How to Fix the Bend in Your Penis Naturally without Surgery

How to Naturally Fix the Bend in Your Penis

An unfavourable bend in your penis can cause a great deal of concern to you and your partner. Having a bent penis can lead to less sexual satisfaction and directly affect both partners’ ability to achieve orgasm. This article reveals an unconventional method as well as a proven method to fix the bend in your penis naturally without surgery.

how to fix the bend in your penis naturally without drugs

Do I Need to Fix a Curved Penis?

If a downward or upward curve in your penis is affecting your sexual performance or leading to performance anxiety, then yes, it is best to fix it. A curved penis can contribute to wrong sexual focus and result in premature ejaculation (PE) or erectile dysfunction (ED). This is due to excessive awareness of stimulation or not enough awareness of stimulation. One problem can easily morph into two or three if not corrected. 

Wrong sexual focus causes you to lose control sexually. I correct these unwanted issues in my Sex Mastery program for men which you can access at the end of this post; enabling you and your partner to restore satisfying sex while you apply the following methods to fix your bent penis:

Main Cause of a Bent Penis: Minor Injury or Trauma to the Penis

Commonly known as Peyronie’s Disease, damage to the penis is usually caused by minor injury. Pressure from a partner’s pubic bone during penetration time or from slipping out of your partner during hot, raunchy sex, commonly cause a bent penis. OUCH! It probably felt as if you had broken your penis. 

It can also be quite normal to have a bend in the penis from birth known as a congenital condition, however this is generally not a problem unless the curvature is severe or there is an injury on top of that condition. Penile injury can also be caused through sports, other accidents or even general care such as regularly wearing uncomfortable clothing, especially if your penis is longer than six inches.

Afterwards there will be some mild to moderate pain, and as your penis heals, scar tissue develops. 

fix a bent penis

Unlike normal tissue this scar tissue has less elasticity which prevents blood flow to the area around the scar tissue and only one side of your penis becomes engorged causing curvature in your penis. It can also cause a weak erection and erectile dysfunction problems.

What is the Best Penis Straightening Method?

If you have had or are having the experience of penile curvature you would know there are many supposed fixes all over the internet from different mechanical devices, to ultrasound and surgery involving implantations. 

I have dealt with this problem numerous times. After speaking with many clients going through this issue I have had many successes with these two natural penis straightening techniques I’m about to share with you.

Additionally, knowing how to balance your sexual focus can help prevent unwanted sexual arousal from causing an unnatural bend in the penis as well as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction issues.

1. Naturally Fix a Bent Penis with Ultrasound

Ultrasound is used by medical professionals to fix broken bones, Peyronie's disease and other causes of a bent penis - but that type of treatment is time consuming and or really expensive. A sonic toothbrush can have the same effect as an ultrasound machine as long as it has fast enough oscillations. Most important is that you use a brush which vibrates at 22,000 oscillations per minute as a minimum. An ultrasonic brush is even better, with per minute oscillations of 2,400,000. 

Ultrasonic brushes which vibrate at 1.6Mhz (96,000,000 pulses per minute) are similar to the frequency used by doctors to treat fractured bones. However, they are a fraction of the cost and with them you can naturally treat your bent penis at home. 

ultrasound treatment for bent penis

Sonic toothbrushes are a subset of electric toothbrushes with movement that is fast enough to produce vibration in the audible range. Most modern rechargeable electric toothbrushes fall into this category and typically have frequencies that range from 200 to 400 Hz which is 12,000–24,000 oscillations or 24,000–48,000 movements per minute. 

In order for a toothbrush to be considered "ultrasonic" it has to emit a wave at a minimum frequency of 20,000 Hz or 2,400,000 movements per minute. Typically, ultrasonic toothbrushes approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) operate at a frequency of 1.6 MHz, which translates to 192,000,000 movements per minute.

*Please note that FDA approval for ultrasonic toothbrushes is only for use in your mouth.

I’ve had many requests to provide a review and price comparison for sonic and ultrasonic brushes for use in fixing a bent penis. This is proving to be somewhat challenging, as the most trusted companies don’t have FDA approval for use of their sonic brush outside of the mouth and are hesitant to be referenced to for this particular use of their product! Therefore, I'm providing another alternative to naturally straighten the bend in your penis which is 100% guaranteed to work. Used together, these two natural methods will achieve maximum benefit and the second option can increase the length of your penis as well.

