging your ability to solve sex problems and improve your performance in the bedroom.

Our bodies are still catching up with the onslaught of man-made preservatives, and the consequences can be dire. Not only have these chemical culprits been linked to cancer and other unwanted disorders, but they can also directly impact your ability to unleash your full potential in bed.

Numerous studies have investigated the potential health effects of artificial additives and preservatives. Some common concerns include their potential association with allergies, hyperactivity, and adverse effects on the digestive system. These can all impact your energy levels and overall desire for sex.

The alarming truth is that these preservatives are hiding in plain sight, infiltrating almost all packaged foods! From your go-to condiments like mayonnaise, humus and tomato sauce to those addictive bags of potato chips and corn chips, food additives are everywhere.

It's time to reclaim your sexual power and banish these sneaky saboteurs from your diet. Continue with me on this eye-opening journey as we delve into the detrimental effects of the wrong foods for sex, and arm you with the knowledge to enhance your sex life on all levels.

Transform your sex life by breaking free from the grip of these worst foods for sex. Your future self (and your partner) will thank you for taking this bold step towards optimal performance in the bedroom. Also start increasing your sexual fitness with regular exercises to improve sexual function.

#3: Is wheat undermining your sexual performance?

Did you know that wheat could be sabotaging your sex life? It's true! Consuming wheat is like injecting yourself with sugar, sending your energy levels on a rollercoaster ride. The spike in insulin is followed by a crash, leaving you feeling drained. But that's not all. Wheat also contains gluten, which can wreak havoc on your digestive system.

A sluggish digestive system means a sluggish brain, and that's a recipe for loss of sexual dexterity.

From cereals and bread to muffins and processed meats, wheat hides in numerous everyday foods. It also hides in many condiments including soy sauce and pre-made spice mixes.

Wheat products often include multiple preservatives, too. Although the label might indicate there is ONE preservative in a loaf of whole wheat bread, in reality many of the ingredients contain a preservative to keep that particular ingredient fresh, before it is made into bread.

Don't let performance anxiety and mental fog hinder your pleasure. Discover the path to vibrant sexual experiences and be sure to avoid the foods that can ruin sex and intimacy with a partner.

Although there are many other foods which cause inflammation in your body including MSG (mono sodium glutamate), canola oil and soya oil, this article has focused on three top culprits which may be destroying your ability to enjoy great sex, intimacy and connection. Now is the time to break free from all energy-zapping culprits and unlock your full sexual potential. Avoid or reduce the above mentioned foods and beverages which cause brain fog.

Unlock your best sex life ever!

Were you aware of these foods that can impact your sex life? The wrong foods can throw a wrench in the works, leaving you feeling sluggish and disconnected. So can the wrong sex advice.

Great sex starts in your brain... and applying the right knowledge and techniques to take charge of your brain can set the stage for mind-blowing sex and connection.

Then when you nourish your body with the right foods, you are fueling your brain to create an environment which enables clear focus and heightened peripheral awareness to enhance connection. By choosing foods that support brain health and blood circulation, you can enhance your sexual desire, stamina, and overall satisfaction.

Remember, experiencing great sex and intimacy is not just about physical performance; it's about intimate engagement and emotional connection.

Let's embark on a journey of discovery, where I'll uncover the secrets to an engaged and fulfilling sex life, where mutual desire and participation is normal.

Unleash your sexual potential for unforgettable intimacy

In other articles I have written about the power of foods to enhance sexual function as well as the best exercises for sex and the best sex positions.

Yet, to fully engage in the dance of enjoyable sex and intimacy, it's essential to have a clear and focused outlook that allows you to anticipate and respond to every moment with confidence and finesse. Many sexual problems are the result of not knowing what to focus on, or where to redirect your focus to, at times when you become distracted.

Solving sex problems for good, requires an update in your knowledge base. No more distractions or performance anxiety because you don't know what to focus on! Experience the pleasure of great sex without limitations - through the power of Psychosexual Alignment.

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