Are Sexual Problems Eroding Your Confidence and Self-Esteem?

You Are Not Alone!

Do you feel sexually inadequate and or experience sexual frustration in your relationship?

Are you fearful of pursuing new relationships, or fear being rejected by your partner because of:

  • Premature ejaculation: over-sensitivity (33% of men suffer from premature ejaculation*)
  • Erectile dysfunction: impotency /weak erections (40% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction*)
  • Low libido (52% of women are unhappy with their sex life, with 20% unable to reach orgasm*)
  • Problems reaching orgasm (80% of women have problems reaching orgasm during intercourse*)

(*References regarding these shocking statistics can be accessed here)

Restore Happy, Satisfying, Sex and Intimacy Without the Use of Drugs!

Founder of Psychosexual Alignment

I understand how depressed sexual dysfunction and sex problems can make you feel; inadequate, robbed of your self-esteem, anxious about your ability to fulfill your partner... and the list goes on.

If you're tired of spending months or even years in therapy without seeing any real results... The Sex Mastery Program is considered by many to be the best alternative to sex therapy out there.

Join the thousands of people who finally found the right answers and strategies to resolve the root cause of their emotional and sexual challenges. My techniques are simple, life-changing, and easy to integrate into your life. Plus, the majority of my clients report remarkable and long term success, so you can expect results too!

More about me here...

"It wasn't until working with Jacqui, that I learned more in just a couple of hours, than I did within months or even years, of coaching and counseling using other methods."

Stop feeling unfulfilled and disappointed with your sex life.

Experience Great Sex No Problems

  • No Problems - Remove the barriers to great sex with the right knowledge
  • Great Sex - Awaken your natural ability and confidence to achieve fulfilling sex and intimacy
  • Great Relationships - Reignite the desire in your relationship for deep and meaningful connection


Men - Feel confident in and out of the bedroom. Eliminate performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, weak erections, low libido, problems reaching orgasm and more...


Women - Easily get turned on, stay aroused, and orgasm when you want to! Say goodbye to inner vaginal dryness, painful penetration, problems reaching orgasm and other reasons for a low libido.

Give your sex life the attention it deserves!

Restore Happiness in Your Relationship

Why It's Different

Psychosexual Alignment helps you deal with your stress responses by balancing your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, vital for proper sexual function.

It then helps you develop your sexual focus, actions and awareness of physical sensations and connection throughout foreplay, penetration, and intercourse.

Why It Works

Psychosexual Alignment empowers you to be consciously in control of your mental and emotional state, sensitivity levels, and physical actions.

By understanding the interplay of sexual focus, engagement and awareness during sexual interaction, you can take control of your body and master sex. This will enhance your connection on all levels.

Why You Benefit

Sex and intimacy issues cause unnecessary strain on your life and relationships. Being able to deal with all aspects of sex and intimacy as challenges arise, enables you to restore confidence and connection.

Yes, enjoyable sex is POSSIBLE... it's just about overcoming the barriers preventing you from experiencing connection with another. Irrespective of how intensely you try, these problems usually happen because you're not targeting the cause!

Ready to take your sex life to the next level?

Fulfilling Sex and Intimacy in Your Relationship

If you're tired of spending months or even years in therapy without seeing any real results...
Psychosexual Alignment is the breakthrough you need!

Real Results

Restore confidence and satisfaction in the bedroom.

The Right Knowledge

Considered by many to be the best alternative to sex therapy.

Complete Strategy

A straight forward and practical process that is easy to implement.

Unlock the secrets to a loving and fulfilling sex life.

A Beautiful Encounter...

"I used to ejaculate within seconds of penetration...

My partner and I had tried everything - from a Urologist to a tantric master, the stop technique, the squeeze technique, therapy with a sex therapist and treatment from another world renowned sex therapist.

Every treatment I followed was really expensive and did not lead me anywhere...

Then we found Jacqui's website... Jacqui was confident she could solve my problem - and she did!

We had a beautiful encounter that lasted around 40 minutes and in a really good pace.

I was so happy and so was my girlfriend. I'm still making lots of progress thanks to Jacqui."

Nick, United States*

Restore Your Sex Confidence

Overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from experiencing satisfying sex and intimacy in your relationship and your life.

You deserve a sex life that's fun and satisfying!

Experience Great Sex!

"Best money we've ever spent!"

"We purchased the product that night, and together listened to Part 1. Then, let's say, things went very well and we had a successful night!!! So it was a big day!

My wife commented that that was the best money we've ever spent! Sometimes you just need someone to join all the dots!

We loved the things we learned ... and can't wait to get stuck into the rest. Good timing too as the weekend we're away for our 28 year anniversary! Thanks, heaps!"

John, United States*

"My libido switched back on!"

I lost my libido six years ago after the birth of my eldest child. My husband and I underwent several therapy sessions with a marriage counsellor without getting the result we wanted.

Jacqui solved our problem immediately! Within 10 minutes of applying her technique I could already feel my libido switching back on! And now I can orgasm more easily too!

After years of not feeling turned on or welcoming my husband’s advances we both feel increased desire..."

Nikki, New Zealand*

Recommended by Professionals

"I often see such patients with stress and a lot of problems with their partners, I always prefer them first go through your programs."

- Dr Ejay Shah, Pakistan

Medical Specialist

"Jacqui is open, honest, thoughtful, prepared and has a true willingness to help people reach their happiest sexual experiences."

- Alison Donaghey,

The Domino Thinking Podcast

"I am a medical doctor in the allopathic system of medicine. I know in medicine there is no treatment more effective than your program."

- Dr Vijay Raghavan, Award-Winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist

I have many success stories to share!

Most of my customers get relief after their first session, and recover completely after finishing the program.

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"Within 10 minutes of applying her technique I could already feel my libido switching back on! And now I can orgasm more easily too! ...we both feel increased desire for each other."

- Nikki, New Zealand*

Increased desire

"This is definitely a good program because it teaches how the mind works. Something I’m sure most of us know, but don’t understand how it affects our sex life. It all makes sense now!

- Josh, UK*

It all makes sense now!

"I want to say thank you for your help... I spent this last weekend with my girlfriend and everything went great... It helped my confidence greatly to know that these techniques are working."

- Patrick, USA*

Helped my confidence

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