Fifty Shades of Grey and the Reality of Sex

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Feb. 9, 2015
Revealing, thoughtful and provocative. That’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

But the reality is that a third of the audience will go home after the movie to disappointing sex.

Disappointing, because either they or their partner are unable to complete the sexual act due to sex problems such as early ejaculation, weak erection problems or either partner being unable to orgasm.

After all, great sex requires a great strategy.

According to the Kinsey Institute, an estimated one in three men suffer from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems and the equivalent number of women find it difficult to orgasm.

Millions more suffer from intermittent occurrences of these problems and crave to understand how to make sex great every time instead of it appearing to be a random act of God.

“The reality for a third of the global population is sex which is totally disappointing and unfulfilling,” says Jacqui Olliver, Auckland-based Psychosexual Alignment Specialist and owner of the business, End the Problem. “For many others, great sex appears to be a random event which they are only rarely, able to accomplish.”

Jacqui further explains: “Because global sex education systems don’t explain the mechanics and strategy required to achieve male and female arousal control; most people are missing the vital knowledge required to be able to replicate great sex on a consistently occurring basis. This is why men frequently lose their erection (or lose control) and women become unable to orgasm.”

According to Jacqui, great sex starts between your ears. “The sexual programmes in your brain need to be activated in the correct order. If during sex, your mind is distracted with performance anxiety or you’re analyzing your problem, then it’s physiologically impossible to stay in control of the sexual act.”

“Fifty Shades of Grey will provide a catalyst for many women who usually struggle to achieve orgasm. But because they don’t understand the science behind how they achieved that result, sex with a partner may continue to be disappointing and orgasms may continue to be randomly occurring experiences. It’s a similar scenario for men. It may help men with erection problems occasionally gain an erection, but it will worsen the problem for a man who suffers from early ejaculation.

“In both of these scenarios, sexual results remain random and inconsistent. If you want to experience consistently great sex you need to know exactly how to control what’s going on between your ears.”

Jacqui Olliver, Psychosexual Alignment Specialist at is an authority on removing barriers to great sex. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and being unable to orgasm can all be easily corrected with her unique treatment method which is recommended by leading medical specialists. Discover the ultimate strategy behind achieving consistently great sex.

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