Relevant Sex Education Answers

Want Normal, Happy and Spontaneous Intimacy?

For the majority of males and females, sex is all about connection, which is one of our major human needs. Not knowing how to communicate emotionally and especially intimately with their partners causes a lot of pain and suffering and relationship breakdown. This is due to a lot of myths and misinformation in society. In this article we're going to bust through some of the common myths so you can restore normal, happy, and spontaneous intimacy.

Men and women of all ages want to be able to satisfy their partner by being able to enjoy sex and function properly in bed. They read articles and search forums, try different positions and research foods and exercises. They take drugs or medications which have unwanted side-effects (sometimes the drugs work but they feel artificial by removing the spontaneity of sex.) Others go to sex therapy or counseling, hoping for answers.

Feeling frustrated when nothing seems to work – they can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong! Often feeling tense, anxious and nervous during sex, they are desperate to have a normal sex life but it seems just out of reach.

Over a third of the male and female population develop sexual dysfunction challenges. These can happen from the first time a person has sex or suddenly appear without warning at any age. They mainly occur due to a lack of real and relevant sex education answers in a person's informative years.

For example, Nick used to ejaculate within seconds of penetration. He and his partner had tried everything – from a Urologist to a tantric master, the stop technique, the squeeze technique. Then he had sex therapy with a sex therapist and treatment from another world renowned sex therapist. Every treatment he followed was really expensive and did not lead him anywhere.

Then he and his partner found my website. From their first communication with me, I was confident that I could solve Nick’s problem – and I did. They don’t have much time for sex but three weeks after his session he reported a beautiful encounter that lasted around 40 minutes. This was at really intense pace. He was so happy and so was his girlfriend (he reports that he’s still making lots of progress.)

Sex Mastery Programs for Men and Women

David found it increasingly difficult to get an erection. Combined with premature ejaculation it was SO frustrating for him. He had tried a popular erection drug but it stopped working and he was on medications for other health issues. He found my website while searching for sex education answers online. What I said on my site made a great deal of sense so he booked a session.

David and his girlfriend live in different States so they don’t see each other often. The second week they got together after their session things were dramatically improved. He was able to easily attain erections. The PE issue was basically non-existent. He stayed in control and could last as long as he wanted to, and reported being able to reestablish his sexual confidence:

PE and ED testimonial Jacqui Olliver

Jean and her husband had been married for 46 years. Although Jean loved having sex because of the emotional connection, feelings of intimacy and pleasure it brought her husband, she had given up on being able to achieve an orgasm.

At the age of 76, most experts would tell her it’s impossible that she would ever overcome this dilemma. However, her husband was hopeful after reading my website and they booked a session. Six weeks later, after discussing me at great length, they agreed what a fine thing I was doing for society. They also reported that Jean now “hits gold” nearly every time they have intercourse!

In Summary

Nick, David, and Jean’s sex results look remarkable at first glance (and are definitely accomplishments to be proud of.) However, with my relevant sex education answers, these results aren’t rocket science.

The techniques they used can be applied by any man or woman who wants to satisfy their partner in bed and achieve a normal, happy and spontaneous sex life. In fact, I’ve coached over a thousand men and women of all ages and lifestyles, in varying states of health and fitness. And I’ve received reports of amazing results including:

  • Men with erection softness regaining rock hard erections
  • Men ejaculating within seconds to being hard and in control for over 30 mins duration
  • Unable to orgasm, to orgasming exactly when you want to, including during intercourse!

It’s important to be able to enjoy sex and last longer in bed so you can satisfy both you AND your partner. In the next post, I’m going to show you the common mistakes people make when trying to restore their sex life. As well as a new formula for restoring your sex life so it won’t feel like it's hard work or doomed to failure. Soon, you too can achieve a normal, happy, spontaneous sex life – and I'll show you how!