How to Increase Sexual Stamina So You Can Last Longer in Bed

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Increase Sexual Stamina So You Can Last Longer in Bed

There’s nothing worse for a woman than when she just about reaches the point of orgasm and her partner ejaculates early or starts losing his erection. For men, knowing how to increase sexual stamina is important. For the majority of women, the most important aspect of sex is a decent emotional connection.

Regardless of how long he can last in bed. If he’s worrying about his sexual endurance then he won’t be providing ANY kind of emotional connection for his partner. This will eventually put her off sex because it’s providing no kind of fulfilment, emotional or sexual.

Conversely, a woman who has lost interest in sex will have low sexual stamina and endurance. Because she has lost her desire for sex, her libido will switch off and appear non-existent. If your partner appears to have lost her libido it may be due to a PE or ED problem, or she may be unhappy with your current technique.

Don’t confuse quantity with quality. Your partner wants quality sex and fulfilling intimacy. Your partner wants your attention. (She) wants both of you to enjoy sex. She can sense it when you’re distracted or worried about your performance. A woman can smell “faking it” a mile away. Women have vivid imaginations so she may start believing you no longer love her, when there’s nothing further from the truth!

Best Foods and Exercises for Sexual Stamina

Many men and women fall victim to the diet and exercise myth. They mistakenly believe that food and exercises purported to increase sexual stamina will solve an early ejaculation or weak erection problem. This is unlikely to happen. Sex problems are usually caused by wrong sexual focus which leads to the brain becoming confused. This results in the brain triggering the wrong muscle program in the body. This has nothing to do with food.

On saying that, certain foods can cause congestion in the arteries, leading to poor blood flow. Which in turn can affect the quality of a man’s erection and a woman’s awareness of sensations in her vagina.

how to increase sexual stamina with food

Best Sexual Stamina Foods

Foods which are rich in nutrients – vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients are believed to improve sexual stamina. This is because they improve blood flow throughout the whole body, including increased blood flow to the genital area. Foods known to boost the libido and sperm count are generally purported to also increase sexual stamina.

Foods known to increase sexual stamina include: Pomegranate Juice, Bananas, Goji Berries, Watermelon, Asparagus, Spinach, Oats, Garlic, Ginger, Ginseng, Maca, Wild Salmon, Oysters, Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin Seeds, Pistachios, Peanuts and Walnuts.

Best Sexual Stamina Exercises

It’s important to note the difference between training for sex, and other endurance training. Sex requires a specific set of muscle groups to be exercised.

To increase sexual stamina so you can last longer in bed, you need to specifically exercise your pelvic floor (PC) muscles. These are the muscles which support a healthy penis, strong erections and a toned vagina.

If you only strengthen your penis (or vagina) you can still run out of sexual stamina.

As well as strengthening the PC muscles, you also need to strengthen the supporting sex muscles to increase your sexual stamina. These include your legs, arms, shoulders, lower back and hip muscle groups.

The best sexual stamina exercises include: Kegel exercises and other body weight exercises including push-ups and squats. Bouncing on a mini trampoline or skipping are great ways to increase cardio-vascular fitness so you have the sexual endurance to last longer in bed.

man with sexual enhancement pills

Sexual Stamina Pills

There is no long lasting medicine to increase stamina in bed. Erectile dysfunction drugs and premature ejaculation medications ONLY work short term. Anti-depressant medications will not stop premature ejaculation from occurring and may in fact lead to erectile dysfunction. This is due to the suppression of feeling in the body.

The side-effects endured when coming off purported sexual stamina drugs can be nothing short of horrendous and may also interrupt your sleep patterns.

Be wary of drugs which promise to increase sexual stamina. No drug works without causing side-effects elsewhere in the body. Side effects of common sexual stamina enhancement pills include “ice-cream” headaches, nausea, deafness and blindness. Although the last two side-effects are considered rare, do you really want to risk losing your sight or hearing when you can naturally increase your sexual stamina?

How to Increase Sexual Stamina Naturally

The best way to naturally increase sexual stamina is by acting in the above areas. Predominantly eat foods which increase blood flow and your overall health. Regularly exercise all the muscles involved in the sexual act. Refrain from using sexual stamina pills, because sexual enhancement pills will not enhance a poor sexual technique. If you’re suffering from PE or ED or are unable to achieve orgasm, you’ve got to understand how your current thoughts and actions are causing these problems. You can read more about that here.

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  1. Joy Steve

    Earlier I used to last longer in bed but from last few weeks I am unable to do that. What can be the exact reason? P.S – Recently I have started taking steroids for a better workout.

    1. Steroids can cause all sorts of issues so I recommend that you avoid them. Exercising naturally increases testosterone. You didn’t mention whether you have a PE or ED problem. Either way, you need to understand how your thoughts and actions affect your arousal and resulting ability to last longer in bed.

  2. Zakir

    Hello Mam, I need to talk to you that I have problem of both erectile dysfunction and PE…as soon as I start PE take place. It takes about 30 for me… and after that ED problem. Please help me to sort my problem so that me and my wife both can enjoy***nature.

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