How to Use a Sonic Brush to Straighten the Bend in Your Penis

Disclaimer: Please use diligence and logic when performing any self-help treatment and consult with a medical professional if you have any concerns.

how to fix the curvature in your penis

The penis shaft is the main part of the penis usually affected by curvature. You may have a significant bend in your penis or not; it may be curved upward, downward or bent to one side. Sometimes the top of the penis (the head) is bent over. For some men their erect penis has a tight narrow band around the shaft with an hourglass appearance. Whatever shape or angle your penis is bending, the following sonic brush method can help you straighten a bent penis:

Tips for Using the Sonic Brush Ultrasound Treatment to Straighten Your Penis

  • Use a sonic brush which vibrates at 22,000 oscillations per minute as a minimum. Ultrasonic brushes are best as they have oscillations of 2,400,000 per minute. 
  • Use the flat side of the brush (the opposite side to the brushes) and turn it to the highest vibrational setting.
  • Pull the skin tight and firmly press on the lumps using a circular motion. 
  • If you can't find any lumps or bands of hard tissue on your penis, pull the skin tight and use the sonic brush on the inside bend.
  • If you have more than one lump or band of hard tissue, treat one area at a time and stop if it starts feeling inflamed or irritated.
  • Use a penis traction device (see below) to free up both hands to apply the sonic treatment to the precise location of the lumps.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Depending on which way your penis is bent, you may find it easier to place your fingers underneath your shaft with your thumb stretching the skin down from the top of your shaft to force any lumps to the surface of your penis. 

Step 1:
Carefully feel along your the length of your penis (shaft) for any hard lumps which indicate scar tissue. They may be big or small and are often located on the inside of the curve. They can be felt under the skin of your penis as flat lumps or like a band of hard tissue. 

Once you have located the lumps, then hold your penis with your fingers and thumb and pull the skin tight to clearly reveal the lump or band of hard tissue. If you don't have lumps or a band of hard tissue, pull the skin tight and use the sonic brush on the inside bend.

Step 2:
Using circular motions with the back of your sonic brush (the side opposite the bristles) firmly press on the lump or band of hard tissue for about 2 minutes. To avoid irritation, press on each area for no longer than two minutes or 10 minutes in total per treatment over the whole shaft (don't concentrate on one area for more than a few minutes per treatment).

Step 3:
Lightly massage coconut oil or castor oil onto the areas you have treated, then gently massage the whole of your penis shaft from the base (near your testicles) to the head of your penis for a few minutes. This step is important as it will help to soothe any irritation and move the broken down scar tissue for your lymphatic system to clean up. Follow the treatment with a large glass of filtered water.

Rest your penis for 3 days (no masturbation) in between treatments. 

If you feel sexually frustrated during this time of treatment, please use the techniques outlined in this guide: 3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration (no email required for download).

Some clients have reported success with this a sonic brush, however many have said it's too difficult to hold their penis in place when flaccid. Therefore, the best results have been achieved when combined with the following method. 

sex therapy how to find the best sex therapist

2: Fix the Bend in Your Penis with a Proven Penis Traction Device

Penis extenders have been around for a long time, as you are probably aware, because you have probably been spammed numerous times about how to enlarge your penis. However, in my experience in dealing with sexual function issues for many years, I find they can be quite beneficial if you get the right device and I will tell you there are literally hundreds of them out there.

How do I know this? Because I have done the research for you.

So. What are the benefits of a penis extender traction device?

  1. Recommended and regular use can do just what the manufacturer says, which is help to straighten your penis and increase the length and girth. Note that results vary from person to person.
  2. It is the perfect way to hold your penis in place so that you can easily apply the sonic brush treatment to the scar tissue, especially when you are flaccid.

I have spent many hours of research in finding the perfect traction device, and have recommended it to many of my clients who have had great results.

Drumroll… Here is my recommendation -

When it comes to a proven penis traction device I recommend the Quick Extender Pro Curvature Edition or Deluxe Limited Edition - both of these have strong 4,000g tension springs which will yield the fastest results. As with my Sex Mastery program, you have 6 Months from the day you receive it to try it out.

fix penis curvature

Quick Extender Pro devices are backed with a 6 month money back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your Quick Extender Pro and the results gained, you may return it for your money back. 

