The 3 Best Erectile Dysfunction Cures

How to Naturally Cure Erectile Dysfunction

As a psychosexual relationship specialist and expert on solving sex problems, I’m technically not allowed to say I can permanently cure erectile dysfunction. This is due to unforeseeable future accidents or medications required for other health related issues. However, on the subject of a natural and permanent cure for erectile dysfunction (ED), I can provide some interesting and insightful answers to help you restore a fulfilling sex life today.

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Ongoing weak erection issues destroy your self-esteem by inhibiting your ability to perform normal sex. It affects your confidence and causes ongoing worry that you are unable to satisfy your partner in bed. This can have a destructive effect on the relationship as both partners struggle to connect and feel fulfilled sexually.

Men of all ages can develop ED. It’s estimated that 40% of men over 40 suffer from this issue, with 50% of men over 50. However, I have treated many men as young as 18 who suffered from this issue. It’s embarrassing to have to rely on ED drugs because you can’t get hard naturally. Drugs, medicines, and numbing creams take away from the spontaneity of sex and don’t always work. 

Treatments to Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

There are many erectile dysfunction treatments available. Most doctors order tests to check for major health issues and/or immediately prescribe drugs. Most sex therapists tend to regurgitate the diet and exercise myth – or focus on all the issues surrounding sex. This leaves you wondering if your problem is ever going to be solved.

For example, many sex therapists will recommend you focus more attention on your partner. This is the last thing you should do! This can actually make you lose your erection because it confuses your brain. As does constantly worrying about the state of your erection. This leads to no erection, a weak erection or losing your erection during foreplay, penetration or intercourse. 

Being able to control the sexual and emotional programs in your BRAIN is paramount. This enables you to overcome sexual anxiety as well as cure erectile dysfunction.

To be able to get a hard erection and then stay hard, you MUST understand the mechanism which brings about the onset of the problem. Then you can change the outcome. 

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

You need to understand how your brain is influencing your erection hardness and ability to control ejaculation. When you’re experiencing a sexual “malfunction” it’s because the sexual programs in your brain are random and confused. This is usually due to not receiving a sex education relevant to engaging in the sexual act.

With no structure or procedure to perform good sex, random or anxious thoughts lead to either the failure to get an erection, or the loss of erection hardness during sex, or ejaculating without warning.

To cure erectile dysfunction your sexual technique must encompass the whole of the sexual act, inside and outside the bedroom! Think of it as pre-sex preparation which strengthens your overall sexual position and ability to last longer.

The best sexual technique enhances your ability to stay connected with your partner while at the same time enabling you to maintain your erection hardness and control the timing of your ejaculation.

1. Get Rid of Mental Contamination

mental preparation for future sexual encounters


In my experience in solving sexual dysfunction problems for thousands of men, women and couples, ED is predominantly a mental contamination problem. This is caused by an incorrect education on sexual technique and relevant procedures for sex. Incorrect information is often gleaned from porn and the internet. Mental contamination can also include unwanted, intrusive thoughts and focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time. This confuses your brain sexually.

The timing of your loss of erection will usually coincide with the mental contamination problem.

Whether this be a random thought unrelated to sex or simply the wrong point of focus at the wrong time, the result is a soft erection or unexpected (or delayed) ejaculation. For some men, this causes premature ejaculation. This makes for a stressful sexual experience for all involved because of the uncertainty of the outcome!

Most men can cure erectile dysfunction by learning how to give their brain a consistent stream of relevant signals during sexual activity. Signals are determined by your thoughts and actions. When there aren’t any medical issues present, clear “signals” will always trigger the correct hormonal and muscle responses in your body, regardless of your age.

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So how do you give your brain clear and relevant signals so you can naturally cure ED and other sex problems? You just need to accurately tweak your focal point throughout foreplay, penetration, and intercourse.

See below for more details. The exact step-by-step procedure to achieve this is fully explained in my proven Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control program for men which is 100% private and confidential.

