Female Sex Problems? Gain Answers Here!

Ongoing sex problems including the inability to achieve orgasm (intercourse only or intercourse AND foreplay) lack of libido and inner vaginal dryness leading up to menopause, detract from your ability to feel fulfilled as a woman.

And if your partner (male) has issues ejaculating early, losing his erection hardness or being unable to achieve ejaculation, his unfulfilling technique may put you off sex completely! Compounded with being challenged in reaching an orgasm yourself, sometimes sex just seems too complicated.

These problems often result in a lack of libido for either or both partners.

Men generally never lose their appetite for sex unless they have a sexual problem as mentioned above. So if his woman stops wanting sex, then a very essential part of him withers and he loses his ability to feel fulfilled as a man. This makes a man withdraw emotionally from his relationship.

If you want to be in a mutually happy, long term relationship with a man, you need to understand the mechanics behind building desire and feeling fulfilled on an intimate and sexual level.

Do you feel disconnected during sex?

If you’re not focused on sex during sex, you know what’s not going to happen! You need to know how to eliminate those mental distractions and consciously direct your focus and actions to restore confidence in your ability to both fulfill and be fulfilled. This will also enable you to reach an orgasm.

Having a complete procedure to follow during sex helps to stop your mind from wandering and enables you to keep the correct sexual programs (orgasms) activated in your brain.

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