How to Naturally Increase Penis Size

How to Increase Penis Size for Better Sexual Performance

It can be common for a man to worry whether or not his penis measures up to the size of other men. Many of my clients have asked how to naturally increase the size of their penis for bigger erections and better sexual performance. It's important to note that unless he has a micro penis, his sexual performance will generally only be affected if he constantly worries about his size (and this is due to mental distraction confusing his brain as to what is wanted.)

This article details the two best natural ways to increase penis size including length and girth. I'll start with insights on how thinking about your penis size can affect your sexual performance and later will explain how to maintain optimal control of your penis naturally.

does penis size matter?

How Does Penis Size Affect Your performance?

Whether your penis is large, small or somewhere in between, worrying about the size of your penis can really affect your sexual confidence. It's not so much your penis size, but how you think about it and use it that affects your sexual performance. 

FACT: Your brain needs to receive specific "signals" during sex to maintain a hard erection and control the timing of when you ejaculate. If you're constantly worrying about your penis size, comparing it to the size of other men and anxious if it's measuring up for your partner then this is going to cause problems because you're not focusing your attention correctly on the sexual act you are performing.

Sexual function issues are most often caused by focusing your attention on the wrong thing at the wrong time and confusing your brain as to what you want.

So if you are worrying about your penis size while you are having sex (or about to have sex), then it can cause you to lose your hard erection. Conversely, if you indulge in too many fantasies about having a bigger penis, it can overstimulate your brain sexually and cause premature ejaculation!

While the ideal scenario is to solve sexual function issues, these are the best sexual positions for PE and ED.

So What is the Average Penis Size?

Strangely enough, the size of a man's penis can depend on his country of origin. Statistics indicate that the average penis size for men around the world differs immensely:

average penis size per country

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The average erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 cm) long and 4.59 inches (11.06 cm) girth. Micro penis is the term used for an adult penis measuring less than three inches (or eight centimetres) when fully erect. 

According to this study, women prefer long-term sexual partners with a penis size of 6.3 inches long and 4.8 inches in girth (16.0 cm long and 12.2 cm girth).

FACT: If your penis is short and fat, it won't make much difference to a woman's pleasure - unless she likes the feeling of her man deeply penetrating her. This is because a fat penis will always rake over a woman's g-spot which is where the most enjoyable vaginal feeling is. The g-spot is called this, because you make the shape of a “G” with your finger to reach it, when facing opposite her. 

Inner vaginal orgasms are much more enjoyable for a woman than a clitoris stimulated orgasm. This is because the clitoris is hypersensitive to touch after an orgasm, while her g-spot keeps wanting more!  Learn how to find her G-spot and make her more orgasmic

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a woman has consistent difficulty in reaching orgasm it's likely she's not focusing her attention correctly to complete an orgasm. This issue can completely be resolved when she has the correct knowledge and technique.

FACT: Regardless of the size of your penis, you need know how to operate it at the optimal level. A satisfying sexual performance requires balancing your sexual focus between you, your partner, and the actions you are performing. This requires controlling your movement along the Sexual Arousal Scale, from getting an erection, to then staying hard, to ejaculating only when both partners are ready. How to do this is fully explained in my Sex Mastery program for men.

If you or your partner believe you have a small penis then you can take the following corrective actions to naturally increase your penis size:

Best Ways to Increase Penis Size Naturally

penis size and sexual performance

If you're concerned about the size of your hard penis, I recommend that you consider the following penis enhancing actions. This will ensure that you can stop being mentally and emotionally distracted so you can satisfy yourself and your partner in bed:

  1. Do the best penis exercise to increase penis girth naturally (see instructions below)
  2. Use a penis traction device to increase penis length and girth (see recommended device explained below)
  3. Flex your penis when you are thrusting into your partner (female) so your penis bounces against her g-spot. Warning: this third option can cause a secondary issue of premature ejaculation, because the very act of flexing the penis can put too much of a man’s attention in his penis which can quickly make him over aroused and out of control.

The most powerful method of increasing penis size is to combine the first two options.

Creating microscopic tears along the length of the shaft by using a penis traction device - and doing this specific version of a common Kegel exercise will naturally increase penis size.

Best Penis Exercise to Increase Penis Size

While technically the penis isn’t a muscle, when you increase the size and strength of the muscles which support the penis it can also increase your penis size. With the following exercise, you should start noticing a change in penis size at about five weeks although it usually takes up to 12 weeks to see a noticeable difference.

Please note that for some men, penis exercises alone will not increase penis size. 

Usually with penis exercises, girth is increased more than the length of the penis so exercises can work really well for a small and thin penis.

I recommend combining this best penis exercise with the best penis traction device to experience the fastest, longest-lasting and best increases in penis size as well as length.

If your penis isn't as big as you want it to be or is shorter than 6 inches in length or 3 inches in diameter when fully erect; you can do the following exercise to increase penis size and strength naturally. 

penis size

The sex muscles consist of the PC muscle and surrounding pelvic floor muscles. These muscles also support your bladder and rectum, so the following exercise will also assist in strengthening those operations as well.

It doesn't matter whether or not you are feeling aroused when performing this exercise. However, more benefit is gained from doing this exercise when flaccid because that’s when the muscles are working the hardest. First thing in the morning before getting out of bed, and last thing at night, before going to sleep are two of the best times to perform your repetitions of this exercise.