2. Eat Foods which Fuel Your Brain – and Exercise!

food is fuel ED

Mental contamination is usually the main cause of your sex problems, so it’s important to be able to think clearly. Without making a few adjustments to your lifestyle diet and exercise though, you may continue to feel mentally sluggish.

If you want to get rid of ED permanently then it’s important to stay away from foods which can disrupt your body’s natural cycles and make weak erection problems worse.

These are just as important to take into consideration as foods which increase mental dexterity and improve sexual function. Some foods interfere with your ability to focus. You need to be eating foods which fuel your brain, increase blood flow and increase your energy levels.

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sex muscle exercises for ED

Exercise increases energy – but going for daily walks isn’t going to improve the strength or hardness of your erection. You need Exercises which strengthen your core sex muscles and keep you physically fit. Just like you can’t go for a two mile jog twice a week then run a marathon in the next month, when it comes to sex, you need to specifically exercise the correct muscle groups to prepare for longer lasting sex.

You’ve heard of the saying use it or lose it. If you’ve got an erectile dysfunction problem you’ve probably been having sex less frequently, which then causes your penis muscles to atrophy and makes your ED problem worse. See my three best exercises to increase sexual function.

If you’re physically unfit, you’re just not going to be able to go the distance. This is one of the reasons why ED is a common ailment among older men – the fitness gained during our youth tends to have mostly evaporated by the age of 25.

But make no mistake, you still need to deal with the mental contamination problem. This includes performance anxiety:

3. Deal with the Performance Anxiety

Being constantly anxious and uncertain of the right mechanics which govern the sexual act, leaves you with more questions than answers. When your mind is constantly analyzing what’s happening with your penis, you can quickly lose your hard erection.

The real problem here is that performance anxiety is constantly being brought on because your brain doesn’t have a plan to follow during sex. In other words, the complete sexual strategy to control your arousal levels during foreplay, penetration, and intercourse. Having this advanced knowledge can enable you to stay hard, enjoy sex and satisfy your partner by lasting as long as she (or he) wants you to.

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When you learned how to drive a car, you weren’t just given a car, a key, and a fuel voucher, were you? First, you were taught how to start the engine. Then you learned how to apply the right amount of acceleration. Then how to move through the gears with the right timing. And how to brake without stalling. Once you mastered those basics you were allowed out on the road.

Sex requires a similar, in-depth education. Sometimes you need to cold-start your engine. Other times your engine is already idling. Without the right amount of acceleration you will stall. Too much acceleration and you may crash. 

You need to know how to deal with mental distractions so they don’t take you off your game. How to restore a strong erection the moment you notice you’re losing it. (Without the most effective procedure in place, when you notice you’re starting to lose it you will panic!)

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Stop Erectile Dysfunction Now!

“I’ve been to medical conferences all around the world, searching for an answer to my ED problem which started occurring after prostate surgery. No medical specialists are able to provide a permanent solution for erectile dysfunction – they have no idea how to solve it. Jacqui offered a completely different perspective – I am amazed at how well this technique works! Sometimes I lose focus and start losing the erection – but now I know how to immediately get it back!”

- Brian, Medical Specialist - Erectile Dysfunction after Prostate Surgery
*Disclaimer - results vary from person to person

To Cure ED in Summary:

As you well know from therapies, treatments and erectile dysfunction medications you’ve tried in the past, an incomplete or partial strategy will not yield you a consistent result in overcoming ED. This fact is highlighted in common diet and exercise recommendations.

In order to cure erectile dysfunction, you require a complete sexual strategy which encompasses the whole of the sexual act. This must include understanding the switching process which occurs during sex (the method which your brain uses to communicate with your body.)

It’s easy to control performance anxiety when you understand how to precisely CORRECT YOUR MENTAL FOCUS when you feel yourself starting to lose erection hardness. This restores confidence in your ability to instantly regain a hard erection.

My switching technique for sex, can help you completely cure ED and restore sexual function.

Various sexual scenarios dictate how much mental and physical stimulation is required. This includes during foreplay, penetration and intercourse, as well as when your partner wants you to ejaculate. With the correct knowledge and procedure which I supply in my program, strong erections and confidence in your ability can quickly be restored.

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