Unlike other bulky penis extension devices which need to be worn for many hours a day and feel like they’re cutting off your circulation, the Quick Extender Pro is designed to fit comfortably around your busy lifestyle.

It’s lightweight and discreet, lies flush with your body and pivots 180 degrees so you can walk, drive, sit at your desk or in front of the TV and experience only minimal discomfort for the few hours a day, 3-4 times a week it needs to straighten your penis. It takes about 12 weeks, less for milder cases. 

Quick Extender Pro penis traction devices are comfortable, medically approved and have been proven to break down scar tissue caused by Peyronie’s Disease, injuring your penis, or being born with a natural bend in your penis. 

Commonly referred to as a penis extender, a traction device is based on the effects of Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics which states “For every action (the curvature in an erection) there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Like when a person wears braces to straighten their misaligned teeth, a subtle amount of tension is applied to the penis from the extender to gently and gradually straighten it:

Quick Extender Pro Step 1
Quick Extender Pro Step 2
Quick Extender Pro Step 3
Quick Extender Pro Step 4

This method doesn’t require any risky surgery or dangerous medication and is painless and effective. The Quick Extender Pro brand is extremely popular in the US and worldwide.

While it’s ideal to use the sonic brush with a penis extender traction device together, you may find it easier to simply start with the Quick Extender Pro Curvature Edition which is specifically designed and medically proven to straighten your bent penis.

Fix Peyronie's and the Bend in Your Penis Naturally Without Drugs or Surgery (and medical disclaimer)

Penis surgery to straighten your penis can be an expensive and risky affair and can cost around $6,000 - $15,000. 

While a sonic brush may or may not work by itself, using a medically approved traction device has been proven to correct penis curvature by breaking down scar tissue and plaque caused by injury to your penis, Peyronie’s Disease, or from congenital curvature.

With the price comparable to a good quality sonic or ultrasonic brush, it is a viable option. I provide a more in-depth review of the Quick Extender Pro here and have procured a special discount code for you to use. Yes I do get a small commission however, I put my reputation behind it.

I am passionate about helping solve sexual dysfunction in both men and women because I know how prevalent it is and how it can negatively affect relationships and your self esteem.

The most important thing for you to do now is take action to straighten your penis

Psychosexual Relationship Specialist and published author, Jacqui Olliver has helped thousands of men, women and couples restore emotional and sexual satisfaction in their lives. Click here to check out her programs or to book a complimentary strategy session.

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  • Hi.. I have just experienced this of my penis curve downward. Im 55 but still feel young and sex has never been a issue until now… we used to go like rabbits anytime. I hurt my shoulder at work and required for some strong pain medication (methadone pills 10’s) Well when started taking 1 and 1/2 a day for pain I noticed my penis went from straight upward tiny curve 8″) (wifey happy) To it curving downward and semi hard… help any advice.

    • Hi Joseph, pain medications can make you less aware of feeling which can contribute to a weak erection issue. When an erection is weak, a curve can become more pronounced and this can lead to the penis becoming damaged at the point of penetration. I recommend reporting this issue to your doctor.

      In addition to this and especially because of your age, I recommend a specific penis strengthening exercise which is explained in detail here. Combined with a penis traction device to remove the bend, it’s also important to correctly realign your focus during sexual activity to maintain a strong hard erection and ejaculation control which is explained in my Sex Mastery program for men.

  • Please where and how can I get the quick extension pro device for my curve penis treatment? What is the cost, I am in Africa, precisely Nigeria.

  • Hi Jacqui, thanks for sharing your good advice, please how can I get the devices? Thanks

  • My partner is having a bend in his penis which is causing a great deal of concern for both of us. He is scared of using this penis straightening traction device. Please suggest.

    • Hi Matt, the penis traction device is guaranteed to fix the bend in your penis caused by peyronies disease, so yes I recommend purchasing it as you have nothing to lose.

  • My husband is in early fifties. I’m a little worried if he will be able to use this penis extender device as his penis is slightly bent downwards. Please suggest.

