Does Tantra Massage Help with Healing PE & ED?

Does tantra massage help to prevent sex problems in men?

In my experience, men who seek tantra massage help or sensual massage usually have unresolved sexual problems including early ejaculation, weak erection problems or difficulty achieving orgasm during sex. While tantra massage may help alleviate some of the stress associated with sex problems, it's only a short term fix because it does not address the cause.

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Why doesn't tantra massage help with PE & ED?

During a tantric massage the client is instructed to follow a complicated breathing ritual. As well as being confusing for a man with sex problems, it WILL NEVER PERMANENTLY solve his sexual problems or sexual frustrations, because it doesn’t provide an explanation of how his brain controls sexual arousal within his body.

While a tantra (or sensual) massage may seem to alleviate an ED problem during the massage, it’s not a realistic way to test whether or not your penis is going to work properly during sex with your partner!

And for a man with PE, this kind of erotic massage will usually over stimulate his brain sexually and make him ejaculate early.

Knowing how to relax as a male without requiring direct sexual stimulation and without the need for ejaculation, is an essential life skill most men don’t know how to possess.

You see, it's not your penis which needs to be relieved of pressure, IT IS YOUR BRAIN.

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If you ejaculate prematurely, have weak erection problems – or you just want to feel sexually fulfilled and last longer in bed, then you need to understand the MECHANICS required to stay in control of your sexual arousal so you can stay in control sexually and throughout intercourse.

My unique teachings enable you to fully understand the focus and action mechanism of sex so you can take control of your body and master sex.

This technique is so easily understood and implemented, that within a short period of time you can gain confidence in addressing any of the aforementioned problems. This allows you to achieve a level of control unparalleled in ANY kind of teaching found elsewhere.

This unique system enables you to eliminate unwanted sexual arousal any time, anywhere AND TO STAY IN FULL CONTROL OF THE SEXUAL ACT. These teachings are unique to me and are unavailable elsewhere.

Within a short period of time you can gain the understanding of how you are accidentally contributing to these problems and how to gain total control.

And if you don’t have sex problems, these insights will demonstrate how to be a KING in bed!

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If you want to know how to stop feeling sexually frustrated then you need to understand:

  • Why it is your BRAIN which needs satisfying NOT your penis or vagina
  • How to END sexual frustration – regardless of your relationship status
  • How to beat PERFORMANCE ANXIETY so you can stay in control of the sexual act
  • How to gain full control over your erection – and how to ejaculate only when you want to
  • How to stop sexual fantasies from ruining your relationship and how to use sexual fantasies to end sex problems and enhance intimacy
  • How to deepen your emotional and sexual connection with your partner with hardly any effort at all
  • And how to gain full control over sexual arousal, sexual pressure and challenging emotions without suppressing yourself in any way.
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My unique technique enables you to switch from one mode to the other – sensing and feeling. This is vitally important in the recovery of many afflictions – sexual issues including premature ejaculation, sexual frustration, impotency, erectile dysfunction, being unable to orgasm as well as emotional issues, relationship issues and work stress.

I didn’t expect Jacqui’s principle to be so simple and easy to practice – I had tried a tantric massage session a year ago which had complicated breathing techniques – and did nothing to help with the premature problem which I’ve had for most of my life.

What I learned with Jacqui signifies a big change for me and I will completely reconsider my sexual relationship – it’s like I have a new start. We should have all been taught this a long time ago!


Help to solve PE without tantra massage

I’m recommended by leading medical specialists – and many of my clients report success in solving their sex problems immediately. Sessions are conducted online via Skype or Zoom, and you can also access these teachings via my pre-recorded programs. Your privacy is guaranteed.

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