how to fix intimacy issues in a relationship

How to Fix Intimacy Issues in a Relationship

How Many Couples Experience Intimacy Issues?I was recently speaking with a client about how to fix intimacy issues in a relationship. He asked how common it is for people to be affected by sex problems. The reality is that 80% of people are affected by intimacy issues either directly or with a partner.From health, to […]

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how to recommend sex therapy to your clients

How to Recommend Sex Therapy to Your Clients

why recommend Sex Therapy?Unresolved sex problems can lead to heart disease and other stress-related medical conditions. Unfortunately, due to the shame and embarrassment associated with talking about sex problems, these are often kept hidden behind bedroom doors. In this post I’ll explain the best approach to recommend sex therapy to your clients to heal this […]

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need for sexual fantasies

Need for Sexual Fantasies: Fact or Fiction?

Is the need for sexual fantasies fact or fiction?The need for sexual fantasies depends on what level of sexual fantasy you have. To be fulfilled in your relationship you need to understand the 4 varying levels of sexual fantasy. I recently wrote an article on whether porn is good or bad, and it spiked some […]

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