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Client Info Form and Session Preparation

Firstly I want to say GOOD ON YOU! It takes courage to deal with your problems head on and I admire you for taking action. With the right knowledge and application of technique which I will provide, I am confident you will restore fulfillment in this important area of your life.

Please complete the following tasks at least two hours (if possible) before our call:

1) Complete my Client Information Form – it will take about 20 minutes to complete. I recommend completing the questionnaire on a desktop instead of mobile device if that’s an option for you.

2) Add me as a Skype contact if we are conducting your call online. Alternatively, click on this link to join me for the Skype call if you don't have (or want) a Skype account:

My Skype name is jacqui.olliver
Download Skype for_free from here
Skype how to (we will be using Skype-to-Skype calling)
How to Add me as a Skype contact

3) Make sure you are rested, watered and fed, so you can concentrate.

I look forward to meeting you at our scheduled time.
Talk soon.

Jacqui Olliver sex problems expert

Jacqui Olliver – Psychosexual Relationship Specialist
Member of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society

WhatsApp: +64 21 815 029
Skype: jacqui.olliver