  • I masturbate on regular basis almost 3-4 times a day and I feel my penis is slightly curved because of that. Is it alright to have a slight curved penis? Will this device help me?

    • Hi Nico, it is unlikely that the bend in your penis is caused by masturbation. It depends which angle your penis is curved as to whether it influences your ability to have satisfying intercourse. For example, when your penis curving downward there will be less stimulation on your partner’s g-spot which will make it more challenging for her to achieve orgasm.

      The traction device I recommend will fix all curvature so your penis becomes straight and you can both enjoy your sexual encounters. The sonic brush may or may not work, only the traction device is guaranteed to work.

    • Hi Aj,

      I have provided all insights I have on this subject in the above article. Your best option is to purchase the Peyronies Edition of the above-mentioned traction device which you can access here – as it comes with a 6 month 100% money-back guarantee. I have heard only good things about this product.

  • I have read my positive reviews about this product but I am concerned if it will work the same way as it is working for others.

    • Hi Frank, this traction device comes with a 6-month guarantee and you should see definitive results after using it for 2-3 months as per the instructions. The most important thing for you to do is take action to end the problem, so it’s better to get started sooner rather than later.

  • I have been using this traction device for the last one month and I can see significant changes in my curvature.

  • Hi, my penis bend is pretty mild and I cannot find any lumps at the curve so i may not bother with the toothbrush technique. I believe this was caused by an erection facing the left in my underwear over a long period as you mention, therefore would I benefit by persistently facing my penis in my pants in the other direction to balance out this curve?

    • Hi Harry, it may be possible to fix the bend in your penis in this manner, however, the penis traction device I recommend is the guaranteed best method.

  • I can’t find the hard lumps on my penis. And I’m frustrated cuz I’ve been doing this treatment for a week now. I use a different penis device, but I don’t know if I want to buy another one. It curves on the right and I feel like the base of my shaft is messed up too. I need help. I don’t want to do surgery, but this curve penis gotta go.

    • Hi Korey, when using the penis traction device by itself, it can take 4-6 weeks before you start noticing a considerable difference, although the results for the penis straightening traction device I recommend are guaranteed. You didn’t mention which speed of sonic brush you are using, which can also make a difference. If you have health insurance, you might consider getting your penis image scanned so you can see where exactly to apply the sonic brush treatment.

  • My one eyed snake has never looked better! Even got some extra length from straightening the curve.

  • My penis is curved upward so I want to know can this device straighten my penis. I don’t want to damage my penis. Please suggest.

  • Is this the most proven method to fix the bend in penis naturally without any surgery?

  • I experience severe pain while intercourse. Can you suggest the best sex position for me?

    • Hi Larry, it’s important to fix the bend in your penis (if that is what’s causing the pain). Also consult with a medical professional to ensure there aren’t any related issues. The best sexual position will depend on which way your penis is bent.

  • I have a curved penis since childhood so I wanted to know is there any way that I can straighten it now?

  • This is the best product I have used so far. I would recommend Quick Extender Pro Curvature Edition to everyone who is suffering from Peyronie’s Disease/ curved penis.

  • I have tried another penis device to improve my curvature and it didn’t help me much. Is this Quick Extender Pro Curvature Edition effective?

    • Hi Ted, I have only heard of good results from customers who have purchased the Quick Extender Pro Curvature Edition – and with a 6-month money back guarantee you have plenty of time to trial it to get the results you are looking for.

  • Hi Jacqui, could you please tell me where I can get the penis traction device and how much they are in english pounds shillings and pence. Thanks.

  • Hello, I have been desperately looking for a way to straighten my penis. I bought a traction device, but I still have the slight curve. Since the device always slipped off (the head slipping from out of the noose) I used a foam pad and a rubber band to keep my head large to stay in the noose. My penis seems to have gotten exceptionally longer when I straighten my erect penis but the bend is still there. There has NEVER been any pain in my erections though in spite of the bend. How should I use the traction device effectively without it slipping off?

    • Hi Zaddi, I’m not sure which penis traction device you are using. The device I recommend has two nooses to hold your penis snugly in place, this is what makes it so effective. This Penile Curvature model I recommend on the review page is guaranteed to straighten the bend in your penis or your money back.

