How to Stop Premature Ejaculation Now!

As you know premature ejaculation ruins your ability to relax and enjoy sex. This article reveals several distractions which may be contributing to you losing control. What you require is a complete strategy which deals with the distractions so you can aim to stop premature ejaculation now – and help prevent random occurrences of PE in the future.

stop premature ejaculation now

What Influences PE?

Performance anxiety is probably at the top of your list, right? Unless you know how to control your emotional responses, the ensuring panic can make you lose control during sex. It’s not enough to just pretend that you’re not feeling anxious (as you know, that doesn’t work.) What you need to know is how neutralize anxiety so you can feel calm, clear and focused during sex.

Your level of arousal has EVERYTHING to do with your ability to stay in control. How early you ejaculate (whether it be within seconds of a couple of minutes) depends on how over aroused you are when you put it in – and how you focus your attention from that point on.

Stop PE by Staying in the Safety Zone

It’s important that you understand how to keep within what I call the “safety zone” of arousal. This enables you to keep your erection at the ideal level of hardness, without losing control and ejaculating early.

You may think you need to be super hard for sex, but when your penis is overly erect it can actually feel quite uncomfortable for your partner and may put her (or him) off having sex – as well as making you ejaculate early.

Sexual fantasies can be great for spicing up your love life but used in the wrong way (or at the wrong time) can make you lose control. Timing is of paramount importance.

Sexual Position – how you position and balance yourself during sex contributes to your ability to stay in control. A slight adjustment to one of the most common sexual positions changes the position from being a leading distraction causing PE, to helping you have superb control.

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Premature Ejaculation Technique

Your sexual technique can make or break you during sex. Sex is like driving a car – you cannot stay in control if you don’t know how to drive. Not only do you have to move through the gears in the right order with the right timing, you also have to know how to brake without stalling and make speedy adjustments to account for unexpected distractions!

You can also ejaculate early when you are constantly thinking about your penis, or worrying about your partner’s growing lack of interest in sex.

Not knowing how to focus correctly is causing you to worry unnecessarily about your penis. This prevents you from being in control of your vehicle – and ejaculating only when you want to. Premature ejaculation is most often caused by focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time – and this is why you lose control. This is what I correct.

If you have a PE problem – you have got to see Jacqui. She helped me understand where I was going wrong and gave a much deeper explanation than I expected. She will explain to you stuff you have no idea about.

PE Problem Solved

My unique NO DRUGS method can help you solve PE, ED and orgasm problems so they stop interrupting your ability to enjoy sex – even if you are currently unable to stay focused or you feel anxious or distracted during sex.