How to Fix the Bend in Your Penis Naturally Without Surgery

An unfavourable bend in your penis can cause a great deal of concern to you and your partner. Having a bent penis can lead to less sexual satisfaction and directly affect both partners’ ability to achieve orgasm. A curved penis can also lead to premature ejaculation due to excessive stimulation or erectile dysfunction due to not enough awareness of stimulation. This article reveals an unconventional method as well as a proven method to fix the bend in your penis naturally without surgery.

how to fix the bend in your penis naturally

Here are the 3 most common causes of a bent penis:

1. When You Bend Your Penis by Accident

When the penis is erect, care needs to be taken to enter your partner’s vagina or anus. Slipping out of your partner during hot, raunchy sex is a common cause of a bent penis. This happens when you’re in such a hurry to get back in, that you miss the entry, connect with a more solid body part and bend your erect penis. This can also happen when you’re not paying attention while you are masturbating. This is usually intensely painful at the time and makes you feel like you have broken your penis!

As the penis heals, scar tissue is developed. Unlike normal tissue, scar tissue has less elasticity. It prevents stretching and this is what causes curvature of the penis. Scar tissue can also inhibit blood flow which can lead to other problems.

Peyronies disease bent penis

2. Peyronie’s Disease Causes Curvature in the Penis

Like most curving of the penis, Peyronie’s is also caused by scar tissue. The initial acute phase of Peyronie’s disease lasts from 6 to 20 months. During this stage as the disease progresses, plaque (scar tissue) forms within the penis and causes the penis to curve and bend in any direction or angle. This is usually accompanied by pain or discomfort during an erection. In some men, the curvature causes severe pain at erection time.

It’s estimated that 1 in 20 men have Peyronie’s disease. After the initial stage, Peyronie’s develops into the chronic stage. While it sounds worse, this is when the disease stabilises and the pain usually subsides. Plaque stops forming which stops the penis from further curving.

3. Tucking Your Erect Penis in Your Underwear Can Cause it to Bend Unnaturally

A less known cause of a bent penis is due to constantly tucking your erect penis into one side of your underwear. This especially happens to men with a penis longer than six inches. When the penis is bent while erect, damage can occur. In this scenario, the gradual bending of the penis happens over a period of time.

bent penis from underwear

Know how to balance your sexual focus to prevent unwanted sexual arousal from causing an unnatural bend in the penis and to solve premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction issues.

How to Naturally Fix the Bend in Your Penis

Whether your penis is damaged by accident, bending it while putting it in your underwear while erect, or from Peyronie’s disease, here are two simple remedies you can effectively apply at home to straighten your penis.

The first is a self-treatment for a bent penis which was shared in a forum for sexual dysfunction. I found this valuable remedy while researching on behalf of a client who had damaged his penis and then developed erectile dysfunction. While I knew I could easily solve his erectile dysfunction problem, I was curious to also find an effective remedy for naturally straightening the penis.

This man on the forum had been diagnosed with Peyronie’s a few months after attempting sex without a complete erection and therefore damaging the tissues in his penis. He had two hard lumps of scar tissue on the top of his penis and what he describes as two hardened worms stretching from the base of the shaft almost to the head of his penis. He was unable to achieve a full erection and experienced a lot of pain during any attempt to do so.

It has been the general consensus of doctors and Urologists that there isn’t a proven cure available for a bent penis. However, some people and medical clinics use ultrasound for a damaged penis with good results. Not having access to such a machine, the gentleman on the forum decided to experiment with a similar device - his sonic toothbrush.

How to Fix Peyronie's and the Bend in Your Penis Naturally Without Drugs

how to fix the bend in your penis naturally without drugs

A sonic toothbrush can have the same effect as an ultrasound machine. Sonic toothbrushes are a subset of electric toothbrushes with movement that is fast enough to produce vibration in the audible range. Most modern rechargeable electric toothbrushes fall into this category and typically have frequencies that range from 200 to 400 Hz which is 12,000–24,000 oscillations or 24,000–48,000 movements per minute. 

I am providing this as an option to fix a bent penis because some men have had results. Use diligence and logic when performing any self-help treatment and consult with a medical professional if you have any concerns.

The man who used the method described below, had success straightening his penis using a sonic brush which vibrated at 22,000 oscillations per minute which is 336 Hz, so if you decide to attempt this self-help treatment, I recommend you use this as a minimum. 

I’ve had many requests to provide a review and price comparison for sonic and ultrasonic brushes for use in fixing a bent penis. This is proving to be somewhat challenging, as the most trusted companies don’t have FDA approval for use of their sonic brush outside of the mouth and are hesitant to be referenced to for this particular use of their product! Therefore, I've provided another alternative to naturally straighten the bend in your penis which is 100% guaranteed to work in this article. Used together, these two natural methods will achieve maximum benefit and the second option can increase the length of your penis as well.

Ultrasonic brushes which vibrate at 1.6Mhz (96,000,000 pulses per minute) are similar to the frequency used by doctors to treat fractured bones. However, they are a fraction of the cost and with them you can treat your bent penis naturally at home. 

In order for a toothbrush to be considered "ultrasonic" it has to emit a wave at a minimum frequency of 20,000 Hz or 2,400,000 movements per minute. Typically, ultrasonic toothbrushes approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) operate at a frequency of 1.6 MHz, which translates to 192,000,000 movements per minute. *Please note that FDA approval for ultrasonic toothbrushes is only for use in your mouth.

This is the method the man described to successfully straighten his bent penis with a sonic brush:

"There were two hard lumps of scar tissue on the top of my penis shaft and what could only be described as two hardened worms stretching from the base of the shaft almost to the head of my penis."

how to fix the curvature in your penis

The Best Penis Straightening Method?

The penis shaft is the main part of the penis and what most men call their penis. At the start of his penis straightening treatment, he placed his thumb directly under his penis shaft. Using his fingers he pulled the skin from the top of his penis shaft (near the lumps) toward his thumb to stretch the skin and force the lumps on top of his penis to the surface. 

NOTE: Depending on which way your penis is bent, you may find it easier to place your fingers underneath your shaft, with your thumb stretching the skin down from the top of your shaft to force the lumps to the surface of your penis. You will find it much easier to achieve success with the sonic treatment when you also use a proven penis traction device to hold your penis in the correct position. I'll explain the best traction device in detail below.

sonic toothbrush cure bent penis

Continuing with the instructions, he then took the flat side of the sonic toothbrush (the opposite side to the brushes) and turned it to the highest vibrational setting and firmly pressed on the lumps using a circular motion. He did this for about 5 minutes. He also massaged the rest of the top of his penis shaft, from the base of the penis to the head, using oil.

He reported that the hard lumps almost immediately disappeared and most of the pain subsided. He allowed his penis to rest for a few days and then applied the same treatment and then again, a couple of days after that. He reported that the lumps have disappeared completely. He came to the logical conclusion that the high frequency from the sonic toothbrush applied to the lumps, caused the plaque and scar tissue to break up or dissolve.

He then put Castor oil (I recommend coconut oil) on the hardened “worms” and reported that they softened back to almost normal. He reported that his penis is 99% back to normal after about a week of this treatment. His erections are also back to normal without any pain.

Fix the Bend in Your Penis in 3 Easy Steps:

You may have a significant bend in your penis. Your penis may be curved upward, downward or bent to one side. Sometimes the top of the penis (the head) is bent over. For some men their erect penis has a tight narrow band around the shaft with an hourglass appearance. Whatever shape or angle your penis is bending, the following method can help you restore a straight penis:

  1. Carefully feel along your the length of your penis (shaft) for any hard lumps which indicate scar tissue. They may be big or small and are often located on the inside of the curve. They can be felt under the skin of your penis as flat lumps or like a band of hard tissue. Once you have located them, then hold your penis with your fingers and thumb and pull the skin tight to clearly reveal the lump or band of hard tissue. Many men report that it's challenging to extend the penis and hold in position while also applying the sonic brush treatment. A penis traction device makes this part of the procedure simple and easy as it frees up both hands to apply the sonic treatment to the precise location of the lumps.

