5 Factors Which Ruin a Woman’s Sex Life

Unlike men (who generally have a consistently high desire for sex) women tend to go through cycles of desire which tie in with their menstrual cycle. Outside of her menstrual cycle here are five specific factors which influence a woman’s sex life and overall desire for sex:

1. Vaginal Dryness
Makes sex painful and uncomfortable. Although generally reported by peri and post menopausal women, inner vaginal dryness affects many younger women too. If the brain is distracted during the lead up to sex, it’s impossible for natural lubrication to take place regardless of a woman’s age.

Women who have reached (or are nearing) menopause – or those who experience random occurrences of inner vaginal dryness, can learn how to self lubricate their vagina to regain comfort and pleasure during sex.

2. Lack of Libido
Frequently experienced by women after childbirth and those going through menopause, lack of libido affects nearly 40% of all women. Libido can also be affected by other sex problems such as being unable to orgasm or a partner’s sexual technique.

To kick start a woman’s libido requires a specific sexual strategy which can easily be achieved (unless there is an underlying serious health issue which needs to be attended to.)

3. Ability to Orgasm
Being unable to orgasm is unbelievably frustrating and is one of the main causes for lack of interest in sex by a woman. Imagine going a lifetime, without being able to feel fulfilled sexually? Orgasm problems affect 80% of women with 30% of those women being unable to orgasm at all.

As with other sex problems, orgasm requires an exact step by step strategy so the mind doesn’t become distracted during sex and cancel out the orgasm program in her brain.

4. Partner’s Technique
This is a massive subject within itself. If her partner suffers from sex problems such as early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (weak erections) being unable to orgasm or unable to ejaculate, sex becomes such an emotionally draining event that she loses motivation for initiating sex after a period of time. Unfortunately this compounds her partner’s performance anxiety.

Sometimes her partner doesn’t have a specific sex problem, but his (or her) technique isn’t fulfilling for her. Considering that most men gain their sex education from watching porn, many have an unrealistic view of what technique is actually fulfilling from a woman’s perspective during sex.

5. Health and Fitness
Sex is a vigorous exercise which requires a fair amount of energy and stamina. Use these 3 best exercises to improve your overall strength and fitness to increase sexual function. https://www.endtheproblem.com/best-exercises-to-improve-sexual-function/

In Summary
Women require sex to be fulfilling to maintain their interest and desire for sex. If she is experiencing inner vaginal dryness, suffering from a low libido, or finding it difficult to orgasm – or if she has a partner with an ineffective sexual technique and/or she has health and fitness issues, then a woman’s sex life will not be fun for her and her overall desire for sex will decline.

Jacqui Olliver
The Technique Modifier at End the Problem "and Author of Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever!" Jacqui Olliver is recommended by leading medical specialists and is considered by many to be a world leader in solving sexual dysfunctions and restoring emotional balance. Her unique Sex Mastery and Real EASY Love programs help men and women gain the skills and confidence to achieve a spontaneous, happy and NORMAL sex life.

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