Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever! - End the Problem

Jacqui Olliver is considered by many to be a global expert in solving anxiety and sexual dysfunctions. She now brings to us her breakthrough new book "Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever!" She is already a co-author of the fastest growing personal development series in the world, The Change. (This is co-authored with Jim Britt who was Tony Robbin's mentor for 5 years and Jim Lutes, known by many as the master of Mind Power. In this, her latest book Jacqui provides original, out-of-the-box solutions for dealing with life's most common problems. Anxiety and other strong emotions are often at the crux of being able to solve bigger issues. Using real life examples, Jacqui explores and explains the reasons why emotions prevent us from acting on resolving our issues. Within these inspiring and motivating pages, you will find the answers to dealing with specific life situations. So, instead of being overwhelmed and feeling paralyzed by your fears, you can feel confident in stepping forward and taking actionable steps to end your problems.

Doing This ONE Thing Book Intro

Have you ever wondered why it’s such a challenge being human? Unlike a car, we didn’t come with a guide which explains how to “own” our body. We didn’t have our emotions explained to us in a manner which enabled us to use them as a springboard to feeling fantastic – instead of totally overwhelming us to the point we want to give up or bury our head in the sand. Because of this, we weren’t given the most basic skills to survive living! It’s no wonder so many people feel depressed, disconnected and alone. As I eventually discovered from my own life experience, emotional problems generally result from lacking skills in other areas of our life. I’ve endeavored for this book to be the life “guide” which we should have received at school. How to neutralize any strong emotion within seconds and how to successfully begin to navigate through the most common challenges we all face in life. Doing this ONE thing will change how you feel about living… Due to be published March 2017.