    (If you can't find any lumps or bands of hard tissue on your penis, pull the skin tight and try using the sonic brush on the inside bend.)
  2. Using circular motions with the back of your sonic brush (the side opposite the bristles) firmly press on the lump or band of hard tissue for about 2 minutes. To avoid irritation, press on each area for no longer than two minutes or 10 minutes in total per treatment over the whole shaft (don't concentrate on one area for more than a few minutes per treatment). If you have more than one lump or band of hard tissue, treat one area at a time and stop if it starts feeling inflamed or irritated. 
  3. Lightly massage coconut oil or castor oil onto the areas you have treated, then gently massage the whole of your penis shaft from the base (near your testicles) to the head of your penis for a few minutes. This will help to soothe any irritation and move the broken down scar tissue for your lymphatic system to clean up.

Rest your penis for 3 days (no masturbation) in between treatments. If you feel sexually frustrated during this time of treatment, please use the techniques outlined in this guide: 3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration (no email required for download).

sex therapy how to find the best sex therapist

Use This Penis Extender Traction Device

To get to the scar tissue to perform the sonic brush treatment, you need to straighten the penis out. A penis extender provides an easy way to keep one hand free, so you can additionally apply the sonic treatment with a sonic brush. While it’s ideal to use both treatments together – the sonic brush with a penis extender traction device, you may find it easier to simply start with a penis traction device which is specifically designed and medically proven to straighten your bent penis.

A traction device such as the Quick Extender Pro Curvature Edition (which is guaranteed to straighten your penis or your money back) is the other best method to get rid of the bend in your penis. You can use it with or without a sonic brush and get the best results. While a sonic brush may or may not work by itself, using a medically approved traction device has been proven to correct penis curvature by breaking down scar tissue and plaque caused by Peyronie’s Disease, injury to your penis, or being born with a natural bend in your penis.

Commonly referred to as a penis extender, a traction device is based on the effects of Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics which states “For every action (the curvature in an erection) there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Like when a person wears braces to straighten their misaligned teeth, a subtle amount of tension is applied to the penis from the extender to gently and gradually straighten it:
Quick Extender Pro Step 1
Quick Extender Pro Step 2
Quick Extender Pro Step 3
Quick Extender Pro Step 4

This method doesn’t require any risky surgery or dangerous medication and is painless and effective. On saying that, a little patience is required as it performs the straightening process a few times a week over a 12-week period, or less when you use in conjunction with a sonic brush. The Quick Extender Pro brand is extremely popular in the US and worldwide and is worn for just a few hours a day, 3-4 days a week as a standalone treatment. Milder cases require less time.

Lightweight and discreet, the Quick Extender Pro lies flush with your body and pivots 180 degrees, so you can retain a full range of movement. You can walk around, drive with it, sit up in your office chair or sit down in front of the TV and experience only minimal discomfort for the few hours it requires to straighten your bent penis. The only time you can’t wear the extender is when you are doing heavy lifting.

Unlike other bulky penis extension devices which need to be worn for many hours a day and feel like they’re cutting off circulation, the Quick Extender Pro is designed to fit comfortably around your busy lifestyle.

With the price comparable to a good quality sonic or ultrasonic brush, it is a viable option. I provide a more in-depth review of the Quick Extender Pro here and have procured a special discount code for you to use. The most important thing for you to do is take action to end the problem.

Fixing a Bent Penis (and medical disclaimer)

Penis surgery to straighten your penis can be an expensive and risky affair and can cost around $6,000 - $15,000. While the above unconventional method to fix the bend in your penis isn’t medically proven, it has helped several men to straighten the bend in his penis naturally. I personally know someone who has used this natural penis straightening method and it works.

Before and after results after a few of these treatments led to quite a remarkable difference. Maximum effectiveness will be gained when you use the sonic treatment in addition to a penis traction device such as the Quick Extender Pro Curvature Edition.

If you've personally used a sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush or penis traction device to cure a bent penis, please share your experience in the comments below.

Straightening the penis can aid in solving a weak erection or premature ejaculation problem if a bent penis is contributing toward the problem. It’s always best to use natural methods to cure your sexual dysfunctions. With the right knowledge and technique which I provide in my Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control program for men, you can also cure premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction to restore a totally happy and satisfying sex life.

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