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If you have a problem, you need to get rid of the problem so it stops impeding your relationship confidence and self-esteem. I'm considered by many, to be a global expert in solving anxiety and sexual dysfunctions. My unique Sex Mastery programs contain the unparalleled, unique knowledge which has been passed on to me. This missing link to solving (and preventing) sex problems isn't available anywhere else.

jacqui olliver sex mastery programs

You can only solve a sexual problem once you understand the correct thought and action sequence your brain needs. Without this, you will constantly give your brain conflicting "signals" which causes further anxiety and confusion!

The Missing Link in Sex Education

Sex education is taught about safety but not about technique and quality! This is where "sex education" fails adults and teenagers alike. Classroom Sex ED is like giving students a key, a car, and a fuel voucher without teaching them the road code or the consequences of not understanding how to drive!

Adults have a phobia concerning talking about sex to minors, the end result of which is they grow up into adults with phobias because they have no understanding about sex because it was never discussed.

Many teens are sexually active at 16, however, when they're 17-18 and ready for an adult relationship they will most definitely benefit from, and appreciate the complete sex education their brain needs so they can have a normally functioning sex life.

If you can't explain to your teen how to sexually move through the gears in the right order, with the right timing... then you may want to consider purchasing my proven sex mastery programs for them instead of just having "the talk" at age 16.

My unique technique enables females to understand how to kick start their libido, achieve orgasms on demand and prevent inner vaginal dryness as they age. And helps males to overcome (or prevent) no erection, weak erection, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation problems.

Both programs explain the intricacies of their partner's requirements so they both can achieve an emotionally fulfilling sex life.

Recommended by Medical Specialists

I've treated many medical specialists who tell me, "Every person should have this education!"

"I couldn’t believe it! After a lifetime of ejaculating within a minute (and for the past 5 years losing my erection hardness within one minute as well) I was able to stay HARD AND IN CONTROL for over 10 minutes – just 4 days after my session with Jacqui – and the next time I had sex! It’s blown my mind! Every person should have this education!"

Sam (Medical Specialist) NZ,
Premature Ejaculation & ED


Sam (Medical Specialist) NZ,
Premature Ejaculation & ED

I provide the missing link to solving sex problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, can't ejaculate and can't orgasm as well as low libido. So men and women can achieve or restore full sexual function.

Whether you have an issue yourself or you want to help a partner restore a great sex life. Or you're a concerned parent who wants to provide their teens with a sex education which will set them up sexually for life, I can provide the answers.

In every intimate relationship, there are three essential components: Sex, Emotions, and Attraction. Get the balance right and it will mostly be smooth sailing, get these confused and you will struggle to communicate clearly and constantly feel like you’re losing yourself.

This is why it's so important to understand the principles of REAL Resistance, Emotions, Attraction, Libido, and how they affect you and a partner.

Once you understand REAL, you can consistently deal with the impending problems so Resistant Emotions don't kill Attraction and Libido. This enables sex (and relationships) to be EASY:

Emotionally balanced
Attracted and aligned
Sexually functioning
You and your partner

I delve into all four essential components in my individual and group coaching programs.

If you prefer to work directly with me one on one, please book a complimentary 20 minute strategy session here so we can ascertain the best way forward for you in your unique situation.

Jacqui Olliver Sex Mastery Programs

I'm totally confident I can help you and your loved ones, achieve or restore a great sex life, with my relevant sex education answers.

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