  • Hi, I have ordered value edition in Quick extender. I’m 22 now. I have a little bit curve (left side). I’m worrying a lot on that. Will value edition pack help me? Please suggest me. Thanks

    • Hi Ramesh, I recommend the Penis Curvature Edition to specifically fix a bend in the penis and rapidly straighten the penis. The value edition may take longer, as it’s not specifically designed for fixing a bend. The major difference is in the weights – the higher the weight, the more your penis is working to fix the bend.

  • I have purchased the extension device you recommend for my BF. Does it have any side effects we need to know about?

    • Hi Jess, the only side effects I have heard of with regards to this penis extension/traction device is a longer and straighter penis and easier and more fulfilling sex 🙂

  • I have been using this penis extender traction device and it is working very well for me and I have noticed significant changes in my curved penis. It is much straighter now.

  • Hi I’m 15 years old and have a bend in my penis to left. So what can I do to solve it because my penis size grows so big so I am not able to rug it in underpants for some time then reduces to normal size again after some time. Please reply. Thank you.

  • I’m unhappy with my sex life. My BF has developed a curved penis and always turns me down because he is not comfortable with most of the sexual positions. Please provide an effective solution that can straighten his dick so we can enjoy sex again.

    • Hi Alara, while the sonic toothbrush method has worked for many men it is not guaranteed to give your boyfriend results. The guaranteed way to fix the bend in your partner’s penis is via the penis traction device I mention in this article. A traction device with 4,000 g weights has been recommended for best results – either the Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition or Deluxe Limited Edition. Both devices come with a full 6-month guarantee, so you have plenty of time to see improvement.

  • Hello, I’m 35 years old. I have a penis curved downward, and it’s very difficult for me. I think it’s because I position my penis downwards in my underwear. May I know that the sonic toothbrush will work to resolve the curved? Thank you.

  • Hi, I have a congenital penis curvature (downwards) which means I was born with a bent penis. I asked a lot of doctors about the efficiency of using a penis extender on this type of curvature and all of them replied that it’s only efficient for men’s with peyronie’s disease. What can you suggest me to solve this problem, I doubt that the toothbrush method would work since there is no scar tissue to eliminate and I don’t understand how applying these vibrations will make the inner side of my penis more elastic over time. Do you know any person with a congenital penis curvature who had success using this method. Please help me with this problem I’m only 17 and that makes me extremely insecure about myself and prevents me for having sexual interactions.

    • Hi Dave,

      Instead of simply believing the doctors, see if there are any studies to back it up. Keep in mind that sometimes humans don’t follow through on things, then make excuses as to why something didn’t work.

      While I haven’t had anyone who has had success with the penis traction advice admit to having had congenital curvature, I know it takes dedication to correct imbalances in the body. I would suggest a straightening protocol for congenital may take longer than for an injury, but not necessarily. This would require daily use of the traction device, no excuses. I’m not a medical specialist, that’s just my opinion based on logic.

      The penis extender I recommend on my site comes with a 6-month guarantee so you have nothing to lose by investing in the device. Make sure you follow the recommended protocol. Measure the inside of your curvature every 30 days and if you’re seeing a gradual straightening then you know for sure that it is working. The key is to not give up and to make sure you are following the instructions as given by the traction device company.

      You will need the higher weights (4000 g) which mean you would require the Curvature Edition or Deluxe Edition.

  • Hello, I’m 15 years old. I have a penis curved downward, and it’s very difficult for me. I think it’s because I position my penis downwards in my underwear. But is there any natural way that I can do now while I won’t be able to buy the sonic toothbrush? Thank you.

  • Hi… the article and it’s replies seem to be useful. I have a downward bent penis. Maybe due to erection under tight underpants… although I have practised to control my erection… but what to do if I get erection like that? I am of age 18 now… the thing really worries me.

    • Hi Barshan,

      You need to take steps to correct the bend in your penis as it won’t align by itself. Tucking your penis in your underwear in the opposite direction to the bend may help, but will be a long, slow process. The best option to quickly straighten your penis is the penis traction device I recommend in the article.

  • I have a happy and satisfied sex life but the problem is that my BF has a bend penis and for some reason we can’t have sex in certain sexual positions which is kind of disappointing for him. Please help.

