Review of Quick Extender Pro: Penis Curvature Correction

Having a bend in your penis can distract your focus and therefore lead to sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. This detracts from your sexual confidence and can put a partner off wanting sex. Below is an in-depth review of Quick Extender Pro which is a leading producer of fast-acting penile traction devices to straighten the bend in your penis naturally.

The history of penile traction dates to clinical treatment and rehabilitation of penile injuries to avert the drastic resort to corrective surgeries. As technology advanced it was determined that such devices could be used to correct other penis-related disorders including unwanted curvature and Peyronie’s disease. As the varying causes of curvature were determined, the use of traction devices was found to provide the best relief as they successfully treated these conditions.

quick extender pro review

Today, Quick Extender Pro is the premier manufacturer of penile traction devices and are celebrated for their quality, service, value, and most importantly effectiveness. Their line of packages includes the Quick Extender Pro Curvature Correction and Peyronie’s Edition which functions essentially as a brace for your penis. It uses tension to straighten your erection by overcoming the effects of plaques and scar tissue.

Quick Extender Pro Review: Traction Advantages

The main advantage to traction devices in their use for curvature correction is their proven effectiveness. Unlike other methods, traction devices work – guaranteed. Quick Extender Pro for example, has a money-back guarantee; after 6 months if the product has not worked to your satisfaction you can return it for your money. That is not the policy of a company selling with anything less than the utmost confidence in their product. 

As the results are virtually guaranteed, the next point of attraction is the safety of traction devices. Usage plans are carefully designed through many years and rounds of clinical trials to ensure that you, the user, are getting medical-grade quality out of the usage regimen. As these products trace their lineage to the medical realm, there is peace of mind that goes along with using them to relieve the painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing condition of unwanted curvature in your penis. 

Modern traction devices like the Quick Extender Pro have evolved through competition to offer unparalleled levels of comfort during wearing times, and their sophistication spans from the privacy of ordering and delivery all the way to the hypoallergenic materials that fasten the device to your body parts. Further advantages to leading penile traction devices include the customer support and knowledge base on the issue of correcting penile curvature. The team at Quick Extender Pro have been dealing with and administering the solution for unwanted curvature of the penis for over a decade with thousands of satisfied customers being a testament to that fact.

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How Does the Quick Extender Pro Work?

Traction devices work on the basis of applying slight, gentle consistent tension along the shaft of the penis in its flaccid state over extended periods of time. One end of the device typically rests against the pelvis, and the other grips the glans – the head – of the penis and extends it at a comfortable tension for a few hours at a time, as prescribed by the step-by-step program which is included with your purchase. 

Quick Extender Pro is a leader in this way due to the superior comfort offered by their device’s design. Quick Extender Pro employs a DSS (Dual Strap Support) system which spreads the gripping pressure at the head of the penis across two silicon padded straps. This reduces the constriction of blood flow or any pinching that is typical of other brands over the necessarily long wearing periods of penile traction devices. Additionally, the Quick Extender Pro only needs to be worn for a few hours at a time and just 3-4 days per week to receive maximum benefit.

The correction of curvature results from a combination of factors, not least of which is mitosis and cytokinesis which is similar to what happens when you exercise to build muscle. From the Quick Extender Pro website:

“Exposing the penis to a constant traction (Using the Quick Extender Pro's specially calibrated tension system) microscopic tears will begin to form along the shaft. The process is completely pain free.

The tears will not be visible to the naked eye and can only be seen through magnification. As these tears occur regularly along the course of the treatment, your body will recognize the gaps created in the penis tissue. As a form of healing, your penis will begin to repair itself by going through a process known as "mitosis" followed by "cytokinesis".

Mitosis occurs when cells within the existing penis tissue begin to divide, known as cellular division, where one cell divides into two. The penis tissue cells will divide over and over again to fill in the gaps (tears) caused by the penile traction process…

In the simplest sense, the nucleus of a cell divides within itself then splits in two, each containing a mirror image of the original nucleus. The splitting of the two cells, once the nucleus has divided, is called cytokinesis, the final stages of cell division and tissue growth. The cells will rapidly divide over the course of the treatment and will create new tissue”.

This new tissue will translate into a straighter, healthier erection. This process also increases your penis size. By the science of the process, the results will take their effect according to the time spent using the device. The exceptional advantage of the Quick Extender Pro is that, above all other traction devices, they offer the highest degree of comfort. 

This means that:

  • Any limitations to wearing-time are reduced (pain, discomfort, blood constriction, etc)
  • Which means you can wear it more hours per day than other brands so your results will be evident faster than any other method to correct your curvature
  • And all with your hands free in your leisure time with no worries about risk or reward (remember the money-back guarantee).
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Summary Review of the Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro has many points in its favor as a solution to your penis curvature. It is one of the fastest-working, lowest-maintenance, budget-friendly, and well-supported (both medically proven and actively through customer support) methods of straightening your penis curvature for improved sexual health and performance and general well-being. 

Results and studies are widely available on the effectiveness of penile traction, and it’s not hard to find Quick Extender Pro at the top of most rankings when comparing products within the industry. If you’re looking to resolve a recent or lifelong unwanted curvature within months and to be done with the problem completely, naturally and permanently, do yourself the favor and look into Quick Extender Pro. Please use the discount code ETP10 to save an additional 10% off your purchase.