Sex is About Both Partners Not Just About One

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Feb. 10, 2015 (Media PA)
With millions of men and women suffering from occasional or ongoing sex problems including early ejaculation, weak erections and being unable to orgasm; you’ve got to wonder why these problems are so prevalent. Sex is about both partners, it’s not just about one – and great sex starts between your ears!

Poor Sexual Technique
Sexual technique encompasses the whole of the sexual act and isn’t just about intercourse. It’s about how you interact with your partner inside and outside the bedroom, your interaction before foreplay, leading up to intercourse AND THEN your actual sexual technique to enhance intimate participation with your partner during intercourse.

If a male or female has a sex problem then they spend much of their intimate time with their partner, worrying and wondering if the problem is going to happen again and being disappointed when it does. This constant stream of distracting thoughts detracts from the quality of the connection and can cause the other partner to doubt their desire for them as well to doubt in the integrity of the relationship.

Unfortunately poor sexual technique affects many couples and leads to sex becoming a boring and tedious task which is more often endured than welcomed. This leads to a lack of interest in sex by either or both partners which can signal the demise of an otherwise fulfilling relationship.

Lack of interest in Sex
I’ve said it before, men need sex like fish need water – but women without an emotional connection become as dry as the desert sands… A man with a sex problem can incidentally cause his partner to lose interest in sex. Not just because of the physical problem, but because of the emotional disconnection compounded by the problem.

I know it’s tough when a partner has a sex problem. They’re distracted during sex, they don’t fully connect with you and they don’t appear to enjoy sex much at all. Of course this is going to rub off on you and make sex less appealing than if your partner was fully functional.

The problem is that a partner with a sex problem already feels like they’re failing as a human being. So if you start showing a lack of enthusiasm for sex, you highlight their problem and make them feel even more insecure – hence multiplying the performance anxiety they are experiencing.

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