    • Hi Daisy, a bent penis won’t go away by itself, if you want flexibility in sexual positioning he needs to take action to end the problem. The penis traction device mentioned in this post has a lot of great reviews as well as a money-back guarantee, I recommend you start with that. There’s a direct link to purchase this trusted device on this blog post.

  • I have used the penis extender traction device which you have mentioned and I have experienced great results. This device actually works.

  • Hi Dr, please in the treatment of the curved penis using the traction device, must the penis be erected when in use.

  • My BF is having a bent penis like tilted towards left so I just want to know if this traction device mentioned in your post really works?

  • My penis is curved downwards and leaves me with a lot of pain whenever it erects. What’s the best way to cure my curvature?

  • Hi, I have a bend which is not ideal. I have had 3 sessions with a sonic toothbrush and haven’t noticed any changes at all yet, do I continue? I wanted to see if anyone actually had success with this treatment? I really want to get this sorted but I’m too shy/embarrassed to talk to my GP about it. If this was a ‘proper’ solution I will give it a go. Thanks So much!

    • Hi Rupert, it’s important that you always discuss any medical issues with your GP. The sonic treatment is not recommended as a “proper treatment” it is simply a DIY method which some men have reported benefitting from. As with any treatment, men can experience varying degrees of success. Sometimes the change is not obvious to you, but is very obvious to a partner, especially when giving you oral.

  • My whole penis shaft naturally curves to the right. It has been like this for some time. Sometimes I do tuck it to the right but for the most part that’s the direction it points to. Can this method work no matter which way my penis curves?

    • Hi Bob, when you combine the sonic brush treatment with the penis extender traction device I am sure you will experience rapid results. The traction device makes the process so much easier to accomplish.

  • Hey Dr i have a question. How many treatments a day should ido and how many treatments in total? Also, can i masturbate during the treatment? Thanks

    • Hi there, please follow the protocol outlined in this article. No more than one treatment a day, then rest your penis for 2-3 days. Always apply logic when applying any kind of self-treatment so you can accurately measure results. Results will vary from person to person. Keep masturbation separate from the treatment. I advise applying coconut oil or similar after each treatment, you may wish to massage it into your penis.

  • Hey Dr do I need the coconut oil for this to work? Or can I just use the tooth brush. Thanks

  • I’m 13 I’ve hit puberty but I can’t pull my foreskin all the way back yet my penis bends to the left what should I do I’m really not sure

    • Hi David, every men’s penis foreskin is attached to glans at birth, but for most of all boys it starts detaching by few years after birth. Its normal for some boys to see it detaching after few years after puberty, 17-18 years. If you forcefully retract it, it may cause red rashes in glans and also cause tight foreskin (phymosis) throughout the life.

      So, make sure that your glans and foreskin are detached now or wait until 18 year age. If yes, you can force it day by day til months to make that ring loose enough to pull back, but tight ring is still present throughout life but loosely. (This is not recommended treatment, but many men do this, their foreskin just retract the glans, don’t come below glans). Doctors do not recommend this, it can cause later problems, they recommend only one thing. That is circumcision.

      Let me know what happened until now.

  • My penis is bend towards left and upwards when erected. During intercourse penis touching the walls of vagina and coming out in few seconds. I have this curvature by birth. No pain during intercourse or no lumps. Can I try this sojic toothbrush method? If yes how. Please help.

  • Hi. I have an electric tooth brush that oscillates 40,000 per minute. Is that sufficient? Keep in mind, it’s not sonic ultrasound toothbrush. It’s Braun Oral-b Genius 9000. Thank you for your time.

  • Please tell me I have my penis bent on left side … due to this bending problem I cannot last long I get released in less than a minute due to this problem .. please help me overcome my weakness so I can satisfy my girlfriend for a longer period of time ….. can I have private appointment with you?? I am really in need of a good working method that can make me stand on my own and last longer like I do before.

    • Hi Jack, it’s not your bent penis that is causing you to release within a minute, this is caused by focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time which I can fix. Early ejaculation happens to 30% of all men (many who don’t have a bent penis). Private sessions can be booked with me on the Pricing page of my website.

  • Hi l am Bijan l can’t fold my penis. It’s become tight in front of my penis. So what can I do?

