3 Foods to Avoid if You Want Great Sex!

Which Foods to Avoid for Good Sex

You’ve heard that you need to improve your diet and exercise regularly to improve sexual function and last longer in bed. What you might not know about are the specific foods which consistently play havoc on your ability to stay in control of your intimate moments.

Do foods affect sexual function? The short answer is yes. Regardless of what anyone tells you, your brain requires a huge amount of energy for sex. Therefore, common foods which you may regularly consume can be detrimentally affecting your sexual experience and may contribute to episodes of early ejaculation, impotency or being unable to orgasm.

To be able to stay hard (and/or orgasm when you want to) requires the ability to think clearly. After all, you don’t want to be accidentally activating the wrong sexual programs in your brain due to your mind becoming foggy or distracted with random thoughts! This often happens when your brain is feeling too lazy to concentrate on the sexual act.

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Foods Which Create Brain Fog Will Affect Your Sex Life

Certain foods create what I call “brain fog” which is the equivalent of feeling like you have a scrambled brain.

As well as contributing to performance anxiety during sex, eating these foods can result in accidental ejaculation or loss of erection – or random thoughts which take away your enjoyment of sex, as your mentally foggy brain attempts to stay focused.

Despite your immense struggle for power… your food choices may be forfeiting your ability to control or enjoy the sexual act.

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avoid sugar and sweetener for great sex

When you can’t think clearly and coherently during sex, you will be unable to reason your next course of action. Without a clear and focused outlook, you may lack the mental dexterity to account for unexpected moves from your partner.

As well as impeding blood flow by causing inflammation in your body, these foods can make you randomly lose hardness or the ability to time your orgasm – or render you incapable of orgasm.

1. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Can sugar and artificial sweeteners affect sex? Yes. They may give you a quick high, but it won’t last long before you crash. And if you crash during sex, things could get messy. Sugar hides in many foods including bread, condiments, tomato sauce, soda drinks and fruit juices.

Even though the sugar contained in fruit juice is “natural” it’s not natural for your body to process fruit without the fiber to slow down sugar absorption. Artificial sweeteners are even worse because they are manufactured from chemicals. Make sure you avoid like the plague, any foods containing high fructose corn syrup – and always read food labels!

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2. Preservatives

Do preservatives cause sex problems? Yes they can. Unfortunately our bodies haven't evolved to process man made preservatives, many of which have been linked to cancer and other unwanted disorders. Preservatives directly affect your ability to perform in bed and are found in almost all packaged foods including condiments – mayonnaise, humus, tomato sauce and potato chips, corn chips, etc.

wheat causes sex problems

3. Wheat

Is eating wheat bad for your sex life? Yes, considering the fact that eating wheat is the equivalent of injecting yourself with sugar, which totally messes with your energy levels. Your insulin is spiked, then it crashes. Wheat also contains gluten which causes many digestive disorders. Sluggish digestive system means a sluggish brain, which means loss of sexual dexterity. Wheat is a common ingredient found in cereals, bread, sandwiches, muffins, bagels, biscuits, cakes, meat patties, processed meats and as a thickening agent.

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Packaged foods include many of the above ingredients. For example, bread. Although the label might indicate there is ONE preservative in a loaf of bread, in reality many of the ingredients contain a preservative to keep that particular ingredient fresh, before it is made into bread.

Although there are many other foods which cause inflammation in your body including canola oil and soya oil, this article has focused on the top three culprits which may be destroying your ability to enjoy great sex.

In summary, if you want to gain the ability to have consistently have great sex, then avoid or reduce the above mentioned foods and beverages which cause brain fog. Start increasing your sexual fitness with regular exercises to improve sexual function.

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