How to Stop Erectile Dysfunction Now!

When you have problems getting hard enough to penetrate or to stay hard throughout intercourse, there are several factors to take into consideration. End the anxiety and frustration associated with weak erections and stop erectile dysfunction now.

stop erectile dysfunction now

I’m sure you’re committed to making sex enjoyable and fulfilling for you and your partner. You’ve probably read up a whole lot on ED, so let me bring your attention to the facts no one else writes about. Understand that anything which causes a distraction to your mind interferes with your ability to become erect and stay erect.

The sexual programs in your body are under the direct command of your brain. Once you’ve had your first experience of ED, your mind panics and you can’t help but have thoughts about losing your erection.

You MUST focus your attention correctly to end ED, as muscle programs are frequently activated by your imagination. This is why, when you start imagining your penis going soft it can cause you to start losing your erection. If you don’t have an exact focusing procedure to take back control, you may lose the erection completely.

Performance Anxiety and ED

Knowing how to control performance anxiety is one of the most important factors in overcoming ED. This is achieved by taking control of an emotional response. This enables you to immediately transform anxiety into a calm, clear and focused mental state, so you can get an erection or regain your hard at a moment’s notice. I explain how to do this step-by-step in my program.

There are specific ways to trigger an erection, but if you go overboard with any of them, you can just as easily overstimulate your brain and cause yourself to ejaculate early! Staying in what I call the “safety zone” of arousal is key. This zone enables you to stay hard AND in control. 

Each contributing factor to ED requires specific strategies to enable you to keep your erection and to help prevent ongoing occurrences of ED. This requires a different strategy for foreplay, penetration, intercourse and then a timed ejaculation.

I’ve said it before: Your sexual technique makes or breaks you. Sex is like driving a car – you cannot drive a vehicle without knowing how to operate it. You have to know how to move through the gears in the right order (and with the right timing) how to brake without stalling and be able to make speedy adjustments to account for another driver’s actions!

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Stop Erectile Dysfunction Now

It’s common for men to transition through all of the problems: ED, PE and can’t ejaculate. In my Hard AND in Control program I provide the answers to ALL problems so they don’t cause performance issues! Even if you are sexually incompatible with your partner due to lack of attraction or interest. Even if you have differing libidos (or sexual fantasies) or if you currently feel anxious and nervous during sex. If you can’t get hard. Or if you can get hard, but can’t stay hard. Get the answers now with my breakthrough program: