About Jacqui Olliver

About Jacqui Olliver

Psychosexual Relationship Specialist Jacqui Olliver is considered by many to be a world leader in solving and preventing emotional and sexual dysfunctions.

Sex problems including performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and being unable to orgasm can all be solved by Jacqui.

Using an innovative method which is far different than a doctor, counsellor or sex therapist employs, Jacqui is best described as a technique modifier. Jacqui's unique, breakthrough methodology solves the emotional and sexual issues which contaminate relationships. 

Generally, sex therapy and relationship therapists deal with the vague issues surrounding intimacy. Because of a lack of real available knowledge, the afflicted person cannot resolve the current issue they are experiencing and so it torments them relentlessly!

Whereas Jacqui teaches her clients the tough facts of the actual thought/action mechanism required to initiate the correct sexual programs in their brain. This knowledge also explains the mechanism of emotions and how to be in charge of them. 

She stipulates that while you can't change the way your brain responds to the "messages" it is receiving, you can change the "messages" that you are giving to your brain!

Jacqui's unique treatment method provides both male and female clients with the complete answer: How to solve sex problems and eliminate emotional burdens, and how to feel like you are in control of your mind and your body as well as your emotions! This enables you to feel balanced as an individual and as one half of a couple in a relationship.

Consultations can be conducted online via Skype or via telephone. Jacqui's Sex Mastery prerecorded programs for men and women are also available.

Co-Creator of Mind Renaissance and the Emotional Reset Technique

Along with Kerry Babbage from the MATES Organisation, Jacqui Olliver co-created Mind Renaissance™ a powerful new modality said to be the next evolution of psychology. Mind Renaissance includes the Emotional Reset Technique™ a simple yet profound technique which immediately resolves emotional triggering and can begin to unlock the full potential of your brain.

Jacqui's early version of the Emotional Reset Technique was recommended by a leading socio-political analyst to the New Zealand government for use in improving the state of mental health among citizens.

Co-Founder of the Life Education Initiative and MATES Cafe Online Community Platform

The Life Education Initiative was created by Jacqui Olliver and Kerry Babbage to fill the need for emotional and cognitive training for not-for-profit organisations and individuals who want to achieve a fulfilling life.

MATES Cafe is a global online community of people helping adults and teenagers of all cultures and ethnicity overcome life challenges such as loneliness, relationship breakdown, anxiety, loss and grief by being there and helping them find new life direction. 

Including Mind Renaissance and the Emotional Reset Technique (ERT) which provide the foundation for MATES Cafe facilitator training, the Life Education Initiative provides ongoing insights and support for the Life Mastery Membership program - real life education and support to prepare people for the real world.

Dr Vijay Raghavan

Award-winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist for Incurable Diseases

RE: Recommendation for Jacqui Olliver Emotional Reset Technique
"My protocol for cancer is mainly based on Emotional Reset Technique theory and together with metabolic medical science. Once I incorporated this knowledge of Emotional Reset Technique in my treatment of cancer, I started getting result. This has been my guide in my clinical practice as well and I strongly feel that the Emotional Reset Technique must be included in teaching programmes and for treating disease."
Read the rest of Dr Vijay's endorsement for the Emotional Reset Technique here..

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person

Jacqui Provides the Best Sex Education for Men, Women and Couples

Says Jacqui, "It's important to understand how your thought processes are contributing to your issues. Then how to synchronise your mind with your body when relating sexually or emotionally. This enables the programs in your brain to be executed in the correct order. Without this vital knowledge, it can be challenging to relax or to restore a NORMAL sex life.”

Many of her clients were still trying to find the answers when they found her or were referred to her. They had been to various men's clinics, to doctors, psychologists, sexual health specialists, urologists. Marriage counselors, relationship therapists, sex therapists and other professionals were also unable to solve their sex problems.

Many clients said they learned more within a few hours with Jacqui than they learned in months (and sometimes years) of coaching or counselling with other therapists. This is because Jacqui provides real answers and strategies to immediately get to the crux of emotional and sexual problems. 

Jacqui is the "go-to" person for above-mentioned professionals to refer clients to, due to providing the complete strategy (physical, mental, emotional) for their client's sex puzzle. This enables clients to eliminate performance anxiety and be in control during sex WITHOUT DRUGS. Her method isn't taught in universities or in medical schools. These teachings are only available through Jacqui.

Get Jacqui's Breakthrough Book!

Jacqui's personal story and the breakthrough techniques she developed while searching for answers are detailed in her book: 

"Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever: The Self Help Guide to Personal Growth & Healthy Relationships."

This book resulted in Jacqui being recommended to advise her Government on their new social and mental health policy.

Why Have Sex Therapy with Jacqui Olliver?

