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Client Info Form and Session Preparation

Firstly I want to say GOOD ON YOU! It takes courage to deal with your problems head on and I admire you for taking action. With the right knowledge and application of technique which I will provide, I am confident you will restore fulfillment in this important area of your life.

Your Story Helps Me Help You

Please complete my Online Confidentiality Agreement and Client Information Form at least two hours (if possible) before our call (it will take about 20 minutes to complete). This questionnaire will help me to serve you. I recommend completing the questionnaire on a desktop instead of mobile device if that’s an option for you.

Session Format Instructions

Paid sessions - Live video conferencing is the most effective session method, we use Zoho for 100% private and secure face-to-face consultations in the comfort of your home, car, or office. Calls can be conducted via any mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer which contains a camera and microphone and the internet to access your call. If you don't have a device with a web camera or access to the internet, you can dial in via any phone (audio only) to join our Zoho meeting. 

Every Zoho meeting has a different secure login link, meeting ID and password. After you have booked a meeting on the calendar, you will be sent an email containing instructions to access your calls; and before your call you will receive another email containing a one-time log-in link, meeting ID and password to access that meeting. 

Complimentary sessions are conducted via Zoom video (we will send you a link to join a meeting) or via phone (we will call you). Your confirmation email includes full instructions to access your call.

I look forward to speaking with you at our scheduled time. To ensure you can concentrate, please make sure you are rested, watered and fed.

Talk soon.

Jacqui Olliver sex problems expert
Jacqui Olliver Sex Therapy

Jacqui Olliver – Psychosexual Alignment Specialist
Member of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society

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