Step-by-Step Penis Exercise Instructions

Although this exercise isn't to be performed while urinating, it’s a good way for a man to initially identify the correct muscle group. While urinating, he stops the flow of urine by contracting a muscle internally – not by using his hand. This helps him to become familiar with the correct muscle action for the penis exercise which I will explain.

Pelvic floor muscles are to be contracted in the same way as stopping the flow of urine. Once a man has identified these “squeezing muscles” he is not to do this exercise when urinating.

This penis exercise can be performed when standing, sitting or lying down. Aim to keep your stomach and thigh muscles relaxed and focus only on contracting the pelvic floor muscles. It is natural for some tensing of the stomach and thigh muscles to occur as the pelvic floor is contracted.

The requirement for increasing penis size is to flex the penis by contracting the pelvic floor muscles, keep contracted for the count of five, then relax this muscle group. This is one cycle. Repeat the amount of cycles required as per the protocol indicated below. Contract, keep the muscles contracted for the count of five, then relax those muscles. Repeat.

FACT: Without maintaining the contraction (the flex), your time and effort is completely wasted, as maintaining the contraction is what builds muscle and strength. It’s important to note that there will only be a slight external movement viewable when this exercise is performed correctly. Most of the action happens internally. As the strength of this muscle group is increased there will be more noticeable movement externally.  

It's important to gradually increase the number of repetitions to increase your strength and stamina without causing muscle strain. For best results gently contract your pelvic floor muscles.

IMPORTANT: If pain is experienced during this exercise, stop immediately as this may indicate a urinary tract or genital infection which requires medical treatment. In this case it is better to use the penis extender device to safely increase your penis size as explained below.

Penis Exercise Protocol to Build Strength and Enhance Sexual Health

For maximum benefit, repeat the set amount of cycles (contractions) as indicated in the strengthening and maintenance protocols below.

Week 1: repeat 10 consecutive cycles, 3 times a day – (30 contractions/day)
Week 2: repeat 20 consecutive cycles, 3 times a day – (60 contractions/day)
Week 3: repeat 30 consecutive cycles, 3 times a day – (90 contractions/day)
Week 4: repeat 40 consecutive cycles, 3 times a day – (120 contractions/day)
Week 5: repeat 50 consecutive cycles, 3 times a day – (150 contractions/day)

Click here to download the instructions. After the 5-week strengthening protocol, continue with 50 consecutive cycles 3 times a day to continue to strengthen and increase your penis size. 

Best Penis Traction Device to Increase Penis Size 

Exercising your penis can be time consuming - especially when you get up to 50 reps/contractions 3x daily which is required for continual increase in size! The other completely natural way to increase your penis size is with a proven penis extender traction device which you can discreetly wear during the day or at night when watching TV.

naturally increase penis size

A penis extender is an adjustable brace that uses traction to persistently and gradually lengthen the penis. The history of penile traction dates to clinical treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to the penis as an alternative to surgery.

As years and technology advanced, traction devices were adapted to address other penis-related disorders such as curvature, and ultimately to overcome the disadvantage of having a smaller penis than desired.

How a Penis Extender Works

Penis extender traction devices work by creating firm but gentle tension along the shaft of a man’s penis for long periods of time up to several hours. One end of the device typically rests against the pelvis, and the other grips the glans – the head – of the flaccid penis to stretch it. 


Quick Extender Pro specializes in providing superior comfort by design.

Quick Extender Pro’s DSS (Dual Strap Support) system distributes the pressure at the head of the penis among two silicon padded straps. This reduces the constriction of blood flow or the typical pinching that can occur from other brands during the long periods of traction that most extenders require.

Since the Quick Extender Pro focuses on comfort, it means you can wear the device for the longest period, so all limitations are reduced. You can only not wear the device when you are doing heavy lifting. Less pain, agitation, and restriction of circulation translates into you being able wear it more hours at a time so your penis enhancement results will occur faster.

You can expect results proportional to the time clocked wearing the device. 

As with my Sex Mastery programs, this product has a 6 month money-back guarantee which suggests the manufacturer’s total confidence that you’ll be satisfied.

Some users gain up to an inch a month until their natural limit is reached and most users experience 1-2 inches of penis growth within the first six months of the program. With proper use, a penis extender offers promising growth in length and girth, growth you will feel and see, both in your flaccid and – most importantly – your erect state.

There are 4 packages offered by Quick Extender Pro including a Curvature Edition if you also want to straighten your penis. Fastest results for increasing your penis size require tension springs of 4,000 which is available in two of the devices. This link (opens in a new tab) takes you directly to their website, and their excellent customer service can provide guidance on which package is right for you.


In Conclusion, Does Penis Size Matter to Women?

It’s rare for a partner’s satisfaction to only come from the size of their partner’s penis! While some women like a big penis, most women prefer a man’s penis to be a comfortable fit for her. Equally important for a woman is that she wants her partner to be free from sexual malfunctions such as premature ejaculation and problems attaining and maintaining a firm erection so they can enjoy their intimate time together.

Your penis size doesn't determine how good you are as a lover. However, when your ideal size is combined with total confidence in your sexual technique, you will be able to stay hard and in control and enjoy sex completely. Order the Quick Extender Pro

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