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Audiences of all ages love to be entertained by a speaker who understands the quirkiness of human nature. An inspirational speaker who humorously exploits our foibles with relevant stories. A motivational speaker who ultimately delivers powerful knowledge, insights, and tools which enable your audience to enhance their wellbeing on all levels.

Gift your audience with breakthrough new tools and communication skills to help cope with challenging and evolving life situations at home AND at work.

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Each of us is in a dynamic relationship with ourselves as well as with others. We all have our personal challenges which affect our ability to relate to others. Statistics indicate that up to 80% of men and women suffer from sexual function issues.

Why are they so prevalent? Because we're not taught a sex education relevant to participating in a fully functioning relationship as an adult!

As you know, how we view ourselves as a person, determines our quality of life and the quality of our relationships. This includes business as well as personal relationships.

Low self-esteem and confidence often stem from personal problems, which often results from not having the skills to control the emotional and sexual responses in their body. 

We were never given a textbook for dealing with strong emotions or taught the mechanics required for fulfilling intimacy. In essence, we weren’t taught how to operate our vehicle!

“Jacqui’s inspiring, uplifting and humorous presentations will have your audience laughing and applauding for more. Her simple, humorous examples give clear insights on how we trip ourselves up and muddle our way through challenging situations and she provides simple strategies we can use to totally transform our workplace and our lives.”

Understand human emotions and how they affect our relationships in all areas of life.

It’s impossible for our personal and business relationships to flourish when we have emotional and sexual challenges. This is because we are frequently distracted, trying to figure out the answers. This keeps our brain on high alert, where we become easily defensive and insecure.

When we have a problem we don’t know how to deal with, we naturally become reactive. Our ability to think clearly and rationally becomes obstructed. The resulting confusion makes us appear resistant, stubborn, obstinate and/or fearful.

We lose our ability to relate, and constantly worry about our ability to feel fulfilled as a person, or in our ability to fulfil our partner. We don’t cope well with external challenging situations and we often appear to be distracted and preoccupied.

“Jacqui has proved to be an outstanding presenter and facilitator. She is articulate, well prepared and has demonstrated a huge understanding of her subject matter. She is also a great listener and has the art of drawing out members of her audience. Feedback from the audience has been extremely positive and they speak very highly of Jacqui and her presenting skills. Jacqui, you are an outstanding presenter… thank you so much.”

Alan Reeves

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Most people go about life pretending they don’t have problems, hoping they will go away. But the ongoing mental and emotional stress continues to simmer just beneath the surface.

Any other external challenging situations intensify our reactive state because our mind can only cope with a certain amount of mental duress at one time.

In my engaging, keynote speaker presentations you can help your audience gain the skills to redirect these essential human “programs” so they can significantly reduce stress.

Enable your people to become confident in their ability to handle life’s challenges… Gain confidence in their ability to communicate clearly and be able to engage in fulfilling and dynamic relationships at home and at work.

“Well done – I really felt the power of her words emotionally reached out and touched everybody in the room – especially on the topic of healing yourself. An excellent speaker, brilliant value for money and I would happily listen to Jacqui talk again anytime!”


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