    • Hi Andre, feedback from clients who have tried this method report definite improvement within the first 3-4 times of applying this treatment although I’m sure results would vary from person to person.

  • Hi! I’m 18 and my penis is bent downward….though as suggested above I can’t find or feel those scars or lump…so what should I do????

  • Hi my penis bends to the left so where do I check for the shaft and what do the lumps look like, are they small or big or does it look like a vein kind of, because I’m unsure. Do you use the toothbrush on the opposite side of the lump or on the lump? Thank you.

    • Hi Mike, use the sonic on the lump. Check along the length of your penis shaft, the lumps are usually located on the inside of the bend and can be any size. They can be felt under the skin of your penis as flat lumps or like a band of hard tissue.

  • Hi! My penis is bent like a banana please tell me how can I get it back normal and I cant understand how to use sonic brush, can you please show me with the help of some video.

  • Hi my penis bends to the left and it also rotates at the top a little is this bad and how can I fix it

    • Hi John, I recommend visiting your doctor to ensure the rotation at the top of your penis isn’t a medical issue. Then you may follow the above protocol to fix your bent penis.

  • I constantly tucked my erections straight down my underwear after a while it bent down badly what is the cheapest way to fix this?

  • Sonic brush isn’t known in my country. What if I frequently massage the penis with coconut oil, can I get result. And when should the massaging be done. While erect or at normal position? Thanks Doc.

    • Hi Dave, you may be able to purchase a sonic brush online. Alternatively, you may try massaging your penis morning and night by following the same procedure (see instructions in the post). This is a relatively unknown remedy, so you may have to experiment with erect and normal position. Keep in touch and post a comment with your updated results.

  • My penis bends to the left when I am erect, I believe the cause is tucking my penis into my underwear, is there an easier way to fix this that doesn’t require the method listed above?

    • Hi Daniel, this is by far the easiest method to fix a bent penis. Other penis straightening treatments require wearing a penis brace which takes up to 6 months to start seeing results. With this more natural method, some men see definitive results within one week.

  • How do you fix a curved penis if you bent it because of your underwear and where do I apply the fixation on if it’s curved to the left?

  • What does it mean by the shaft where is that and also what if there isn’t lumps, do I just put the sonic brush on the outer curve or inner?

  • My penis curves to the left how do I make it’s straight again without having to make a big purchase for medical things is there no way to do it naturally ?

    • Hi John, you may want to consider applying a penis “brace” to help lengthen and straighten your penis, along with the technique outlined in this article. Penis braces usually take about 6-10 months of use to notice results.

    • Hi Carlos, whether or not you are still growing, you need to start applying specific procedures to take care of your body so it’s parts continue to work at optimal performance. This includes strengthening exercises for your penis as well as being mindful of how you bend your penis into your underwear.

    • Hi Cameron, the most important part of applying this technique is consistency and accuracy. Make sure you follow the instructions without missing any part of the procedure. For example, massaging your penis after the sonic treatment will help to soothe your penis and further help to break down the scar tissue.

      Consistency is key. Instead of expecting immediate results, be patient with the process and stay focused on your ideal outcome. If you have fears relating to staying hard and in control due to the distraction I recommend you invest in my Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control program for men.

  • Hi I’m just curious my penis is shaped like a banana when erected in a downward position. Is there a way that I can fix it as I also have ED too ?

    • Hi John, I suggest you try the penis straightening protocol outlined in this article. Fixing the bend in your penis won’t necessarily fix your ED problem though. The bend may have caused you to lose focus and therefore have erection problems. The problem many men with this problem have, is that after straightening their penis they don’t know how to focus their attention correctly, because they have never been taught. This is fully explained in my Hard AND in Control program for men.

  • I accidentally got hit on my penis while playing base ball so I wanted to know that will it affect my sex life as I can feel that my penis has bend a little.

  • I have got the bend in penis due to constantly tucking my erect penis in the underwear I think. I want to know will it affect my sex life in future.

    • Hi Ben, it really depends on the bend, but more so, your technique. The most important thing is to stay hard and in control long enough to satisfy your partner.

  • Hi! My penis is little bend and it makes me uncomfortable during intercourse. Please help me out!

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