Jacqui has experienced both situations - she previously had her own challenges of being sexually abused for a year as a teenager. The resulting mental contamination affected her to the point where she was completely unable to orgasm. This also contributed to depression, social anxiety and low self-esteem. She then entered into a long-term (15 years) relationship with a partner who developed erectile dysfunction possibly linked to her own issues.

She can completely relate to and understand the pressure and frustrations experienced by men, women, and couples who are unable to relax and achieve fulfilling sex. She knows how mentally devastating it is to feel incomplete as a person and to feel like a failure as a human being. Read more about Jacqui's story here.

Through her life experience and while practising in the health and wellness industry (for over 20 years) Jacqui developed a unique methodology which provided instant success with herself and clients! She has since added to and refined her skill to a level where any problem concerning sex does not faze her in the least.

A testament to her skill is written by past clients in her testimonials section and she has been approved by her Government's Advertising Standards Authority which checked her credibility. A leading medical specialist put his hand up to provide a medical recommendation after undergoing a remedial session with her. (His session testimonial is included on the testimonials page, as well as further recommendations and endorsements from other medical specialists.) 

Jacqui gained a diploma in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and is also certified in nutrition.

Thank you very much for your excellent session yesterday. You put me at ease right away, have a wonderful approach, and based on my bad experiences with some GP’s and one psychologist, I can see you are a true professional, namely, highly skilled, and committed to the well-being of your client.


* Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person

Creator of the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique

Feminine dryness creates all manner of tension in a relationship due to sex becoming painful and uncomfortable. Similar to the flush mechanism in a toilet, the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique developed by Jacqui Olliver immediately flushes the inner walls of the vagina to provide natural lubrication.

No expensive hormonal treatments or vaginal dryness medications required - and no more painfully dry penetration and intercourse. You can flush as often as you like, with each subsequent “flush” providing further natural lubrication. 

Dr Vijay Raghavan

Award-winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist for Incurable Diseases

RE: Recommendation for Jacqui Olliver
"I am 2000% happy with your program. I am a medical doctor in the allopathic system of medicine. I have read sexology and all the associated medical literature extensively. I know in medicine there is no treatment more effective than your program. I have tried many types of drugs, consultation with many therapists and many herbs and Ayurveda. Your discovery and solution to sex problem in males is 2000 times better than all other pills and suggestions combined."
Read the rest of this doctor's testimonial here..

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person

Experienced in Solving Sex Problems

Jacqui has 12+ years experience in this field – the scientific study of conscious experience. 20+ years if you include her own life experience. She's treated thousands of clients including medical practitioners who now endorse her unique system and refer clients to her.

Another medical specialist she treated, stated: “Every person should have this education!”

The simplicity of Jacqui's techniques are life changing and easy to assimilate and integrate into your life. The majority of clients report immediate improvement. 

Jacqui has several treatment options available, depending on your needs:

Online Sex Mastery Programs for Men and Women

Not everyone wants sex therapy sessions to solve their sex problems. In most cases, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and being unable to orgasm can be solved via her prerecorded sex mastery programs for men and women.

The same procedures required to solve sex problems will also prevent them from occurring. These advanced sex education answers can set your older teens up so they can achieve fulfillment in this very important area of their adult life.

Read more about Jacqui’s unique sex mastery programs here:
Sex Mastery for Men: Hard AND in Control!
Sex Mastery for Women: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms!

Global Sex Therapy Treatment Programs

Wherever you are located, Jacqui is totally confident she can help you solve your relationship and sexual problems. This includes performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, libido problems, inner vaginal dryness and being unable to orgasm.

She knows how desperately you can want sex to become exciting and fun instead of stressful, complicated and disappointing. She also knows that without the information YOUR BRAIN NEEDS, fulfilling sex and emotional peace are likely to continue to be inexplicably random events.

In her customized consulting programs, she also advises on the fastest ways to dissolve emotional neediness and attain and maintain, emotional and sexual attraction. So you can discover step-by-step how to relax and feel at ease within yourself, enjoy intimacy with a partner and last longer in bed!

If you want to invest in your future and work 1/1 with Jacqui, please arrange a complimentary 20 minute phone or Skype call on this page to ascertain which part of the problem is showing so she can direct you to the relevant consulting program. Jacqui is totally confident she can help you restore a relaxed, happy and connected life.

Read more about Jacqui's programs or take The Sexual Function Quiz below - your answer to ONE question will indicate if you should consider professional help to solve your sexual function issue. The most important thing for you to do is take action to end the problem:

You have been great!! Really helped my confidence. I like how I can send you an email on any subject and you have given me an informed answer. I have laid my heart out with my greatest insecurities and vulnerabilities and you have treated it seriously/confidently and with kindness. That means a lot to me. Thanks for your ongoing support and care.


* Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person

A popular and engaging motivational speaker Jacqui Olliver is available to inspire, uplift and motivate audiences at private, corporate and community functions and workshops.

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